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Virginia Wedding Photography | Norfolk Town Point Club If you want to learn more about our wedding photography, contact us today. Jessica and David had an amazing wedding day celebration. Their wedding day started out at the Norfolk Downtown Marriott. That is where all the preparation photos were taken for their wedding day. From there we headed out to the Norfolk Town Point Club. Have a look at an overview of their amazing wedding day in this wedding day slideshow.   Wedding Day Photography In case you missed their first blog post, check out more about Jessica and David’s wedding. There you will find out all the details of how this day came to be such a success. As wedding photographers we love it when our clients choose a beautiful setting for their wedding. Jessica and David did exactly that. Having beautiful people with beautiful details in a beautiful setting makes our wedding photography an easy job. We strive to capture every detail possible on a wedding day. We begin our day photographing details. The wedding dress, the wedding shoes, we photograph it all. Next we move onto the preparation shots of the bride and groom. Here are a few more of our favorite wedding day preparation and detail photos. (click on image to enlarge) Bride and Groom Wedding Photography We are always excited about photographing a wedding. There is a very special time of the day that we get really excited about. That is the time that we get to spend privately with the bride and groom. We always recommend that the bride and groom set aside 30-45 minutes for creative bride and groom photos. That way we are able to create one of a kind wedding portraits. Here are a few more of our favorite wedding day photos.   We are Virginia wedding photographers based in Norfolk, Virginia. We are Virginia Beach and Norfolk wedding photographers serving Tidewater and beyond. To learn more about all of our photography services click here. If you are ready to schedule your own portrait session or book us for your wedding, contact us today!    

Virginia Wedding Photography | Melissa & Seth

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Virginia Wedding Photography Are you looking for Virginia wedding photography? We would love to talk with you! Contact us today! Wedding Day Photo Slideshow Melissa and Seth’s Chrysler Museum Wedding When you are looking around for a stunning venue for your Virginia wedding photography, you want to visit the Chrysler Museum of Art. It is simply stunning. It recently has gone through a total renovation and is simply breathtaking. As you can see from the night photo above, it doesn’t matter if it is day or night, it is still beautiful. Located in downtown Norfolk and nestled by the Hague River you will observe a stunning art museum that doubles as a breathtaking venue in the evening.   Traditional Jewish Wedding Ceremony When I think about Melissa and Seth, they make me smile. They seem like the perfect match. I love the way that they seem to balance each other. We had the absolute joy of being their wedding photographer. While we photographed their wedding I loved observing their love for each other. Melissa is fun and spontaneous, while Seth is well planned and somewhat calculated. Having these two types of personalities in a marriage is perfect because they complete each other. Here is an example in photos of their personality. Prior to their main wedding ceremony we photographed their private traditional Jewish ceremony. At this point in the ceremony the Rabi said something like this. “It’s tradition for the groom to remove the veil from the bride to ensure that he is indeed marrying the correct woman.”. This was a funny moment at their Ketubah ceremony as Melissa said, “Surprise! It’s me!”. Who couldn’t love these two and simply enjoy being their wedding photographer? Wedding Day Pictures Here are a few more of our favorite wedding day photos.   To see more from Melissa and Seth’s wedding, check out their previous blog post. If you would like to learn more about any of our photographic services, contact us today!

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Norfolk Wedding Photographer Are you getting ready for your wedding and looking for a Norfolk Wedding Photographer? We would love for you to check out more of our wedding portfolio. Please contact us today for more information regarding our photography services.  Jessica and David’s Wedding Day Meet Jessica and David. They are a beautiful bride and groom, with beautiful families. When you have a gorgeous bride and groom, with gorgeous families you create a gorgeous wedding. When you have a gorgeous wedding we are able to create beautiful wedding photos. As a wedding photographer, we live for weddings like theirs. We have photographed a number of Jessica’s friends and family’s weddings so this wedding day was really special for us. I would venture to say it was almost like a family reunion. As a wedding photographer, there is no greater reward then to serve multiple families that are connected.   Wedding Day Planning The perfect wedding day starts with the perfect wedding team. This stunning wedding was under the direction of Graceful Designs. As usual she headed up her “A” team of vendors to make the wedding day a success. With a wedding cake by PattiCakes, floral design and decor by Graceful Designs, videography by Franklin Fitzgerald, make up by Candice Rauch, hair stylist by Fabienne McLaughlin of Cole Stevens, lighting by Events East Coast Lighting and the newly renovated Town Point Club, you can’t go wrong. As a Norfolk wedding photographer we are so excited about the redesigned Town Point Club in downtown Norfolk.   (click on image to enlarge) Wedding Day Detail Photos Wedding detail pictures are so much fun to capture. With so much planning going into a wedding day, we try to photograph all the different elements. (click on image to enlarge) Wedding Day Photos Here are a few more of our favorite wedding day pictures from their amazing wedding day. Check back soon for more of Jessica and David’s wedding day photos when we release their entire wedding! If you are looking to learn more about our photography services, check that out here.

