Wedding Signature at West Neck – Jeff & Jordan | Wedding Photography

Jeff & Jordan put their swagger on a few weeks ago and hit a hole in one with their wedding at The Signature at West Neck.  It was one of those weddings where the breeze blew just enough to make Jordan’s veil gently wave but not enough to blow out their unity candles.  There was just enough clouds to make the sky gorgeous but not enough to make it look gloomy.  The birds tweeted just enough to sound pretty but not loud enough to be obnoxious.  The temperature was just warm enough to make us cozy but not enough to make us sweat.  Get the picture?  It was one of “those” days.  In fact we made this nifty slideshow so you could also bask in the “just-rightness” of Jeff & Jordan’s wedding day.  Enjoy!

Westin Virginia Beach Wedding – Jamie & Jennifer | Wedding Photography

Jamie & Jennifer were married just a few short weeks ago and the world is perfect now. You just thought your the world was complete…now it is for sure. We had a blast as we photographed them all day around Town Center in Virginia Beach and inside the Westin. The Westin Looked amazing thanks to Blue Steel Lighting and Weddings by Michelle made sure that the whole day went off like clock work. It was a joy to work with this team and I hope it shows through the photography! Congratulations J&J!

Westin Virginia Beach Wedding – Jennifer & Jamie!

We spent the day with Jennifer & Jamie on a very special day. The team at Weddings by Michelle kept the party going all day like clockwork while Blue Steel Lighting had the Westin Hotel looking rather amazing. Jennifer looked stunning as Faces by Rebecca Wood worked her magic on all the girls. We can always tell when Emily Patti of Patti Cakes is around – I can smell the cake I am taking a picture of! Nice treat…. Of course Daevid brought his “A” game with some stunning flower arrangements and bouquets. Typical of Jamie and Jennifer they were consummate hosts treating their guests to a night full of dancing, music, food, and even a photobooth! We had the joy of photographing this awesome couple…it was tough picking my favs but here’s a few:

Oh! Baby! – A Newborn Family Session

Having a baby is a life changing event that marks the end of one stage and opens up a whole new one at the same time. It was such an honor to be able to document that moment with Derick, Michelle and their new bundle of joy – Noelle. She was so tiny we could fit her into daddy’s flight helmet but she will grow fast I am sure! Noelle was just a few days old on this shoot and we have since photographed her 3-month pictures and we’ll see her a few times after that (6,9 & 12 months!) It’s an amazing time of growth for her and her family which we simply adore. Us photographers have it so nice really…we get to see the babies grow, in their finest clothes, smiling, and then they leave. We miss all the bad stuff in between! Here’s a few shots of Noelle and her fan club…

Wedding Slideshow Marriott Norfolk – Mike & Melanie

I love M&M’s they make my tummy happy. Mike & Melanie, while not being covered in a sweet candy shell, are certainly a treat to take pictures of! I am just sure that they have a warm chocolate center – I just know it! After all, how else can you explain all the joy and mirth (there’s a new word for your Scrabble game!) that followed them around on their wedding day? From the church to the Waterside Marriott it was a sweet ride! I have always thought M&M’s can cure world hunger and bring peace to the nations. It all starts with Mike & Melanie…. my favorite M&M’s of all!

Wedding Slideshow Chesapeake Conference Center- Marjorie & Josh

As the year draws to a close a new life together begins for Marjorie & Josh! If the opening kick-off of their life together is any indicator of what is to come then watch out world – they’ve got plans….. Here’s a sneak peek into their day as we hung out with them and their army of adoring friends & family. Viva la love!

Visionary Productions Wedding Video – Mike & Melanie

I think Dave Alegre over at Visionary Productions has the whole video thing down…. Well, I guess it helps when you have an awesome couple like Mike and Melanie as your subjects! He added a few images from their engagement shoot along with his video and came up with this really cool wedding fusion video. Killer job Dave as always! Thanks Mike & Melanie for dealing with all the cameras on your wedding day…it will be so worth it! Enjoy the show…. Mike & Melanie’s Same Day Edit Segment (Fusion with Hayne Photographers) from Visionary Productions on Vimeo.

Norfolk Marriott Wedding – Mike and Melanie!

Mike and Melanie. Here’s all you need to know: They can dance. They look rather awesome. They dig the whole photography thing. We <3 them lots. Well if you must know the boring stuff….they were married last week and the reception was at the Norfolk Marriott.  Arch Entertainment rocked the dance floor.  Simply Perfect Events made sure the whole day went smooth. Crazy off-the-hook flowers were provided by the always hip Bella Flora.  Visionary Productions was buzzing around busy as a bee documenting the day too. And of course, we took some cool pictures along the way!

