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    Beach Senior Portraits – Jacob

    Beach Senior Portraits – Jacob

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    Beach Senior Portrait

    Senior Photos

    Meet Jacob. He chose us to be his photographer for his senior portraits. He had a few ideas for his photo session, but wanted us to come up with the rest. He is an avid reader so we wanted to incorporate that into some photos. He loves Harry Potter books. He also loves the beach, so we new that we would photograph on location for some of his senior portrait session.

    Loves Reading Photo
    Outdoor Senior Portrait

    Senior Photo Ideas

    Coming up with great photo ideas for any portrait session is important. Senior photos are really important. Having ideas for your photo shoot is critical. As a photographer it is our job to discuss with you your hobbies and interests. We will then come up with suggestions and locations.

    We also are responsible for correctly posing our clients. It is always interesting to me when my clients are nervous because they are sure how to pose! Well the good news is that isn’t their job, that is our job as a photographer.

    Senior portrait time is such an important time in a high school senior’s life. It is their last year of school. It’s the year they start focusing on college admissions and let’s face it, they are under a lot of peer pressure. Our seniors trust us and leave it up to us to make them look good.

    Beach High School Portrait
    Beach Portraits

    On Location Photography

    When selection a location we look at many details. We look at backgrounds, textures, colors and most importantly light! You can choose a gorgeous location to be photographed at, but if the light is not right, the result becomes less then desirable. If you are a photographer and are struggling with finding or creating great light. We can help!

    A great example of good light/bad light is the beach. Gorgeous we all know at all times of the day. Gorgeous on camera, only during the sweet light time or golden hour.

    Golden hour takes place about 1 hour prior to sunset.


    Choosing your Senior Portrait Photographer

    If it is time for your senior portraits or any type of portrait session, chose your photographer wisely. Make sure you see a full portfolio. Also, make sure that you are their interest and achieving your vision is their goal. When you feel confident and comfortable with your photographer that will result in great portraits!

    Here are a few more of our favorite photos from Jacob’s senior photo session.

    Virginia Beach Senior Portrait


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  • beautiful-senior-picture
    Senior Pictures,  Senior Portraits

    Norfolk Senior Photos – Sydney

    Norfolk Senior Photos

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    Norfolk Senior Photos
    Beautiful Senior Portrait

    Sport Senior Portraits

    Meet Sydney. She is an uprising senior and came to us for her senior pictures. She was looking for something different then the traditional senior pictures. She was really looking for unique senior photos.

    Fast Pitch Softball Player

    Sydney has known many of our clients from the past few years. Her family had been waiting for her to have her turn having us capture her portraits.

    She is a rockstar softball pitcher for Kings Fork High School. She has secured a scholarship and is looking forward to attending UMass next fall. We wanted to capture some fun senior pictures showing off her love of softball.

    Softball Pitcher

    (click on image to enlarge)

    Senior Portraits

    We love to start our senior portrait sessions at the studio. There we are able to create beautiful photos. With a balance of studio lighting and natural light we are able to create a variety of images.

    Ring Light Senior Photo
    Senior Girl on Vintage Couch

    (click on image to enlarge)

     Urban Senior Pictures

    Our studio is located in the beautiful historic district of downtown Norfolk. There we are surrounded by a lot of history. When your building is in a historic area often you will find beautiful textures and backgrounds for photographing. We are also blocks away for an urban area that helps us create unique portraits.

    Senior Portrait
    Senior Girl on Brick Wall

    (click on image to enlarge)

    Outdoor Senior Portraits

    Our studio is just a couple of blocks away for a beautiful park. Often we will use this area to photograph our clients. We are also close to many gorgeous outdoor locations. We are always able to find the perfect fit for our clients and their photo session.

    Beautiful Senior Picture

    Senior Yearbook Photo

    Last, but not least, we are able to create stunning senior yearbook photos. Every senior wants to look their very best as they are documented in their yearbook. Check out Sydney’s beautiful yearbook picture.

