Norfolk Senior Photos – Sydney


Norfolk Senior Photos Are you looking for a photographer for your senior portraits? Contact us today! Sport Senior Portraits Meet Sydney. She is an uprising senior and came to us for her senior pictures. She was looking for something different then the traditional senior pictures. She was really looking for unique senior photos. Sydney has known many of our clients from the past few years. Her family had been waiting for her to have her turn having us capture her portraits. She is a rockstar softball pitcher for Kings Fork High School. She has secured a scholarship and is looking forward to attending UMass next fall. We wanted to capture some fun senior pictures showing off her love of softball. (click on image to enlarge) Senior Portraits We love to start our senior portrait sessions at the studio. There we are able to create beautiful photos. With a balance of studio lighting and natural light we are able to create a variety of images. (click on image to enlarge)  Urban Senior Pictures Our studio is located in the beautiful historic district of downtown Norfolk. There we are surrounded by a lot of history. When your building is in a historic area often you will find beautiful textures and backgrounds for photographing. We are also blocks away for an urban area that helps us create unique portraits. (click on image to enlarge) Outdoor Senior Portraits Our studio is just a couple of blocks away for a beautiful park. Often we will use this area to photograph our clients. We are also close to many gorgeous outdoor locations. We are always able to find the perfect fit for our clients and their photo session. Senior Yearbook Photo Last, but not least, we are able to create stunning senior yearbook photos. Every senior wants to look their very best as they are documented in their yearbook. Check out Sydney’s beautiful yearbook picture.   Are you looking for a photographer for your Norfolk senior photos? We are Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Virginia Senior Photographers. We would love to create unique senior portraits for you! Contact us today for more details.

Norfolk Senior Pictures – Alex

Cool Senior Soccer Photo

Norfolk Senior Pictures – Alex Are you looking for cool Norfolk Senior Pictures? Contact us today! Cool Senior Picture Alex’s Senior Picture Slideshow (click on the youtube link at the bottom of the slideshow for a high quality) Meet Alex Alex is an uprising senior. He didn’t want cheesy senior pictures. He was looking for cool ones. We pride ourselves on capturing cool senior photos. We know the guys are looking for something much better the the normal senior photos. We can provide that. Casual Senior Pictures We photographed Alex’s casual senior pictures in the studio and on location. Between our studio backgrounds and the outdoor shooting locations right at our studio, we can get a variety of photos in a short period of time.   Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee Senior Pictures We took Alex out to a field to capture some epic soccer and Frisbee pictures. With the right background and the right lighting, you can create some one of a kind photos. If you are a photographer and need help with your lighting, we can help. We love to do a series of posed and action sports photos. When we do this it gives our families a variety of images to choose from. Senior Pictures with Your Car or Truck Many of our seniors love to have pictures with their car or truck. Alex was no different. Check him out with his cool truck!   If you are looking for Norfolk senior pictures, contact us today.    

Norfolk Senior Photography

Senior that Loves Movies

Norfolk Senior Photography Are you an uprising senior? We would love to tell you more about our Norfolk senior photography! Contact us today. Rachael’s Senior Experience Slideshow (click on the youtube link at the bottom of the slideshow to view a higher quality)   Meet Rachael Rachel is a senior at Norfolk Christian. We have had the awesome opportunity to photograph her older sister and her family. I just love how I keep writing these posts and refer to photographing other members in their family. It is our goal as a photographer to be a client’s photographer for life. We want to be there to capture every person at every milestone. From newborn portraits to weddings, we love really getting to know our families. (click on image to enlarge)   Hobby and Interests Senior Pictures When a senior comes to us for their senior portraits we try to advise them on what to bring. We encourage them to bring in props that represent their hobbies and interests. For Rachael, her big interest is movies. Her favorite network on tv is the Hallmark channel.  It is easy for Rachael to get swept away for a day or weekend watching movies. We are always looking for creative ways to incorporate a seniors interests. Rachael brought in her dvds and we did the rest.   Formal Senior Portraits Many of our seniors like to bring in a formal to be photographed in. Most of the time it will be a recent ring dance, homecoming or prom dress. For Rachael we decided to photograph her in her formal gown in the studio and on location. Isn’t she stunning?   (click on image to enlarge) Casual Senior Portraits We hit the road with Rachel. We covered a lot of locations. It always makes our photos more interesting if you have multiple outfits in multiple locations. We traveled to photograph in a historic area, urban area, park, rural area, and more. Check out all the cool locations we were able to capture some unique senior pictures. (click on image to enlarge)   Beach Portraits After a long senior photo session there is a great location to make as your final stop. The beach is that special location. Even if you are exhausted, hot, hungry or anything else, all your worries are washed away once you dip your feet in the sand. We were able to capture some beautiful beach senior portraits with Rachel. (click on image to enlarge)   Are you looking for Norfolk senior portraits? Contact us today for more information.