The Signature Golf Course, Virginia Beach Wedding Slideshow – Sara & Eric

Just when you think it can’t get any better we get to photograph one of “those” weddings where the bar is raised just a notch higher. Sara and Eric’s nuptial bliss took place at the Signature Golf Course in Virginia Beach where the skies were picture perfect and the tunes carried across the greens & fairways announcing this most fab couple’s entrance into the married life! Eric did a break dance number for his new wife while Sara serenaded him in song – ahhh young love…. Here’s just a peek into their evening complete with a few photobooth shots! You go guys!

Chesapeake/Norfolk Marriott Wedding – Josh and Marjorie!

Josh and Marjorie put on quite a show on their wedding day for a “few” of their family and friends. The dancing – epic. The gown – to die for. The guys – rockstars. The photography wasn’t too bad either. Here’s a few for ya’! Congrats guys!

Wedding at the Signature at West Neck – Sara & Eric

A group of sharp looking guys meet up with a flock of beautiful women. I took some shots. The craziest thing happened! Sara & Eric got married and we got some really cool pictures! This all took place at the fabulous Signature Golf Course at West Neck. The guests sat in the gentle breeze underneath the enormous gazebo along the river to watch Sara & Eric enter into wedded bliss….. It’s so cool to see people that we have photographed before too – just an added bonus on top of the most perfect day. All of our weddings are cool but this one just oozed with slick sophistication with a touch of excitement. Here’s just a taste of the day:

Aruba Destination Wedding Slideshow

The best way to enjoy Aruba is obviously to go there…. Since it is a few thousand miles away we figured we would bring a little bit of the Caribbean island to you! Jeff & Jing’s wedding at the Aruba Westin hotel will provide the backdrop for a slideshow of their wedding. We also threw in a few more shots of their tour of Aruba with us as we photographed them in some of the iconic locations around Aruba including, Bushiribana Ruins, Natural Bridge, Alto Vista Chapel and of course the amazing white sands of Eagle Beach. So many more places to see on this tiny island but for now come along on the magical mystery tour that is Jeff & Jing’s Aruba Wedding!

Renaissance Hotel Aruba – Oksana’s Bridal Shoot

We knew we had a home run wedding when we saw Oksana for the first time in Aruba! She was one of our 4 brides we photographed on our recent Aruba destination wedding flurry but she was special because we had never met her before – just via Skype. Seeing her gorgeous dress and her amazing flowers – we just had to take a few moments with her at the Aruba Renaissance Hotel and do some shooting with her around their immaculate grounds. The wind was a bit stiff but it just made her gown do the coolest things! The Renaissance hotel is right on the beach in Aruba so we had the beautiful panoramas of that along with their tropical gardens and pools surrounded by palm trees. Just 15 minutes with an amazing bride and magic happens! Here’s Oksana:

Aruba Westin Destination Wedding – Jeff & Jing

A marathon of weddings in Aruba started with this fab couple, Jeff & Jing! We were so stoked to be a part of their amazing Westin Destination wedding in Aruba. A simply amazing group of family and friends joined them for a sunset wedding right on Palm Beach. Despite the power going out for a few hours nothing could stop the outdoor reception with the cool Caribbean breezes winding it’s way through the crowd. The Westin is the crown jewel of the high rise district of Aruba with amazing views of the beaches and sea in all directions. Jeff & Jing were real pro’s since we shot their e-session and pre-shoot …the wedding was a breeze! Sand between your toes with shutters clicking. Word.

Norm & Oksana – Aruba Destination Wedding Pre-Shoot

Have Jeep, cameras, awesome looking couple and will travel! That’s all I really need. That and a Caribbean island kinda like, say Aruba maybe? Oh yeah, throw some caves and white sandy beaches. I’m not asking for too much am I? Well, we had all that and more on our recent travels to the fine island of Aruba. Norm & Oksana joined us there for their wedding but before we shot their wedding we jumped in our Jeeps and found a few hidden gems around the island. It’s only 19 mile long but it is just packed with the coolest places! Our first stop was the Alto Vista Chapel which is an icon of the island along with the cactus and rocks (did I say Caribbean?). We hopped back in our Jeeps and bumped our way down the windward coast to the Natural Bridge and the Bushiribana Gold Smelter Ruins. Aruba managed to squeeze in a national park (Arikok) onto their island so we headed off in that direction to find the Guadiriki caves and they did not disappoint! Guadiriki and Fontein caves are fabulous spots for photography alone but add Norm & Oksana and you get something really special. We ended up back at Eagle Beach for a roll in the white sands and blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Aruba just keeps coming up with the most amazing locations for photography so we can’t wait for our next trip back! Stay tuned for a couple of more weddings that we shot there recently along with Norm & Oksana’s fabulous Manchebo Beach Resort wedding.