Outdoor Senior Portraits

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On Location Senior Picture
Gorgeous Senior Girl

Senior Pictures

We love photographing high school seniors. It is always an exciting time in a teenagers life. It is a time that we are documenting a very special time in history. Senior portraits are truly a milestone. They should be photographed and photographed well.

We often will offer different types of senior portrait sessions. We offer studio senior portraits and on location or outdoor senior portraits. Our seniors generally prefer a combination of both outdoor pictures and studio senior portraits. We often will begin our senior photography session with the formal yearbook pose.

Formal Yearbook Photo
Formal Yearbook Photo

We like to begin the session with the formal yearbook photo because that is when our clients are pristine. All hair and make up are generally at it’s best at the beginning of their session.

We will then move on to a series of studio and outdoor photography.

When photographing portraits in our studio we choose a complementing background according to the outfit that our client is wearing.

Studio Senior Portrait
Studio Senior Portrait
Studio Senior Picture
Senior Picture in the Studio
Senior Portrait Natural Light
Natural Light Senior Portrait

On Location Senior Portraits

Alexis wanted to also do outdoor senior portraits. She was happy with just photographing around our studio. Our studio is located in a beautiful area that lends itself to great photographs. With many backgrounds to choose from, it offers a variety of looks for our clients.

Outdoor Senior Portraits
Outdoor Senior Portrait
senior picture
Senior Picture Outdoors
On  Location Senior Portrait
On Location Senior Portrait

Ring Light Portrait

We love using a variety of lighting for our portrait sessions. We will use studio lighting, natural lighting, off camera lighting and also our cool ring light. The ring light creates a very unique portrait. It is a steady light so basically when using it to photograph, what you see is what you get.

It is a lighting technique that creates a shadowless portrait. It also creates a “ring” effect around the pupils, hence the name ring light.

Here is a portrait using the ring light.

Ring Light Portrait
Ring Light Portrait


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