Westin Virginia Beach Wedding – Jamie & Jennifer | Wedding Photography

Jamie & Jennifer were married just a few short weeks ago and the world is perfect now. You just thought your the world was complete…now it is for sure. We had a blast as we photographed them all day around Town Center in Virginia Beach and inside the Westin. The Westin Looked amazing thanks to […]

Greek Orthodox Wedding Day of Chuck & Krista

What a great wedding day we spent with Chuck & Krista. Check out the overview of their amazing wedding starting at the Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral ending at the Downtown Marriott. Wow, what a fantastic day!

Fort Story Wedding – Domenica & Russ

A chilly snowy day turned warm & fuzzy. An intimate classy wedding was just what the doctor ordered. We present to you – the most amazing Domenica & Russ for your viewing pleasure…..

Wedding Slideshow Marriott Norfolk – Mike & Melanie

I love M&M’s they make my tummy happy. Mike & Melanie, while not being covered in a sweet candy shell, are certainly a treat to take pictures of! I am just sure that they have a warm chocolate center – I just know it! After all, how else can you explain all the joy and […]

Wedding Slideshow Chesapeake Conference Center- Marjorie & Josh

As the year draws to a close a new life together begins for Marjorie & Josh! If the opening kick-off of their life together is any indicator of what is to come then watch out world – they’ve got plans….. Here’s a sneak peek into their day as we hung out with them and their […]

Wedding Slideshow Norfolk Yacht Club – Nathan & Ashley

Classic beauty and suave sophistication were married the other day and their names were Nathan & Ashley. I’ll let you figure out who is who… Whenever we shoot a wedding at the Norfolk Yacht Club it just adds to the classiness to the whole event. Throw in the amazing architecture of the First Presbyterian Church […]

The Signature Golf Course, Virginia Beach Wedding Slideshow – Sara & Eric

Just when you think it can’t get any better we get to photograph one of “those” weddings where the bar is raised just a notch higher. Sara and Eric’s nuptial bliss took place at the Signature Golf Course in Virginia Beach where the skies were picture perfect and the tunes carried across the greens & […]

The Booth! Sara & Eric’s Wedding

A little known fact – Our booth makes the coolest things happen and we get to take pictures of the whole thing! Sara & Eric gave their guests the time of their lives at their wedding with amazing food, dancing and of course the photo booth. It’s always a blast to bring the booth to […]

Westin Virginia Beach Wedding – Tom and Angie

A class act is what I would call it. A very classy but unique wedding at the Westin Virginia Beach is what Angie & tom had on order a few week ago. Antonia Christianson events made sure that the guests were treated to some local treats including Doumar’s ice cream, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and gourmet […]

Aric & Monica

Shall we try to top Aric & Monica’s wedding? I say no! But you say, “All weddings are the same!” Nay! I rebuke thee! Aric and Monica went a step above – Not a minister but a Bishop. Not a church but an art museum. Not a veil but a birdcage veil. Not only a […]

Lester & Arlyn

I see a couple of people with a lot going for them. Their names are Lester & Arlyn and we took a few shots of them on their wedding day. It’s always cool when someone asks to to shoot their wedding but when a photographer asks you to…. that’s the cherry on top! Isha Foss […]