Oh! Baby! – A Newborn Family Session

Having a baby is a life changing event that marks the end of one stage and opens up a whole new one at the same time. It was such an honor to be able to document that moment with Derick, Michelle and their new bundle of joy – Noelle. She was so tiny we could fit her into daddy’s flight helmet but she will grow fast I am sure! Noelle was just a few days old on this shoot and we have since photographed her 3-month pictures and we’ll see her a few times after that (6,9 & 12 months!) It’s an amazing time of growth for her and her family which we simply adore. Us photographers have it so nice really…we get to see the babies grow, in their finest clothes, smiling, and then they leave. We miss all the bad stuff in between! Here’s a few shots of Noelle and her fan club…


Alena joined us for a beach senior photography shoot a few weeks ago. As a photographer herself she was a lot of fun in front of the camera! We had a great time together and we came up with a “few” cool shots along the way. Our unique style fit right in with her personality. We did a mix of studio shots along with some at the beach & park. Check out the coolness that is Alena: