Sports Photography

NASCAR Checked Flag At The Brickyard
Jeff Gordon’s Gas Man Down
Victory Lane


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 NASCAR The Brickyard Sports Photos

In sports photography, there is no greater sports event to photograph then NASCAR. I am sure that everyone would have their own opinion, so this one is definitely mine. Scott and I have been avid fans of NASCAR for the 27 years that we have been married. My love for the sport began as a small child. My dad would pack us up in the Winnabego and off we would go to the races. We would always arrive days before the NASCAR race to get the full experience of the track. Practice, meet and greets with the NASCAR drivers, you name it, we did it.

Now as adults and still loving the sport, being a sport photographer for a NASCAR race is thrilling for us. To be so close to the action is exhilarating.

We traveled to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to view and capture all the sports events for the day.


NASCAR Inspection Pictures

Here are just a few photos from the Brickyard Inspection area.



NASCAR Driver Introduction Photos from the Brickyard

We loved using the equipment that we did for photographing this race. As you can see from these images, it brought us very close to each of these drivers.

Brickyard Introduction Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

NASCAR Flagmen Photos

NASCAR flagmen are always hard at work from start to finish. Photographing them is always exciting capturing their constant duties.

Green Flag At the Brickyard

Pit Road at the Brickyard Photos

Some of the most exciting shots during a race can be all the pit road action. All the action that happens during a single photo makes sports photography so much fun. Check out a few of our favorite pit stop photos from the Brickyard.

Jeff Gordon’s Gas Man Struggling
Tire Men in Dale Earnhardt, Jrs. Pit

Jeff Gordon Wins At the Brickyard Photos

Jeff Gordon Crossing the Finish Line and Winning The Brickyard
Jeff Gordon’s Burn Out
Jeff Gordon’s Team on the Wall in Celebration
Brickyard Victory Lane
Jeff Gordon in Victory Lane


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