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    Military Family Photography

    Military Family Photography

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    Military family photography is an important event in every military family’s life. Photographing military families is something that we are proud to be a part of.

    Being in the military at one time in my life I realize how important military family photography is. Some various times that a military family will have us photograph their family portraits is before deployment, after deployment and when making a new rank.

    Another great opportunity for military family photography is at military homecomings. At that time families are gathered together for this huge patriotic celebration.

    Meet the Critides family. They came to us to have their military family portraits taken on the cusp of Carl making rank and prepping for a long deployment.

    We love when the family prepares for their portrait session by wearing their dress uniform and also bring a secondary outfit.

    We began their photography session at our studio. We love using our giant American flag as a backdrop for our military family photography. If you would like to view our studio, you can view it here.

    military portraits
    Military portraits.

    Then we moved on to creating a unique family portrait by keeping the sailor front and center with the family holding him closely. Using the white background keeps the image simple and bold at the same time.

    military family photography
    Military family photography.

    After photographing in the studio, we traveled to the beach for a few beach portraits at sunset. Sunset is the best time to photograph at the beach because of the warm soft light.

    When photographing families, we always include a few special pictures of the siblings alone and together. A few shots of mom and dad together will always be a photograph that is cherished.


    We always keep our photo shoots fun by capturing candid moments of the family having fun enjoying their time together.

    beach family photography
    Beach family photography.

    If you would like to view more of our family portraits check out our portfolio.

    If you are ready to schedule your family portraits or military family portraits, please contact us today!

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    Newborn Portraits | Ashton

    Newborn Portraits in Our Norfolk Studio

    Meet sweet Ashton.  How can you not adore newborn portraits?  Oh, how I wish we had come into the photography industry when our children were babies. To be able to capture moments like these are priceless.  

Newborn portraits take patience and time.  The atmosphere needs to be just right for these little guys.  A little white noise, a little heater, lots of soft things like blankets, wraps and hats and lots of love make the photo session perfectly peaceful.

    Sweet baby Ashton was the model client.  With the right balance of the atmosphere and some rocking, it was time to photograph him.  

We have photographed his family for years and enjoyed seeing this new addition.

    Newborn Portrait Session
    Newborn Portrait Session: Baby Ashten

    Do you see his sister?  We photographed her mommy and daddy their entire pregnancy and then photographed her at just 5 days old!  I feel like I’m an important part of my clients lives and that’s a wonderful compliment!

    We love photographing families! Whether it’s in our Norfolk studio, on the beautiful sands of Virginia Beach, or in your home, we’d love to serve you. Contact us to schedule your photo session today.

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    You may have noticed from our portfolio, that we photograph clients throughout their lives. From newborns, to graduations, weddings and anniversaries. We’re photographers for your life. Learn more about our services.

    Baby Photo Session
    Baby Photo Session
    Family Photography
    Family Photography
    Family Photograph
    Family Photograph
    Newborn Photo Session
    Newborn Photo Session
    Vintage Newborn Portraits
    Vintage Themed Newborn Portraits
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    Family Portraits | The Hermitage Museum

    Family Portraits 

    Family portraits at the Hermitage Museum provides a multitude of options for posing and backgrounds.  The backgrounds that the Hermitage provides is varied.

    The brick facades of this historic museum give a classic feel to your family portrait session.

    The gardens surrounding the Hermitage are immaculate and you can always find something in bloom.

    Being located along the Elizabeth River the panoramic view is a one of a kind photograph that only Norfolk can provide.

    Capturing a few candid shots of your unique family portraits is easy at the Hermitage since there many areas to explore and discover.

    Using this beautiful archway we framed their family portrait perfectly. The wisteria vines add fresh natural background element to their portrait. Including natural elements in your background is essential to creating a beautiful family portraits.


    Virginia family photographer.
    Virginia family photographer.


    We love incorporating just the children in fun and unique ways. In these family photos, having the boys lay together on the ground not only created a unique family picture, but also helps calm fidgety boys.

    Sunset portraits at the Hermitage Museum is something that should be a part of everyone’s family pictures. With the breathtaking views of the river and the gorgeous light from sunset with create an amazing portrait.

    Using dramatic off camera lighting allows us to show the sky with it’s beautiful clouds, color and rays of sun. If you would like to learn more about our dramatic lighting you may like this product.

    Amazing family photography.
    Amazing family photography.

    We recommend that family have their portraits taken at least annually. As your children grow and life changes it is important to capture those moments.

    This family comes to us every year. From their family session, we are able to create for them custom Christmas cards. Wouldn’t it be neat to have your beautiful family portraits on unique Christmas cards?

    If you would like to view more of our family portraits please view our portfolio.

    Contact us today to schedule your unique family portrait session.


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    Military Portraits | Virginia Portrait Photographer

    Where do I start?… How can we ever repay military families for what they do?  Their sacrifice goes beyond anything that could ever be paid monetarily.  What they do for our country is amazing.  We have the opportunity to photograph many military families that are on the cusp of deployment that includes a family separation.  These days families are separated for 8+ months and longer.  Generally we photograph these families 1 month prior to their deployment.  While photographing these families, my mind is always reeling about the family that will be left behind.  Meet the O’Connor family.  Amazing people, amazing family, amazing sacrifice.


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    Children’s Portraits | Virginia Portrait Photographer

    So you’re 2 years old and it’s your birthday, so what do you do…you schedule your 2 year old portrait session of course!  We have been blessed to document little Kaiya since she was just conceived.  Following her mommy and daddy since they were 2 months pregnant, through their pregnancy, then the birth, 1st birthday and now the 2nd birthday of their precious gift.  We got to spend a beautiful morning at the beautiful location of the Hermitage Museum.  Documenting lives is what we do.  What a great job we have!


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    Family Portraits | Virginia Family Portrait Photographer | The de Mik Family

    We always love it when a beautiful family like the de Mik family come to us for Family Portraits.  We love it even more when we have the chance to photograph the family in a location as beautiful at the Hermitage Museum in Norfolk.  The Hermitage is complete with beautiful gardens and a beautiful historic building, then when you add a beautiful family…it’s like magic!


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    Family Portraits | Virginia Family Portrait Photographer

    We love the chance to capture a family’s life in the form of family portraits.  Taking outside family portraits is always fun especially when you have a place so close to the studio like the Pagoda Gardens in downtown Norfolk.  We had a chance to do just that with the Curry family.  There was a chill in the air, but the sun was shining, which made for a wonderful shoot.  Check out the Curry family’s outdoor family portraits!

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