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Chrysler Museum Wedding Photographer Are you getting married and looking for your wedding photographer? Contact us today for more details.   Melissa and Seth’s Jewish Wedding It was a beautiful weekend when we photographed Melissa and Seth’s wedding. It was a Sunday wedding and was the perfect way to finish out the weekend. As a wedding photographer we are always excited about what traditions will be celebrated. To be a well rounded wedding photographer, you must be familiar with all traditions. Whether it’s a Protestant wedding, a Jewish wedding, an Indian wedding, a Greek Orthodox wedding, it makes no difference to us. We are very familiar with all of them and the traditions that we will be photographing. For Melissa and Seth, it was a beautiful Jewish wedding. Their wedding was complete with a custom, beautiful Ketubah, a gorgeous Chuppah and breaking the glass. They had it all, and then some. Not only was the weather perfect for a wedding, the location was equally as great. They were married at the newly remodeled Chrysler Museum of Art. If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Chrysler in a while you will love what they have done! We love to work with amazing couples and their families. We also love working with amazing vendors. The wedding day was under the direction of Antonia Christianson Events. As a wedding photographer we love working with great coordinators. They make our day flawless. Many other great vendors were in attendance helping the wedding go off with out a hitch. Fluttering Flowers, Cake Delights, Cuisine and Company, Stage Right Lighting, The Boardwalk Photobooth Company, Kristal Lane Beauty and the band, In Full. Melissa’s gown was from Wedding Atelier. We just loved her wedding gown with the beautiful bolero. (click on image to enlarge)   Wedding Preparation Photography For a wedding photographer, we feel it is important to have creative wedding photos. That is true for every phases of a wedding day. When we are taking photos during preparation, we are always looking for different angles and composition. When you add these elements it creates interest in your wedding photos. If you are a photographer and are stumped on creative composition, our wedding day guide may help. Groom Getting Ready (click on image to enlarge) Should I Have a First Look? Why a first look, you may ask.  As a wedding photographer, we have photographed hundreds of weddings. When one of our bride and groom’s have a “first look”, we find these results. 1. The bride and groom feel complete once they see each other. The wedding day, no matter how prepared you are, you are going to have butterflies. We find that when our bride and groom chose a first look, those butterflies are diminished immediately! 2. It’s the best that a bride is going to look on her wedding day! Dress perfect…check, make up perfect…check, and hair perfect….check, check. 3. It gives a bride and groom some down time to really enjoy each other on a hectic wedding day.   How Do We Photograph a First Look? 1. We find a beautiful location that is undisturbed by people, so it is truly a private meeting. 2. We have the groom facing away so that the bride can approach from behind. This allows a great opportunity for great photos. The expression on a groom’s face as he hears his loved one approaching is amazing. Here is a video that has a real first look at the Chrysler Museum. 3. We always respect the bride and groom’s privacy. 4. Real Emotion. Often it is hard for a groom to let down his guard in a ceremony where he is surrounded by all the guests. Men don’t often like to let down their guard in a group, but in private, it’s different. 5. During a first look we will have two of us photographing. One will be focusing on the bride’s reactions and one focused on the groom. This helps tells the whole story. 6. We capture a few other great photos during that time. After the first look has happened, we get to spend a little extra time capturing additional great pictures.   Melissa and Seth’s First Look I think that you will agree, Melissa can not take a bad photo. She is simply stunning! Bride and Groom (click on image to enlarge)    Jewish Wedding Ceremony Photos Melissa and Seth’s wedding ceremony took place in the stunning Mary’s Garden. Here are a few of our favorite wedding ceremony pictures. Bride’s Procession into Ceremony with Parent’s Well Wishes Prayer Shawl The Marriage Ring If you’d like to learn more about Jewish Wedding traditions, here is one article.   Creative Bridal Party Pictures When you are a wedding photographer you are always trying to be creative when it come to the bridal party photos. At Melissa and Seth’s wedding, we hardly had to think. These crazy masks have a sentimental meaning behind them. If you see Melissa and Seth, you will have to ask them the story! Running from the Rubber Duck This monstrous size is 10x11x13 meters. Though I am not good at converting metrics, trust my it’s huge! This traveling sculpture by Florentijn Hofman has and is literally traveling the world. Though Melissa and Seth were not super excited about it being on location at their wedding, we still had fun with it!   We would love to be your wedding photographer! Contact us today for more details.                  

