Vinny & Christine- Chrysler Museum Wedding

Take a peek into Vinny & Christine’s fabulous wedding day. All made possible with a great looking couple, Kim Wadsworth, the Chrysler Museum, Antonia Christianson Events, Blue Steel Lighting, Daevid’s Bridal Flowers, oh yeah…and some pretty nifty photography. Ready….set…go!

Wedding Chrysler Museum – Vinny & Christine

Vinny & Christine brought the house down at the Chrysler Museum last Saturday.  An evening full of dancing and festivities with just a “few” of their family and friends was on tap and we were just along for the crazy ride!  Vinny was airborne a few times with the help of all his brothers and Christine was simply stunning in her gown.  Daevid’s Bridal Flowers did his magic to the bouquets & decorations along with the talents of Antonia Christianson Events the night went off without a hitch – can you say fab? I knew you could….  Here’s some of my favs from the evening:

Wedding Slideshow – Long Island, New York – Ryan & Xavia

Ryan & Xavia have got the whole love thing down – and it shows. A wedding at the amazing Chateau Briand on Long Island provided the perfect showcase for their most perfect day. We also worked in a 3am trip to Times Square where we basically had the whole place to ourselves! After spending all day and into the next with them they didn’t miss a beat. They’re not just talking the talk. They’re walking the walk. They’ve got love and it’s bigger than the Big Apple.

New York City, Times Square – Ryan & Xavia’s Aftershoot

The Big Apple is our backdrop for this shoot with Ryan & Xavia in Times Square, specifically.  I would have been tickled to just photograph all the lights and glitz of 42nd street but give me an awesome bride & groom and that just kicks it up a notch!  We hit the empty streets of Long Island at 2:30AM for a cruise down to Times Square to capture Broadway’s lights with a few less people in the way.  The streets were empty except for a few taxis and New York’s finest so we had the whole place to ourselves.  Say it with me now – Awesommmmme….. A big high five to our couple for allowing us to capture them on a shoot of a lifetime!  A few pics from our 3am excursion:

Long Island New York Wedding – Ryan & Xavia

I had one of “those” days last week. Not the kind you think though. It was a big “ah-ha” moment when it occurred to me that THIS is why I love my job so. Beautiful people at a killer location that get our photography. Yeah, that’s the ticket! Ryan and Xavia tied the knot at the fabulous Chateau Briand in Long Island, New York. Where was the last time you saw a bride and groom make their entrance THROUGH the floor in a cloud of smoke. So bizzare, yet so totally cool. Our destination weddings are getting better every week and this one certainly sets the bar high for all of you bride & grooms abroad! I challenge you to find a gown to top Xavia’s ostrich feather masterpiece or Ryan’s most suave suit. Total class down to the initials on the cuff links. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of these guys on this her blog – can you say Times Square? I have a vision…. Check out the new power couple –