Portrait Photography

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portrait photography
Outdoor Portrait

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Indoor Portrait Photography

When you find a portrait photographer that has an indoor studio, you can kick your portraits up a notch. Our photography studio is located in downtown Norfolk. To have an indoor and outdoor photography studio is great. Some of our clients want indoor portraits. Some want outdoor portraits. Some want both.

Meet Dillon. Dillon just graduated from college and is ready to take on the world. He was needing to update his portrait portfolio. He is entering a new world. Today you not only need great head shots, but great portraits for your social media networking.

When you have a variety of styles of portraits to chose from, it is even better.

At our studio we have a variety of backgrounds and professional lighting. Sometimes, we incorporate our real American flag into our portrait photography. Who doesn’t love a bit of patriotism?

Here are a few fun indoor portraits from Dillon’s photoshoot.

Portrait with American Flag
Patriotic Portrait
Head Shot with American Flag

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Outdoor Portrait Photography

Our photography studio located in downtown Norfolk. We just step out of our office and into historic beauty. No matter the time of the year, our outdoor portrait photography always has an extra edge. That extra edge comes from gorgeous backgrounds and scenery of a historic area. When we were choosing our studio location, our outdoor area is as important as our indoor location.

Here are a few pictures of Dillon’s outdoor photography session.

Outdoor Portrait Photography
Outdoor Casual Portrait
Outdoor Portrait Session
Outdoor Fun Portrait

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View more of our portrait photography on our gallery.

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