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Are you pregnant and looking to schedule a newborn photography session? If so contact us today!   Nora Newborn Photography Session Nora and he family have been coming to our studio for many years to capture their family photos. Nora is the second child of Derrick and Michelle. With both of their children they decided that a baby plan was perfect for them. A baby plan is where our studio photographs several stages of your newborn’s life. We photograph our clients as a newborn then at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. This was Nora’s first baby plan photography session. She was 5 days old which was the perfect age for her newborn photography session. You can read more about our newborn portraits sessions.. We begin our newborn portrait sessions by photographing the newborn alone. By doing this we are ensure to get the creative photos before a newborn may become restless. We love to incorporate unique props into every newborn session. (click to enlarge) Sibling Photography   Noelle is Nora’s older sister. Whenever we photograph a newborn, if they have a sibling we focus on creating unique sibling portraits. Having the sibling snuggle with the newborn is easy for a 2 year old to understand and creates a beautiful pose.     Next we laid both Noelle and Nora down today and photographed them from above. By posing the girls in opposite directions we can align their faces closely. We again ask the older sibling to interact with the newborn. With Noelle being only 2 years old, directing her into a pose could have been difficult. We chose to use the simple directions of “give sissy a kiss”. The is an easy instruction for any age child.   Unique Newborn Photography We always strive to create unique portraits even with our newborns. Nora’s daddy is a flight medic. Just 2 years ago we photographed Noelle’s newborn portraits. in her photography session we used her daddy’s flight helmet to create a very unique portrait. The family knew that they wanted to incorporate daddy’s flight helment again with baby Nora. Mommy and Me Photography A must in our newborn photography sessions is a Mommy and Me portrait. I just love these beautiful pictures of Michelle and Nora. They are priceless. The best time to schedule your newborn photography session is as soon as you find out your are pregnant. View our newborn portfolio.  You may be interested in also booking maternity portraits as well. Contact us today to find out more information on our maternity, newborn and family portrait sessions!

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Are you pregnant and looking to have maternity portraits taken? Contact us today! Maternity Photography The weather was absolutely beautiful for Larry and Jessi’s maternity photography session. After a cold winter, warm temperatures were a perfect setting for a gorgeous evening to take portraits. When you look at Jessi, it is hard to believe that she is due any day. She is 9 months pregnant. She will be the envy of all pregnant mothers to be when they look at these photos. We had to make a conscious effort to make sure that we posed her sideways. That way we would ensure that the viewer would know that she is pregnant. We also photographed a couples session for Larry and Jessi. If you would like to see Jessi before she was pregnant you can view their session. Click on image to enlarge   Since Jessi found out she was pregnant she started dreaming about her maternity portrait session. She knew from the beginning that she wanted something unique. She decided that a vintage themed photo shoot was what she wanted. Having months to plan, we were able to find the perfect location. In searching for a location we wanted rustic buildings, texture and a grassy field to photograph. In Smithfield we found the answer. Click on image to enlarge   We think the best time to schedule a maternity photography session is from 7-9 months. Vintage Themed Photo Shoot In a vintage themed photo shoot is it important to consider several things. The location, the dress and props are critical. Larry and Jessi did an amazing job choosing the perfect outfits. We brought an authentic vintage steamer trunk and a chair. With that combination we were able to create some unique vintage themed maternity portraits. Click on image to enlarge Sunset Maternity Portraits One additional critical element in creating a vintage themed photography session is picking the right time of the day to photograph. When we think of vintage photos we think of warm light. Scheduling them at sunset was key. For Larry and Jessi, this is their last pregnancy. Grayson Thomas will be their third child and it’s a boy! They already have two beautiful girls. Because it is their last, they knew they wanted something very special for their photo session. Click on image to enlarge   Our next photo session with them will be for their newborn photography! Remember that most expectant moms schedule their maternity photography and newborn session as soon as they find out that they are pregnant. To find out more about scheduling your maternity or newborn photography, contact us today.