Chrysler Museum Wedding – Katie and Josh

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Chrysler Museum Wedding Are you getting married at the Chrysler Museum? Are you looking for a wedding photographer? Contact us today for more information.     Katie and Josh Meet Katie and Josh. We were so honored that they chose us to be their wedding photographer. My running joke is that we only photographed beautiful people. You can see why that statement is true. Katie was breathtaking in her gorgeous wedding gown from Ava Laurenne Bride. Josh, well, he wasn’t so bad either. He was very handsome in his wedding attire. The wedding day was amazing partly because it was under the direction of Carolyn at Signature Weddings. The floral design was by the one and only Daevids.Their cake artist was Incredible Edibles Bakery. There were many other amazing vendors that made their wedding day dreams come true. Some of them were Stage Right Lighting, Make Up by Kim Porter, The Boardwalk Photobooth Company and Cuisine and Company. Beautiful Bride (click on image to enlarge) The Wedding Ceremony Wedding ceremony’s at the Chrysler Museum are always beautiful to photograph. The museum is beautiful and the addition of the orchid wall adds an amazing background to any celebration. (click on image to enlarge) The Invasion of the Duck Well, in case you haven’t heard, there was an invasion of a duck…a large rubber duck. The Chrysler Museum hosted the Rubber Duck sculpture during the busy Memorial Day weekend. This duck was designed by Florentjin Hofman. It is traveling art that is literally seeing the world. It has been in Holland, France, Brazil, Australia, China and Azerbaijan. It has been a very busy duck! Though Katie was not excited about the duck, she embraced him in the end. Private Pictures with the Bride and Groom I can tell you right now, that this is my favorite photo time of the entire wedding day. Yes, we love to cover the ceremony. Yes, we love to photograph the reception, however, there is not a more precious time then our time spent with the bride and groom. We love to create beautiful portraits of their once in a lifetime event. (click on image to enlarge) Wedding Reception Photography A wedding reception is an exciting time. It is the time that as a guest you get to let your guard down. With Katie and Josh they chose a stunning decor for their reception. Stage Right Lighting set the mood. If our clients are having a Chrysler Museum Wedding, we always encourage them to have decorative lighting. In these images you can see how it brings a venue to life. (click on image to enlarge) Learn more about all of our photography services. Contact us today for more information. If you are having a Chrysler Museum Wedding and would like wedding photography information, call us at 757-201-7973.

Virginia Beach Engagement Photography | Kathryn & Ryan

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Dramatic and beautiful, the photos in this Virginia Beach engagement photography session say it all! Contact us today for your engagement photo shoot, wedding photography, or couples portraits. Meet Kathryn & Ryan. They love the beach and wanted to incorporate it into their engagement portraits. Since we are surrounded by beautiful beaches it still can be a challenge to make a photograph interesting. In this image you will see the focus is still the couple, however, by incorporating the background with a wide angle lens, they will be able to remember exactly where they were and what they were feeling at the time the image was captured. Also by using the latest technology in lighting we are able to capture this beautiful sky. If you would like to learn more about our lighting, here are some basic lighting tips. (click on photos below to enlarge) Being able to capture a real moment in your engagement portraits is always what we strive for. Getting to know our clients and building a relationship helps them be more comfortable during their photo session. Couples photography isn’t just for engagements. We photograph couples celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, or just celebrating life. Virginia Beach and Norfolk provide wonderful beaches and urban settings that make for creative engagement photos. We look forward to help you celebrate your love with lasting images that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Please visit our wedding portfolio to see Virginia Beach weddings as well as weddings we’ve photographed across the US and Caribbean. Contact us today to schedule your Virginia Beach engagement photography today!  

Hayne Wedding Photographers at Williamsburg: Kingsmill Resort

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Hayne Wedding Photographers at Williamsburg Wedding photographers love the amazing photo opportunities at Kingsmill resort, in Williamsburg, Virginia. With a couple like Alan & Jenni to photograph, it just doesn’t get much better! Hayne Wedding Photographers would love to create beautiful images like these for your special day. Contact us now for more information! We had a beautiful day capturing their amazing wedding at the Kingsmill Resort in historic Williamsburg, Virginia.  Jenni and Alan really did not miss any details about the wedding day.  The day was a winter wonderland.  The ceremony had all the wonderful traditions of a Filipino wedding accompanied by a beautiful foot washing ceremony.   My hat is off to this family.  While dealing with a very sick parent, the family rallied together, as they should, to pull off a phenomenal event that no one will ever forget. Congratulations Jenni & Alan! We are wedding photographers based in Norfolk, Virginia. We serve brides in Virginia Beach, Williamsburg and in destinations all over the globe. Learn more about our wedding photography.