Virginia School Pictures

Virginia School Pictures We are happy to finally announce the opening of our new photography branch Virginia School Photography. Our studio now has a branch focusing on high quality, Virginia school pictures. With state of the art technology and employees with years of school experience, we are pushing a brand new school experience that brings revolutionary quality and stress-free photographing for schools. Technology Advantage in School Photography With Virginia School Photography we have taken huge leaps from other companies with our technology. Our cameras, lenses, ordering technology, lighting, and online ordering system all combine to create a high quality but simple system for both schools and students. While offering all the latest in photography services, such as online ordering and green screens, we also offer traditional services as well, such as paper orders and real backgrounds. Using such a wide variety of services means that we can customize each individual schools experience to their needs. Virginia School Photography brings a personal but highly professional touch to the school photography market. School Photography: Relaxed school picture day. We staff properly so that picture day requires less from your staff. Picture Day is an enjoyable experience, so that equates to you faculty and staff being happy! We employ full-time professional photographers. Our local office is ready and available to help parents with any needs. This takes the burden off of our schools. Parents can reach out to us to assist them directly.
 We have a live person to assist our clients! We pride ourselves in having a live person speak to your parents when they call. Our commission plans have options that give our schools and sports leagues the power to choose their prices and commission. Our local studio always has open doors for students and faculty needing make up pictures. (click on image to enlarge) Cap and Gown Portrait Why Virginia School Photography? Virginia School Photography’s quality is second to none. We oversee everything in our Norfolk, Virginia office, including school portraits, school services, league services, and all of our yearbooks. What this means is that we can closely watch everything and quickly fulfill all needs for our schools and sports leagues. Visit our new website here!