    Yearbook Photo


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  • stunning-bride-photo
    Destination Wedding,  Weddings

    Destination Wedding – Ashley and Chris Got Married

    Destination Wedding – Ashley and Chris Got Married

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    Bride and Groom

     Indiana Wedding Photography

    As a wedding photographer, we love photographing in different locations. For most photographers this may be a challenge but for us, we thrive on it. We love the idea of being in a location that is unique to us. Indiana was one of those places.

    Bride by a Rustic Barn

    What seems so common for Indiana natives, is unique to others. Barns, prairies and cornfields really got us excited about Chris and Ashley’s wedding photography.

    Bride and Groom with Vintage Car

    Bride Getting Ready Photos

    We cherish the time that we get to spend photographing a bride getting ready. When we have mom involved in the process we love it even more. The time spent with a mom and daughter on a wedding day is valuable. Being chosen to be the wedding photographer is priceless.

    Mom Helping Bride Get Ready for Her Wedding
    Bride and Mom Photo
    Destination Wedding - Ashley and Chris Got Married
    Stunning Bridal Portrait

    First Look Wedding Pictures

    Who doesn’t love a first look? Well, I can tell you as a wedding photographer we love it. We find that if a bride and groom decide to do a first look we get real emotion. The wedding day is a buzz and a first look seems to calm the soul. We find that during a first look a bride and groom get to really enjoy their time together, cherish each other and take a deep breath. While we are photographing the first look we stay rather stealthy so that we don’t interfere with the emotion. We position the groom facing away from where the bride will enter. We always choose an area where the groom will hear the bride approaching. The bride then will give the groom a little tap and when he turns around, the magic happens.

    We then are able to capture some private portraits of the bride a groom. Here are just a few of our favorites from the wedding.

    Bride and Groom First Look Photo
    Bride and Groom
    Bride and Groom in Flowers

    (click on image to enlarge)

    Wedding Ceremony Photos

    Here are a few of our favorite wedding ceremony pictures.

    Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Photo

    (click on image to enlarge)


    Bridal Party Photos

    We love the time we have with our bridal party taking their photos.

    Fun Bridal Party Photo

    (click on image to enlarge)

    Wedding Day Photos

    We have so many favorite wedding day photos from this wedding, but we can’t post them all. We will leave you with a few more here.

    The Wedding Rings

    (click on image to enlarge)


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    Senior Pictures,  Senior Portraits

    Virginia Beach Senior Portraits Trash the Dress

    Virginia Beach Senior Portraits Trash the Dress!

    Senior Portrait In Water
    Beach Senior Photos

    (click on image to enlarge)

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    Senior Portraits

    We are senior portrait photographers and we love creating a variety of styles of senior pictures. We think that senior portraits should be fun, unique and have a balance of style. In our senior photo sessions we love to bring a little bit of all styles. We blend traditional portraits with more modern portraiture. We are able to change the style of our photography by changing our lenses, lighting and locations.

    In a normal senior portrait session we will photograph one to two hours. If our high school seniors opt for a one hour photo session we generally will stay close to our studio. With our photography studio being located in the historic area of downtown Norfolk we are able to incorporate texture, parks and an urban feel to our backgrounds.

    In a two hour senior portrait photo shoot, we generally incorporate an additional location. Most of the time seniors want to be photographed at the beach.

    Senior Pictures
    Senior Pictures

    Sometimes our high school seniors want to do a Trash the Dress Session.

    Senior Photo in the Waves


    (click on image to enlarge)


    Trash the Dress Photo Sessions

    Trash the dress sessions started for brides that wanted to do fun portraits in their wedding gowns. This has been a huge movement because Trash the Dress sessions are so much fun. I believe that the fun comes from doing something in a beautiful gown that you are not suppose to. Some examples would be, getting in the ocean in your gown, or maybe running through the alleyways of downtown. When we photograph Trash the Dress sessions, we are able to create one of a kind portraits.

    We have had so much fun photographing Trash the Dress sessions with our brides that we decided that we would offer Trash the Dress sessions with our high school seniors! It has been a blast!

