Fashion Photography

Are you looking for a photographer to capture your fashion photography? Contact us today! Fashion Photography Fashion photography is a genre of photography that the sole purpose is to capture clothing or fashion items. It is photography that highlights the detail and unique of these items. Fashion photography can be used for various things such as advertising, marketing or more. Fashion Photo Session This fashion photography session was for these unique fascinators. Fascinators is a headpiece. It is describe as a fine, lacy head covering according to Wikipedia. When we are hired as a photographer for a fashion shoot, we know that we are going to capture some unique images. For a fashion shoot details are well planned out because the end goal is to have these photos for marketing and advertising. Fashion Style The style of the fascinators were so unique that the make up artist matched the style of make up to the feel of the head piece. We always consult with out fashion clients prior to the photography session to ensure that capture the vision of their product. Using a variety of backgrounds and lighting that help highlight the product is critical. Fashion Shoot Lighting Natural light is always a gorgeous flattering light. We photographed this segment in our natural light area of our studio. We have a large studio that provides multiple sets and multiple lighting set ups. View our studio here. (link) We sometimes will partner our natural window light with a reflector to give the subject’s eye a beautiful sparkle.   Beauty Dish Fashion Lighting Using a 22″ beauty dish to bring out the contours of the face has always been a core part our photography. The unique abilities of the beauty dish when set in front and above the subject creates a one of a kinds type of light. The beauty dish is a focused light that directs the viewers eye to exactly what you want them to focus on. You’ll see this light used in fashion photography quite often, but using it for seniors and portraits always adds an extra edge to our photography. Here you can view more of our commercial portfolio. Are you looking for a fashion photographer? Contact us today.