Photovision, eduction and solutions for professional photographers, is a great resource for all photographers.  When we first started our photography business, we too purchased a Photovision dvd to learn more about weddings.  Teachings from that Photovision dvd included Michele Celentano and Parker Pfister who helped us shape the way the we shoot our weddings today.  We actually re-watched the dvds numerous times to learn all that we could.  Having a source like Photovision proved to be priceless.

Just a few years later, we are please to announce that we will be a part of Photovision 2013.  They will be following us on a wedding and a senior boy and senior girl session.  We are hoping that being a part of this educational series will help others they way that Photovision helped us.

You can purchase a subscription to Photovision today! By using the code hayne, you will receive $30 off your $99 subscription.