    Senior Girl Playing in Water
    Senior Photo in Ocean
    Beautiful Senior Picture At Sunset
    Senior Photography


    (click on image to enlarge)

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    Sports Photography | NASCAR The Brickyard

    Sports Photography

    NASCAR Checked Flag At The Brickyard
    Jeff Gordon’s Gas Man Down
    Victory Lane


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     NASCAR The Brickyard Sports Photos

    In sports photography, there is no greater sports event to photograph then NASCAR. I am sure that everyone would have their own opinion, so this one is definitely mine. Scott and I have been avid fans of NASCAR for the 27 years that we have been married. My love for the sport began as a small child. My dad would pack us up in the Winnabego and off we would go to the races. We would always arrive days before the NASCAR race to get the full experience of the track. Practice, meet and greets with the NASCAR drivers, you name it, we did it.

    Now as adults and still loving the sport, being a sport photographer for a NASCAR race is thrilling for us. To be so close to the action is exhilarating.

    We traveled to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to view and capture all the sports events for the day.


    NASCAR Inspection Pictures

    Here are just a few photos from the Brickyard Inspection area.



    NASCAR Driver Introduction Photos from the Brickyard

    We loved using the equipment that we did for photographing this race. As you can see from these images, it brought us very close to each of these drivers.

    Brickyard Introduction Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

    NASCAR Flagmen Photos

    NASCAR flagmen are always hard at work from start to finish. Photographing them is always exciting capturing their constant duties.

    Green Flag At the Brickyard

    Pit Road at the Brickyard Photos

    Some of the most exciting shots during a race can be all the pit road action. All the action that happens during a single photo makes sports photography so much fun. Check out a few of our favorite pit stop photos from the Brickyard.

    Jeff Gordon’s Gas Man Struggling
    Tire Men in Dale Earnhardt, Jrs. Pit

    Jeff Gordon Wins At the Brickyard Photos

    Jeff Gordon Crossing the Finish Line and Winning The Brickyard
    Jeff Gordon’s Burn Out
    Jeff Gordon’s Team on the Wall in Celebration
    Brickyard Victory Lane
    Jeff Gordon in Victory Lane


    If you are interested in our sports photography and would like us to be your sports photographer, contact us today!

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    Newborn Photography,  Newborn Photos,  Newborn Portraits

    Virginia Beach Newborn Photographer – Adam

    Virginia Beach Newborn Photographer


    Are you pregnant and looking for creative newborn pictures? Contact us today.

    Adam’s Newborn Photography Session

    As a newborn photographer, we are always excited to meet these precious babies. Newborn photos are so fun for us. All our babies that we photograph as so snuggly. We love the time we have during our newborn photography sessions because we really get to share the joy of a brand new baby with their parents and we get to document it! It doesn’t get much better then that.


    Newborn Portrait

    While we get so excited about every newborn session, we were especially excited about this one. The reason why this photo shoot was so special is that we photographed Adam’s mom and dad’s wedding just a few years ago. We always strive to be our clients photographer for life and this newborn session is an example of that.

    Meet Mary and Patrick.

    Mary & Patrick’s Homestead Resort Wedding

    Take a minute and check out Mary and Patrick’s beautiful wedding at the Homestead Resort.

    Newborn Photography Sessions

    We love to photograph our newborns when they are 5-8 days old. That seems to be the perfect time for them. They are still very sleepy so we are able to capture those adorable newborn sleeping shots.

    Newborn Photography
    Vintage Newborn Photo

    We love the fact that newborns are still so mold able at this age. We are able to position them in precious newborn poses and they don’t mind at all!

    Newborn Photo

    Here are a few more of our favorite photos from Adam’s newborn photography session.

    Precious Newborn Photo
    Beautiful Newborn Photo


    Family and Newborn Portraits

    At every newborn photography session we always encourage family portraits. Sometimes parents of newborns are exhausted but they never regret doing a family portrait during the session. We are able to capture such beautiful newborn family photos at this time.

    Newborn Family Photographer


    Find out more information to schedule your own newborn portrait session.

