• Summer Senior Session
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    Summer Senior Photography Session

    Summer Senior Photography Session

    What’s a great way to celebrate school being out? By having a summer senior photography session!

    Summer Senior Photography Session
    Senior Girl On Beach

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    Beating The Heat

    For Olivia’s session we started out in the studio. During the summer months it’s best to do indoor pictures during the day and outdoor pictures in the evening. It ensures that our client looks their best and hasn’t had the humidity effect their appearance. When doing indoor pictures we can utilize different lighting and backgrounds. Olivia brought a few sets of clothing and necklaces as statement pieces that made each image unique. We always encourage our seniors to add their own flair when it comes to their sessions. Want some ideas on what to wear? Check out our guide here.

    Senior Girl Head Shot
    Senior Girl Head Shot


    Senior Girl Sofa
    Senior Girl On Sofa


    Senior Girl Lounging Sofa
    Senior Girl Lounging On Sofa


    Senior Girl Head Shot
    Senior Girl Head Shot

    While she was having her session she wanted to do her drape portrait for school. We are the leading school photography company in the area and love it when our seniors do their school pictures with us! If you’re interested in reading about our school photography go here.


    Senior Girl Drape Portrait
    Senior Girl Drape Portrait


    Outdoor Portraits

    Since our studio is right near the ocean we wanted to do beach portraits to wrap things up. Late afternoon or early evening is the best time do to outdoor pictures. The lighting from the setting sun in addition to professional photographic techniques make for amazing images. Time management is also another thing photographers need to keep in mind. In order to get the great sunset shots make sure to do any other outdoor pictures before in a timely manner. A big mistake in photography is missing amazing pictures because proper time management wasn’t used. We started the outdoor portion in an urban downtown area. Then we moved on to a fishing pier and finished up on the beach. Olivia also wanted to include her sister in some of the pictures which we were happy to do. We love when our seniors want to include a friend or family member in their session. It makes for more memorable pictures and adds a bit of fun to the session!


    Senior Girl Iron Fence
    Senior Girl On Iron Fence


    Senior Girl Against Brick Wall
    Senior Girl Against Brick Wall


    Senior Girl Fishing Pier
    Senior Girl At Fishing Pier


    Senior Girl Sister
    Senior Girl With Sister


    Senior Girl Beach
    Senior Girl On Beach


    Senior Girl Dune
    Senior Girl On Dune


    Senior Girl Rocks
    Senior Girl On Rocks


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  • Senior Front Car
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    Trendy Senior Session

    Trendy Senior Session

    At Hayne Photographers, being up to date with what is in style is a big part of who we are. That’s why we took Adrian on a trendy senior session.

    Senior Boy Trendy Head Shot
    Senior Boy Trendy Head Shot

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    Cars Can Add To The “Cool” Factor

    We always encourage our senior’s to add their own special flair to their images. For this shoot, Adrian wanted to showcase his car. With different makes and models, it can make any session into a trend setter. Cars are a great way to incorporate professional lighting so that the photography stands out. The lighting technique we use is called off camera flash. The best time for capturing the lighting inside and outside the car is at sunset. At that time of the day you can be more creative with how you bounce the light off the vehicle and senior to create a unique photograph. Different locations can also add more character to the images. We chose the beach for Adrian’s car, as it offered different textures to the background that offset his vehicle.

    If you need help with your photographic lighting, we can help.


    Trendy Senior Session
    Senior Boy In Front Of Car


    Senior Boy Sitting Car
    Senior Boy Sitting In Car


    Senior Boy Front Car Beach
    Senior Boy In Front Of Car On The Beach


    Make Your Style Stand Out

    In addition to his car, Adrian wanted to show off his unique style in clothing. Showing off his urban fashion in a historic area made his pictures more photographically appealing. You can even make an indoor head shot stand out by adding in accessories that can draw the eye. For his head shots, Adrian incorporated a colorful bow tie to add to his amazing style. What to know what to bring for your senior session? Check out our What To Wear guide!

    Senior Boy Outside Door
    Senior Boy Outside Door


    Senior Boy Steps
    Senior Boy On Steps


    Senior Boy Studio Head Shot
    Senior Boy Studio Head Shot


    Senior Boy Head Shot
    Senior Boy Head Shot


    Here are a few more photographs from our awesome trendy senior session!

