Virginia Beach Newborn Photographer – Adam


Virginia Beach Newborn Photographer Are you pregnant and looking for creative newborn pictures? Contact us today. Adam’s Newborn Photography Session As a newborn photographer, we are always excited to meet these precious babies. Newborn photos are so fun for us. All our babies that we photograph as so snuggly. We love the time we have during our newborn photography sessions because we really get to share the joy of a brand new baby with their parents and we get to document it! It doesn’t get much better then that. Newborn Portrait While we get so excited about every newborn session, we were especially excited about this one. The reason why this photo shoot was so special is that we photographed Adam’s mom and dad’s wedding just a few years ago. We always strive to be our clients photographer for life and this newborn session is an example of that. Meet Mary and Patrick. Take a minute and check out Mary and Patrick’s beautiful wedding at the Homestead Resort. Newborn Photography Sessions We love to photograph our newborns when they are 5-8 days old. That seems to be the perfect time for them. They are still very sleepy so we are able to capture those adorable newborn sleeping shots. We love the fact that newborns are still so mold able at this age. We are able to position them in precious newborn poses and they don’t mind at all! Here are a few more of our favorite photos from Adam’s newborn photography session.   Family and Newborn Portraits At every newborn photography session we always encourage family portraits. Sometimes parents of newborns are exhausted but they never regret doing a family portrait during the session. We are able to capture such beautiful newborn family photos at this time.   Find out more information to schedule your own newborn portrait session. Contact us today to schedule us to be your Virginia Beach newborn photographer.