2 More Days! 10.10.10 Sales Summit for Photographers!

Ten Leading Photographers. Ten Sales Strategies. Ten Money Making Products. Not sure how we got thrown in the mix with these guys but we are honored to be speaking in an online summit with the likes of – Kubota, Woods, Bianchi, Claire, Puc, Petty, Bondurant, Nichols, Walden and of course us! It is just a few days away so put it on your calendar! A FREE summit with a few of the nations best photographers and most importantly in this case – some the best sales people in the industry. So many photographers struggle with the sales portion of their business since we tend to be all wrapped up in the creative side of life. Now it’s time to get your sales house in order and grab a cup o’ joe and listen to the free summit presented by The Joy of Marketing on October 10, 2010. Heck, even if you don’t think you need help with your sales strategies just tune in and get a chuckle as Adina & I fumble over our words! Learn a little bit about what we do behind the scenes of our business. We think you will get a kick out of it either way! REGISTER HERE!