Virginia Beach Senior Pictures

Virginia Beach senior portraits

Contact us today to schedule your senior portraits. Virginia Beach Senior Pictures Katie is a gorgeous fashion model. When it came time for her senior portraits she wanted something unique. Since she is use to being in front of a camera, Katie was wanting the best senior portraits. We knew with Katie’s background as a fashion model she would be easy to photograph. Honestly, it is our job as photographers to make every high school senior look like a model in front of the camera. Katie’s senior portrait session started one hour early at the studio. She had chosen to have her make up applied by a professional make up artist. She understands the importance of a flawless look. With a large studio it gives us ample space to have hair and make up artists available at the studio. Have a look at our studio. Studio Senior Portraits We began photographing Katie’s senior portrait session inside the studio. We have several unique sets that allow us various options to capture unique pictures. We also have a variety of lighting sources from soft boxes, natural light to the beauty dish. With all these options we can create multiple looks. (click to enlarge picture) Ring Light Pictures Next we moved on to ring light pictures. The ring light definitely helped create some unique senior pictures! The ring light is cool technology that gives a very distinctive pattern of light in the eyes. It also creates a halo shadow behind the subject that is unique to the ring light. It is also is a very flattering light source for our clients. If the ring light pictures are processed correctly, you will get images that wow. Here are some of our processing tool that give us a beautiful finished image. (click to enlarge picture) Want to see more of our Virginia Beach senior pictures, see our portfolio. Outdoor Senior Pictures We took Katie outside of our studio and created some great senior photos. We often use the high grassy areas to pose our high school seniors. We also pose them in our foliage in our outdoor area. By using this technique it creates depth in our images. (click to enlarge picture) Dramatic Senior Portraits To add drama to our senior pictures we use off camera lighting. With the latest in technology and the right knowledge, you can create dramatic senior portraits. If you are having problems lighting your subjects, check out our Basic Lighting DVD. (click to enlarge picture) Beach Senior Portraits We finally ended up at the beach. When you are a Virginia Beach senior, no portrait session would be complete without a stop at the ocean. We always photograph our beach portraits at sunset. Why you may ask? We only want the sweet light or golden light. To create beautiful portraits you want soft light. (click to enlarge picture)   We are photographers that  photographs Virginia Beach senior pictures not only serving Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and beyond. Learn more about our senior portrait sessions. Contact us today to schedule your senior photos. Want to see more of our Virginia Beach Senior Portraits, see our portfolio.