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Senior Pictures

Senior Pictures

It’s not too late to schedule your class of 2015 senior portraits! Contact us today to schedule your senior photo session.

Senior Portrait in Studio

Studio Portrait Sessions

We begin all of our senior pictures session at our studio. Our photography studio is located in downtown Norfolk. There we have state of the art photography and studio equipment. We like to begin at our studio to give our clients a variety of images to chose from. While we are photographing in our studio we use a variety of photography lighting. We may use natural lighting, window lighting, studio strobe lighting or the ring light. We will generally use all of these photographic lighting techniques when shooting in the studio.

Here are a few of Shane’s studio portraits.

Ring Light

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Outdoor Senior Portrait Session

We love the location of our studio. We are in the historic district of downtown with offers a variety of gorgeous backdrops. We have buildings, trees, iron fences, stairs, a cobblestone street, and more to choose from. Honestly, within a 1 block radius we have more stunning photographic backgrounds then most photographers.

When we are shooting on location we are looking for color, texture and lighting. Around our studio we have lots of color, many different textures, and the lighting is good all hours of the day.

Here are a few images from Shane’s outdoor portrait session by our photography studio.

Outdoor Senior Portrait
On Location Senior Portrait
Urban Senior Portrait
Natural Light Senior Picture

Are you a photographer photographing senior guys and need help with posing? Check out our senior posing guide.

Beach Senior Pictures

No matter what time of the year, we are always photographing at the beach. Our beaches are a part of our lives. A lot of our clients want to incorporate the beach in their portrait session. When shooting an outdoor portrait session, choosing the right lighting is key to a great portrait. When we are photographing at the beach, choosing the right time of the day, to have the right light, is imperative. Sunset is always the best option to schedule a beach portrait session.

Beach Senior Picture
Senior Guy with Car Photo
Senior Guy on Beach with Car

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Off Camera Lighting Technique at Sunset

Off camera lighting is a great technique to use during the sunset hours. Though we use this technique during all hours of the day or night, it really “shines” at sunset. This technique allows us to balance the ambient light and can produce moody and dramatic images. It can also create simple well balanced images.

Here are a couple of examples of using off camera lighting at sunset.

Sunset Senior Pictures
Off Camera Flash Lighting Technique

If you are interested in learning off camera flash, we have the tools to get you started.

Family Portraits at the Beach

For Shane’s senior portraits, we also included a couple of family portraits. We also did some photos of just he and his sister.

Beach Family Portrait
Sunset Family Portrait
Sibling Portrait
Brother and Sister Portrait

It’s not too late to schedule your senior pictures! Contact us today for more information.

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