Lauren and Ben’s Vintage Themed Wedding | The Saltaire

Are you getting married and trying to decide on the best wedding photographer? View our information on how to choose your wedding photographer. Beautiful Portrait of Bride and Groom Vintage Themed Wedding Lauren and Ben got married at the beautiful Saltaire. This is a Victorian mansion fit for a king or queen or in Ben and Lauren’s case, a bride and groom. It is located in the beautiful Duck area of Norfolk Carolina. It is the perfect setting for a beautiful vintage themed wedding. The bridal suite is a stunning location for bridal photography. The rooms are decorated to perfection. The light in this room is amazing for photographer. It has multiple windows that help create stunning natural light portraits. Vintage Transportation The transportation that Lauren and Ben choose fit their vintage themed wedding perfectly. The gorgeous trolley was not only a source of transportation but a perfect prop. When choosing a transportation source for your wedding guests, most of our clients choose a trolley or car that can also be used in their wedding portraits. Military Wedding Photography We are in a military town and are proud of all of the men and women that serve in our armed forces. We count it an honor when we have some of those special people as clients. It is even more exciting to us when we discuss all the wedding details with our clients and they inform us that they are getting married in uniform. Wow! How spectacular. To us there is nothing more admirable then that. Ben is a proud service member and we are glad that he choose to show off his commitment to the military by wearing his uniform. Military Officer Wedding Photography Ben is an officer in the military. That allowed he and Lauren to leave the wedding ceremony under a beautiful sword arch. When we photographed this tradition we always have a photographer shooting from both angles so that we can create a series of creative photos. Private Meeting Portraits Some of our favorite moments at a wedding is the private meeting that we have with our bride and groom. This is a very special time for the bride and groom to get away to catch their breath in the middle of a very busy day. We often find this time to be refreshing for our clients. They get to spend quality time together. They just enjoy being in each others presence. We generally ask our clients to carve out at least 30 minutes during their busy wedding day for this private meeting. Our clients hire us as their wedding photographers because they want something unique. They want art. This is the time of the day that we create some of the most beautiful wedding portraits. We love to use a variety of lenses and lighting techniques. Using different equipment and lighting techniques to create one of a kind wedding portraits. If you are struggling with your outdoor lighting we have some tips for you. Vintage Themed Wedding Details Every vintage wedding must have vintage props to make the theme believable. Lauren and Ben’s wedding did now lack anything in that area. From vintage clawfoot tubs to a vintage cigar bar, they had it all. Wedding Reception Photography Lauren and Ben’s wedding reception was held under a tent on the beautiful lawn of The Saltaire. They decided that a beautiful tent would be the perfect spot for their unforgettable wedding day. There are so many important images to capture during a wedding reception. The first dance, the toast, the father daughter dance, the mother son dance just to name of few. Other important photos we strive to capture are people expressions and emotions. When looking back at your wedding day all you have are your photos. What a big responsibility we have as photographers to ensure that we capture every element. If you are a wedding photographer and struggle with creativity on a wedding day, we can help. We have a step by step guide to all the photos to capture on a wedding day. It’s our Wedding Day Look Book. Wedding Party Sunset Photos The Saltaire’s location is conveniently located across the street for the sound. We knew that sunset wedding portraits would be a must. We always try to advise our clients that some of the most beautiful images are captured at sunset, especially if you are on the water. If the bride and groom can take even 5 minutes, with our outdoor lighting techniques we can capture unique portraits quickly. Lauren and Ben decided that sunset photos were a must. We were very excited because they decided to invite the entire bridal party for a few fun images!   If you are thinking about getting engaged or you are already engaged and would like to know more about our services contact us. View more of our couples and wedding portfolio