Military Family Photography

military portraits

Military Family Photography Contact us today to photograph your military family portraits! Military family photography is an important event in every military family’s life. Photographing military families is something that we are proud to be a part of. Being in the military at one time in my life I realize how important military family photography […]

Newborn Portraits | Ashton

Vintage Themed Newborn Portraits

Newborn Portraits in Our Norfolk Studio Meet sweet Ashton.  How can you not adore newborn portraits?  Oh, how I wish we had come into the photography industry when our children were babies. To be able to capture moments like these are priceless.  

Newborn portraits take patience and time.  The atmosphere needs to be just right […]

Family Portraits | The Hermitage Museum

Family Portraits  Family portraits at the Hermitage Museum provides a multitude of options for posing and backgrounds.  The backgrounds that the Hermitage provides is varied. The brick facades of this historic museum give a classic feel to your family portrait session. The gardens surrounding the Hermitage are immaculate and you can always find something in […]

Military Portraits | Virginia Portrait Photographer

Where do I start?… How can we ever repay military families for what they do?  Their sacrifice goes beyond anything that could ever be paid monetarily.  What they do for our country is amazing.  We have the opportunity to photograph many military families that are on the cusp of deployment that includes a family separation.  […]

Children’s Portraits | Virginia Portrait Photographer

So you’re 2 years old and it’s your birthday, so what do you do…you schedule your 2 year old portrait session of course!  We have been blessed to document little Kaiya since she was just conceived.  Following her mommy and daddy since they were 2 months pregnant, through their pregnancy, then the birth, 1st birthday […]

Family Portraits | Virginia Family Portrait Photographer | The de Mik Family

We always love it when a beautiful family like the de Mik family come to us for Family Portraits.  We love it even more when we have the chance to photograph the family in a location as beautiful at the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk.  The Hermitage is complete with beautiful gardens and a beautiful historic […]

Family Portraits | Virginia Family Portrait Photographer

We love the chance to capture a family’s life in the form of family portraits.  Taking outside family portraits is always fun especially when you have a place so close to the studio like the Pagoda Gardens in downtown Norfolk.  We had a chance to do just that with the Curry family.  There was a […]

Family Portraits | Virginia Portrait Photographer

Family portraits are important for documenting a family’s life, but another thing that is great to photograph and document through photography is a mom and daughter! Meet Skylar and Wanda. Two beautiful fashionable peas in a pod.