Welcome to the New Hayne Photographers Blog!

There comes a time in everyone’s life when a new blog must be created. That’s somewhere in the writings of Thomas Jefferson I am sure. Well, that time has come for us as we seek to explore strange new worlds…but I digress. We have finally accepted the fact that our images deserve a much nicer venue to shine and we have decided to take the road less traveled….but I digress again. Our blog comes to us courtesy of Flosites who turned the whole blog idea on it’s head by introducing a horizontal scrolling layout much like an iPhone. So, four score and seven months ago our fore-fathers…er, our old blog set out to showcase our work in a new fashion but alas, has quickly become dated. We hope you enjoy the new layout and enjoy it with your friends because after all, it takes a village. Go ahead jump in and drop us a note if you stumble on an error as we are still populating it with images that will blow your socks clean off….and that can actually be a good thing. So what is this blog all about? It just depends on what the meaning of the word “is”, is. Explore it for yourself and embrace all that is Hayne Photographers Blog.