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Virginia Beach Commercial Head Shots Are you looking to have new or updated head shots done? Contact us today for more information. Professional Head Shots As a business professional it is important to keep your professional head shots current and up to date. In this day and age a lot of our business is done online. A professional head shot is the first impression that we make with our clients. Most of our clients seeking us out online are looking to see if we offer a good quality product. The first quality product that they will view is our head shot. A professional head shot from a professional head shot photographer will stand out in the market. Laura knew the importance of a good Virginia Beach Real Estate head shot. She took the time to pay for professional hair services, professional make up services and professional photography services. She was beginning a new career and knew that the investment of a great commercial head shot would be beneficial. If you use a photographer with a trained and artistic eye will give you the best outcome for your professional head shots. Also, choosing a photographer that is proficient is using professional camera gear, lenses, lighting and editing software, you will achieve a great result. Tips for Your Professional Head Shot Photo Session Professional Hair and Make Up Services:  For women, always consider professional hair and make up services. Professional make up application is key to a flawless complexion. We have professional make up and hair artists that will come to the studio and provide that service for you. For guys, a little translucent powder applied to the face will help knock off any shine on the skin. Variety of Colors and Styles: Often we have a favorite outfit or color, but in photographs it doesn’t always translate as beautifully as we imagined.  If you have a variety of colors and styles it will give you more choices. Different Backgrounds: If you choose us to be your head shot photographer, we will provide multiple backgrounds to give you a variety of options when choosing your perfect head shots. We also can provide green screen or white screen head shots with extraction services. When photographing on white or green screen you can be extracted from the background and placed into any background. Tiny Prints and Stripes: Avoid tiny patterns, like hounds tooth or tiny stripes. They don’t translate well in camera and give a “zig-zag” appearance in your images. (click on image to enlarge)   If you are ready to update your Virginia Beach Commercial Head Shots or any professional head shots? Contact us today for more information.