Professional Actor Head Shot

Professional Actor Head Shot

Professional Actor Head Shot Are you looking for a way to stand out in the acting community? Then consider having a professional actor head shot session with us.   Contact us today to schedule your session.   Getting Recognized  Adam came to us wanting to update his portfolio for his acting career. He wanted a way for directors to notice him and to be set apart from the rest of the acting crowd. Having professional head shots are very important to any aspiring actor or actress that are looking to make a big break. Adam was very eager to make sure that his images we as eye catching as possible. In the acting world, directors have an easier time selecting who they want in their productions if they are presented with a head shot that looks professional and unique.     Keep It Simple For actors head shots, simple is best. You want the directors to be drawn to your face, so as little distraction from the rest of your body as possible is great. Wear clothes that don’t have bright patterns or colors, and keep make up light. We recommend that you prepare before coming in by deciding on what character or personality you want portrayed through your head shots. Are you looking for more serious roles? Then a more serious attire and facial expressions. Want to work in comedy? Then more laid back clothing and a cheerful look. Want to do both? We can do that too! Your head shots are your chance to show off how you can get into character. In addition to having great facial expressions, having amazing lighting can make the images even more photographic. Adam knew when he came in that he wanted to keep his outfits simple and portray a serious and confidant demeanor.     If you want to boost your chances at being hired and build your portfolio, then schedule your professional actor head shot today! Interested in learning more? Read more about our professional head shots here.

Professional Headshot Photography

Voice Actor Headshots

At Hayne Photographers, we specialize in professional headshot photography. We understand that even your headshot is a powerful part of a résumé. Your professional headshot should leave an impression on your client or potential employer. Hayne Photographers is highly experienced in business headshots. We are always photographing many people in need of the perfect headshot weekly. Meet Renelle. She is a voice actor. She is in the process of updating her professional website and needed to capture new headshots. Voice actors are particular and know what they want. Renelle was no exception. She had already gathered her inspirational images before her photography session. She brought them with her. This gave us an idea of the look that she was going for. Since we had the inspirational images and a gorgeous client, she nailed it! Professional Headshot Photography One of the many benefits of using our studio for your headshot photography is the ability to see your images before you leave. This way you may change any issues you have in your appearance or the photograph. This gives you much more safety and security in your images and will ensure your satisfaction with your images. For an additional fee, we also have make-up artists on call for your use. We also can assist with posing and outfit choices if you are not sure what would best suit your needs. We provide everything you need to have a secure and smooth professional headshot photography session. We at Hayne Photographers would love to get you the professional headshots you need for your portfolio. If you would like to book us for your personal headshots, please click here. If you would like to find out more information or contact us, please click here. View more of our business portfolio here. Want to learn more about our professional photography services?

Heather – Singer Songwriter – Artist | Artist Headshot Photographer

Meet Heather.  She is an amazingly talented musician, singer and songwriter.  She recently came to us to update her portfolio for the commercial world.  Doing commercial headshots is so much fun with musicians.  Generally they have a good sense of who they are or who they want to be, so it makes our job easy.  It is also very important to have current and unique headshots especially when you are in the music industry!  When was the last time your updated your headshots?  If it’s been a while, contact us and we can help you!    

Modeling Portfolio | Commercial Headshot Photographer Virginia

Getting professional headshot done by a professional headshot photographer may be just what you need to move you to the front of the class.  Lily is a budding model that is looking for just that.  She is a young, beautiful women ready to take on the commercial world of modeling. Click here to book your commercial headshot session. Meet Lily