Art Deco Stylized Photo Shoot – Models Needed

Scott and Adina Hayne Photographers

We will be working with the amazing Tanya Frazier of Tanya’s Graceful Designs who will be designing an “Art Deco” stylized shoot. This photo session will be for the expressed purpose of publication. Tanya has created a unique and informative magazine for future clients. This stylized photo shoot will be for  her next edition of her wedding magazine! This magazine is designed to feature vendors working under her creativity and services that she can provide her discerning clients. This will also show Tanya’s future clients what they can expect from her expertise in field of wedding coordination, event design and floral artistry. In a nutshell , she makes bride’s dreams come true. Art Deco Stylized Photo Shoot – Models Needed We will be the photographers for this editorial photo shoot.   If you have never experienced a stylized shoot you will be in for a treat. A stylized photo shoot has every element planned focusing on the theme. This even includes the photography in which we will be providing. Basically everything is planned for you. The style, the couture, the make up the props the everything! All you are responsible for is looking gorgeous! You may be wondering, what exactly is Art Deco? Here you can read more about it. This stylized photo shoot will be on Tuesday, May 13th. This will be an all day affair. If you are chosen as one of our models you will receive hi resolution files and a day of pampering. Tanya will be bringing her A Team! This photo shoot will begin at our studio. We will start the day with hair and make up application. If you have never visited our studio you can see it here. Bridal couture will be provided by a fabulous bridal shop. You will not have to worry about a thing. Except to be pampered. This will be an on location photo shoot with an area selected that fit the Art Deco architecture. Tanya is the visionary on this project and will be designing every aspect including all the floral and decor for this stylized photo shoot. Models Needed We are looking for 3 models. We will need 2 brides and 1 groom. For our bride models we are looking for one model in their 20s and one model in their 30s. As far as the groom model, we are looking for one male model in their 20s-30s. If you would like to be considered, please contact us! Please include your name, phone number, email address, Facebook profile and an image of you. All models will be required to sign a release to agree that their images can be used for various forms of publications. What we are saying is we want to use your beautiful images! This will be a time for cd or TFCD. What this means is that you will receive the edited hi res files that you can post and print from this session. We are excited about this upcoming shoot and the cool experience of this session. You will be surrounded with amazing vendors that are focused on making you look your best, surrounding you with the best and capturing you at your best. If you have any questions, please contact us. Would you like to learn more about our photography services? Find out more.