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  • Virginia Wedding Photograher Theresa and Victor

    Virginia Wedding Photographer – Sacred Heart Church – Chrysler Museum Wedding

    Virginia Wedding Photographer – Sacred Heart Church – Chrysler Museum Wedding

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    Virginia Wedding Photographer - Sacred Heart Church - Chrysler Museum Wedding
    Beautiful Bride and Groom


    Sacred Heart Church and Chrysler Museum Wedding

    Theresa and Victor were married at two of the most beautiful venues in Norfolk. Sacred Heart Church and the Chrysler Museum of Art.

    When you look at these stunning wedding pictures you may think to yourself, “Who couldn’t have a stunning wedding at those two venues?”. If you are thinking that, you would be wrong. A gorgeous flawless wedding like Theresa’s and Victor’s only comes under the direction of an excellent wedding planner. Ted Martinez of Ted Martinez Event Management was the key. Theresa and Victor gave Ted their perfect wedding vision and Ted and his team made it a reality. He not only made it a reality, he went over and beyond.

    The day started at the Norfolk Marriott.

    Elegant Bridal Gown Display
    Stunning Bride

    The hotel room was a buzz with the excitement of the wedding day. There we found the bridesmaids, the bride, the parents of the brides and some very special vendors. Sarah Rillon was a very busy make up artist creating flawless makeup and Pin Up Doll Hair Design was working her magic on the bridal party.

    The video team from Light Works Films was also capturing all the excitement on film.

    In the picture above you will see all the beautiful wedding details. With the unique wedding invitation being created by Kat Blu Studios, Day of Stationery created by Paper Stylist. They set the tone for the elegant wedding day.

    Sacred Heart Catholic Church Wedding Ceremony

    Loading up the bridal party in style they were transported by the Truffle Shuffle.

    Now it was time for the Filipino wedding ceremony of Theresa and Victor.

    Wedding Ceremony Guest in Waiting
    Wedding Ceremony Guest in Waiting

    (click on an image to enlarge)

    Emotional Bride and Groom During Wedding Ceremony

    Theresa and Victor exited their wedding ceremony in style. What a fun balloon send off for the bride and groom. The wedding balloons were from Hi5Balloons. It was so much fun!

    Balloon Send Off at Wedding


    Bride and Groom | Bridal Party Portraits

    After the wedding ceremony we headed out to the beautiful gardens of downtown Norfolk. The bride and groom arrived in style in a gorgeous vintage Rolls Royce from Royal Coach Limousine.

    Stunning Bride and Groom
    Wedding Party

    (click on an image to enlarge)

    Beautiful Bride and Groom Photo
    Beautiful Bride and Groom


    Chrysler Museum Wedding Reception

    Once we arrived at the Chrysler Museum of Art it was obviously that this wedding reception was going to be the pinnacle of the day. For a bride and groom the wedding day can become a blur so that is why it is so important to have great wedding photography to capture all the details of the day. Theresa and Victor’s wedding reception was full of amazing details.

    We love when our wedding day is surrounded by vendors that are truly the A-Team. Blue Steel Lighting set the tone for the entire reception. They made the ambiance of the room stunning. With the Florals and Designs by Ivie Joy Flowers & Events they made the room breathtaking. That was not where it stopped. The catering was by Cuisine and Company, the talented Jamestown Quartet, the gorgeous cake by Shockley’s Sweet Shoppe and caricature drawings by talented caricature artists for the guests.

    As the wedding reception processed, we were entertained by the sounds of the A-Town A-List. I have to tell you, hands down, one of the best bands I have ever heard.

    Now, here are some of the amazing wedding reception details.

    A-Town A-List
    Stunning Wedding Centerpiece
    Wedding Guest Gifts
    Elegant Wedding Cake
    Wedding Rings
    Bride and Groom in Rolls Royce


    If you are looking for Virginia wedding photographer, we would love to talk to you. You can read more on all of our photography services.

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    Meet Scott and Adina Hayne of Hayne Photographers