Concert Shoot at The Norva – Audiostrobelight & Kaboom Box

Something new and different for a Friday post!  We don’t do many concert shoots but I must say it is a bucket load of fun to do!  We got some shots of Audiostrobelight and Kaboom Box doing their thing along with Stage Right Lighting lighting up The Norva.  Concert shoots are a whole different animal with a ton of energy and constantly changing lighting conditions.  It can be a challenge capturing the energy and music through the camera but I think we were able to .  Here’s a taste of the evening at The Norva!

Band Photoshoot – The Difference

We are always on the lookout for up and coming artists so we can create some unique photographs for their CD’s and portfolio. “The Difference” is certainly one of those groups! They just returned from Nashville where they were recording their latest album. These guys not only look good but they are just as genuine as they appear. We had a killer time photographing them in our studio along with shooting on the beach and came up with a great look for them. Keep an eye out for “The Difference” and if you are one of those unique artists looking for a fresh look – we’d love to chat!