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Your Online Presence

Build your online reputation with great music photography. Creating a following through your music alone is difficult in this visual world. Music photography that sets you apart from the competition is the first of many steps to make your online presence match your musical talent. Most of the time your fans first impression of you will come from the images they find of you online.

Images That Match Your Style

A musician that has great music but no images that reflect that music will suffer as fans struggle to link your sound with your images. It is important that your music photography style matches with your music. A country music group photographed in a dark alley will not match up with your sound. You may have some surprised fans when they listen to your music after seeing your images.  It can work the other way around with your current fans of your music being confused by the images of your band not being what they had envisioned. Whereas a blues group photographed in a lounge is a perfect fit.  We always consult with our bands prior to their music photography shoot. This ensures that their vision and photography match up perfectly with their style.’

Types of Music Photography

Every photo shoot is different. The band or musicians vision and style will dictate what type of music photography will be used. There are many ways to accomplish the look that the musician desires.

Indoor – Selecting an indoor location for your music photography shoot that can showcase your music and style can result in the perfect shot. Being indoors allows us to use interesting spaces any time of the day since the light will be provided by us.Old buildings with their unique interiors can provide amazing backdrops for your music photography.

Outdoor – Shooting outside opens up many opportunities for your music photography.  Sunsets and landscape backgrounds may be perfect for the look you have envisioned. The downside is the weather will dictate the shoot and the look may change significantly throughout the shoot. We have many urban or rural locations to choose from that would meet your music photography needs!

Digital Compositing – Music photography is constantly evolving and one of the cutting edge techniques is the digital composite. This technique begins in the studio where everyone is shot individually on a solid background. This allows us to digitally extract each person and place them together on a background of their choice! Your imagination is the only limitation. The software we use and the blending techniques make it nearly impossible to determine if you were really there or not. The difficulty is that you may have a tough time envisioning the final product. Posing and expression can be a challenge since the subject is on a simple background with no indication of where they will be placed digitally.

Studio – Our studio has many backgrounds and props that may fit perfectly into your music photography needs. Being in an air-conditioned 1800 square foot space with music and make-up artists can make your shoot a comfortable and creative experience. Many lights and modifiers are available to create the perfect mood. Our studio shoots are generally much faster since all of our equipment is set up and ready to go!

Unique Band Photography

Your Vision

Communicating your thoughts and ideas to the photographer is key to making your music photography reflect your concept or your albums theme. The artist can drive the style of the photo shoot which can be important on a debut project. If you are confident that your fans know who you are then maybe the album title should determine the kind of music photography to be used.

Our Photography

At Hayne Photographers we pride ourselves on cutting edge, unique music photography. Our clients cover a broad spectrum of music from hip-hop to folk, solo artists to 15 member full bands, live concerts to studio portraits. We know what the record labels are looking for and we will ensure that your vision and their needs are met. Contact us today so we can discuss your needs and create the album art or press kits you will want to share with the world!

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