Senior Portraits | Emily | Virginia Senior Portraits

Senior portraits are a big part of our portfolio.  When we are photographing our seniors we are always striving for something different and unique.  With Emily we were able to achieve that.  We photographed her with vintage planes, at the beach, at sunset, in the studio and in downtown.  Her shots that we have as an urban ballerina are some very unique photographs. Here is Emily’s senior experience.      

Wedding | Kim & Tarek | Virginia Wedding Photographer

norfolk wedding photography

Weddings are always fun to be a part of.  To be with a family to document and important day in history is an honor.  Kim and Tarek’s wedding day was nothing less then that.  The wedding day was flawless under the direction of Michelle Kilgore of Weddings by Michelle.  It was a dream team kind of day with make up by Kim Wadsworth, flowers from Daevids, lighting by Blue Steel Lighting Design, a vintage Rolls Royce by Royal Coach, and a wedding cake by Patti Cakes.  With a team like this you couldn’t go wrong! Have a look into Kim and Tarek’s magical wedding day!  

Newborn Portraits | Rylee | Virginia Newborn Portrait Photographer

Newborn portraits are exhausting but always rewarding.  Working with newborns can be some of the most creative and memorable pictures that a family has to enjoy for a lifetime.  Rylee came into this world as a gift to Caroline.  Snuggly and beautiful, Rylee’s newborn portraits will be cherished forever.  

Photovision | Senior Portrait Artists | Virginia Wedding Photographers

Photovision, eduction and solutions for professional photographers, is a great resource for all photographers.  When we first started our photography business, we too purchased a Photovision dvd to learn more about weddings.  Teachings from that Photovision dvd included Michele Celentano and Parker Pfister who helped us shape the way the we shoot our weddings today.  We actually re-watched the dvds numerous times to learn all that we could.  Having a source like Photovision proved to be priceless. Just a few years later, we are please to announce that we will be a part of Photovision 2013.  They will be following us on a wedding and a senior boy and senior girl session.  We are hoping that being a part of this educational series will help others they way that Photovision helped us. You can purchase a subscription to Photovision today! By using the code hayne, you will receive $30 off your $99 subscription.      

Engagement Session | Ben and Lauren | Virginia Wedding Photographers

Engagement sessions in an urban area are always beautiful.  To be able to use stunning architecture as a backdrop always makes and image pop.  With our studio being located in downtown Norfolk, we have stunning backdrops at our fingertips!  By the way, who says you can’t pull an engagement session off in the rain? Meet Ben and Lauren.

Bat Mitvah | Virginia Living Museum | Virginia Bat Mitzvah Photographers

Bat Mitvah’s and Bar Mitvah’s are tons of fun to photograph.  Not only is it a huge celebration, but they are always such a fun theme.  Go with me on a journey to the Virginia Living Museum. You are surrounded by life sized cut outs of One Direction, a room full of ice cream cones and real ice cream and cones from the historic Doumars. Here are a few highlights from Rachel’s Bat Mitzvah.    

Digital Composites | Hayne Photographers

Creating digital composites is a lot of fun for us.  It is a time where you can really take your photography to a new level.  Being able to create a feel or theme for an image without leaving your studio is simply amazing.  You basically can dream up and image, and make it happen.  Are you looking for something out of the ordinary for you, your band, you as a musician, as an artist or just as a family?  Call or email us to schedule your appointment today.  Here are a few of our favorite composite images!