    (click to enlarge)


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  • Weddings

    The Water Table Virginia Beach – Doug & Crystal | Wedding Photography

    A day at the Botanical Gardens topped off by an evening at the Water Table was on tap for Doug & Crystal’s wedding day.  We had the honor of photographing their wedding and working with some of the finest wedding vendors in the business.  Weddings by Michelle had the entire day going like clockwork and the Water Table was looking amazing thanks to the flowers by Isha Foss and the lighting by the always stunning Blue Steel Pro Lighting.  The makeup by Rebecca Wood looked fresh all day and night.  DJ Rodney Charles from Arch Entertainment kept the party grooving and of course Carolina Cupcakery whipped up a batch of delicious cupcakes for everyone. While the Botanical Gardens offered serenity during the picture perfect day the evening down by the water at Rudee Inlet offered a one of a kind experience by the water for Doug & Crystals family & guests.  The night ended with a beautiful evening cruise as the wedding couple left the dock via boat and cruised the peaceful waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  We had such a wonderful time interacting with the guests in our photobooth and we look forward to hearing amazing things from Doug & C

    rystal!  Here’s a few shots from the eventful day:


  • Weddings

    Wedding Virginia Beach – Bruce & Laura | Destination Wedding Photographer

    We joined Bruce and Laura on their wedding day and the day could not have been more magnificent!  We arrived at Haygood United Methodist where Laura was busy with her hair and make-up and Bruce was doing the groom thing – cutting up with the guys. We saw the dress on the hanger and it looked great without Laura in it we couldn’t wait to see her in it!  We were not disappointed – All the Rage hit a home run again with this one!  Turpins dropped off the flowers as guests began to arrive.  With a few moments before the ceremony we were able to spend a few minutes with Laura for a few shots before she was hustled away to her awaiting Dad.  The ceremony went off without a hitch and after a few shots with the family and the NEW hot couple we were off to the quaint little chapel then to  One Fish Two Fish for the reception.  Johnny with Astro DJ’s had the tunes playing as they walked in and the staff at One Fish Two Fish threw down some serious chow and the party started!  Dancing, singing, and much laughter ensued (especially when Bruce took to the floor!)   We stepped out for a moment at sunset as the sun dropped below the horizon lighting up the sky with an orange glow while the Lynnhaven river lapped gently against the pier.  That’s prime picture taking time I’d say!  Overall,  the day was awesome with dash of magnificent thrown in – yup, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it…..  Here’s proof –

  • Engagement,  Trash the Dress

    Sandbridge, Virginia Beach – Mitch & Caitlin Trash the Dress!

    What an amazing couple that totally gets photography! They picked a cool location. Wore some fresh duds. Looked like a couple in love. What more could a photographer ask for? Um, how about a roll in the water with waves crashing all around – sure, why not? Mitch & Caitlin were up for just about anything and I am confident I could have put them in a dumpster and they would have figured out a way to make you wish you could be in a dumpster too…. It’s freakish what happened when I pointed a camera at them! Of course, it helps when we have the most perfect sunset and a backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean (secretly I thing the sun and ocean were in on the whole thing – Mitch pulled some strings.) We hung out with them at the Back Bay Nature Preserve where the spiders played nice (they were everywhere!) and the waves put on a nice show. Here’s Mitch & Caitlin and their friends, Ocean & Sun.

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    Beach Wedding Virginia – Amanda & Andy

    Two of the coolest people are on tap for you today – Andy & Amanda! Pour yourself a big drink of this awesome couple and maybe, just maybe, you will be as in love with your significant other as Andy & Amanda are with each other. You catch all that? The Atlantic ocean was being nice to us and the sky was this amazing blue that slowly morphed into a glorious sunset. The pelicans even flew by for a cameo as they kissed on the lifeguard stand. Say what? Pelicans I said. The ringbearer and flowergirl were just the cutest together….I could have spent all day shooting them! Congratulations guys, welcome to the crazy world of married life.

  • Senior Experience


    Alena joined us for a beach senior photography shoot a few weeks ago. As a photographer herself she was a lot of fun in front of the camera! We had a great time together and we came up with a “few” cool shots along the way. Our unique style fit right in with her personality. We did a mix of studio shots along with some at the beach & park. Check out the coolness that is Alena:









  • No Rules Workshop,  Senior Experience

    SPA model 2010 – Brittany!

    Brittany comes from the cold plains of North Dakota courtesy of Aspen Studios. She joined us in San Diego for SPA 2010 and we spent the afternoon with her on the sunny beaches of Coronado. Here’s a few shots from our day cruising around the Hotel Del Coronado!

    rocks beach sunset senior california SPA 2010

    cave-san diego-SPA-model-rocks-beach

    blonde-san diego-SPA-senior-model-flare

    beach-SPA-san diego-kneeling-sunset-relection