Learn Photography Lighting

Learn the essentials of photography lighting today!

You can have amazing posing techniques in your photographic toolbox, great equipment, and excellent editing skills, but without good lighting, photographs are simply ordinary. Great lighting techniques lead to dramatic and distinctive photographs. And that’s what we all want as photographers.

Hayne Photographers Lighting 101 video will take you on an actual photoshoot, just as we do in our live workshops. We explain and demonstrate off-camera flash lighting techniques. This in-depth and comprehensive video will answer all of your questions about off-camera flash using portable flashes and Radiopoppers as well as details about equipment setup, and camera settings.

Lighting 101 Digital Download

Lighting 101 Digital Download


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Photography Lighting Tutorial
You will learn how to capture amazing images using cutting edge lighting techniques. You’ll also receive bonus behind the scenes clips and photography tips as an added feature.

This photography course sells for just $19! See what a difference using these techniques will make in just a single photo shoot. Because you can download it instantly, you won’t have to wait another second to become the photographer you want to be!


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