Commercial Composite Photography | Green Screen Photography


Commercial Composite Photography Are you looking for green screen photography? Maybe you are looking for commercial composite photography. Contact us today for more information regarding our services. Composite photography is the art of taking multiple photos of individuals or elements and then layering them into one digital photo. This image above is an example of a digital composite. This would be referred to as our green screen photography services. On a commercial photo shoot, we spend a lot of time photographing each individual. We photograph them in several different poses and expressions. This allows us options on our final digital composite image. Each of our subjects are photographed on a green screen or white screen. This is so we can extract them from the background. Digital extracting is a tedious and meticulous process. Once our extractions are complete we begin our art work designing in Photoshop. For this commercial photography session they wanted a group image as well as individual images for their website and marketing. For this particular commercial shoot we decided to use our white screen set up, instead of our green screen set up. Here is an example of an individual image. This is the result in extracting the subject in Photoshop then dropping them into a background of choice. Here is an example of an alternate background. Using the composite photo technique, we can basically take a commercial company anywhere. The company can be or look however they would like, all while being shot in one studio set up. Here is another example of individual subject. We have access to a multitude of backgrounds. We consult with our commercial accounts and find out what type of setting they are looking for. We then present a number of backgrounds to choose from. In some cases, we have to go out and photograph new digital backgrounds. Here is an example of some digital backgrounds that we photographed for this commercial photography account. We then present them by dropping a subject in the background. This helps the client visualize the final product. From there they choose their favorite backgrounds.   Here is more information on how we create our digital composites. Is your company looking for something unique in your commercial photography? Contact us today for more information.    

Headshots | Commerical Photographer


Headshots Are you looking for a commercial photographer for some professional headshots? If you are looking for corporate headshots, actor headshots, corporate headshots, or maybe just a advertising photographer, we can help. Contact us today for more information on our photography services. Commercial Photography We love being commercial and advertising photographers. It can often be a very creative session if you have cool clients. Meet Wendy. She is the epitome of cool clients. Wendy is starting a new business and hired us as her commercial photographer. When we are photographing for a commercial client, we want to ensure we have a clear vision of what they are trying to achieve. Through much communication and collaboration we achieved exactly what Wendy was looking for in her new branding and new business. The product Wendy is selling, is her. Her expertise, her motivation and her mentoring. She wanted to be captured in a beautiful, fun and professional way. Wendy did some serious planning before her photo shoot. She had been working with other professionals developing a new website and a new brand. Along with her new brand, she would need new photos to embrace that brand. She discussed in length different photos that she would need to fill all the spaces of her new website. She also needed professional commercial photos for things like email blasts, newsletters and social media. Here are a few of the shots that she needed to fill her website with professional photos. Commercial Website Photos In preparing for her commercial photo shoot, we knew that we would be capturing some images showing that Wendy loves to talk to you. She came up with the concept of incorporating the envelopes. This would send the message that she loves to get mail and LOVES to respond to her clients. We thought of a few ways to show this concept. With commercial photos this fun, who wouldn’t want to send her a letter? Commercial Yoga Photography Wendy is also a certified yoga instructor and will have a section on her website dedicated to yoga. She wanted some different, out of the box, professional yoga pictures.   Beautiful Commercial Headshots Here are a few more of Wendy’s beautiful professional headshots.   Are you interested in professional headshots for your website or social media needs? Contact us today to chat with us regarding our photography services.  

Family Portrait Photographer | Samuelson Family


Family Portrait Photographer Are you looking for a photographer to capture lasting family portraits? We would love to be your family portrait photographer! Contact us today for more information. Fun Family Portraits We love to photograph families. We always strive to capture beautiful family photos. When we are photographing a family portrait session, we capture a variety of photos. The Samuelson family took time to carefully coordinate their outfits. This is so important when it comes to family portraits. As a photographer you want everyone to blend, not necessarily match. When you use punches of color in your accessories, this creates interest in your photos. An example of that would be dad’s red tie. Another example would be the daughters’ red flower. In this family portrait session, there are a few colors woven throughout each of the family members. Red, black and white were colors that all family members has incorporated into each outfit. Texture in your outfits also bring interest to photographs. Dad’s jackets and the son’s vest all have an element of texture bringing dimension to their portraits. This family is a great example of “what to wear” on your family portrait session. Props for Family Portraits We often incorporate props in our portrait sessions. It may be a chair, couch or a settee. We use a variety of props in our photo shoots. We do this to add interest to a photo session. It often helps with creative posing as well. Here are a few family photos where we used an antique settee. Candid Family Portraits When we add a candid feel to our portrait sessions it not only creates visual interest, but also creates purchasing options for our clients. What could be more fun on a beautiful fall day then tossing some leaves. I just love this picture. The kids expressions in this family photo are priceless!   If you are looking to create lasting family photos, we would love to be your family portrait photographer. Contact us today to schedule your photo session!