Wedding Slideshow Colonial Heritage Golf Club, Williamsburg – Jessica & Ray

A most amazing wedding day slideshow is just a click away. I know you can barely contain yourself, but just bear with me a sec while I extol the awesomeness of this wedding. So Ray is a wrestler…and he had all his wrestling buddies with him. It’s funny how everyone was so well behaved. I can’t imagine why…… Jessica on the other hand was not a wrestler. Therefore, her bridesmaids were just as stunning as she. God opened up the sky just in time for some heavenly pics as the wrestler and his bride walked down the grassy aisle into wedded bliss. Kinda fairytale-ish don’t ya think? Okay, you can click the play button now and check it out for yourself!

Colonial Heritage Club Williamsburg, Virginia – Ray & Jessica | Wedding Photography

Ray and Jessica tied the proverbial “knot” at the fabulous Colonial Heritage Golf Club on a spectacular November day. The clouds were amazing and the grounds of the Colonial heritage Club was immaculate. Needless to say, give us a few minutes with a gorgeous couple, add in some killer skies and voila! stunning shots of a stunning couple. Of course Jessica’s Pure English Bridal dress was a perfect choice as it looked amazing in the golden, late afternoon sun! We wish you both the best – congrats guys!

Wedding Williamsburg Two Rivers Country Club – Fitz & Nicole | Wedding Photography

Join us on a fairytale wedding day of Fitz and Nicole. Quite possibly the most amazing people I have ever met. Yup. That’s all I’m going to say. Just go with me on this. They had a picture perfect day and I got to take some pretty nifty wedding shots at the Two Rivers Country Club in Williamsburg. Doesn’t get much better than that I would say. I mean, they had a glee club singing as they came down the aisle. ’nuff said….a glee club. Top that one. Well actually the sun and clouds did with and amazing display of light rays between white puffy clouds. Okay, so the sun was cooler than the glee club. But it’s the sun after all.  Here’s Fitz & Nicole – Congrats guys!