Fashion Photography

Are you looking for a photographer to capture your fashion photography? Contact us today! Fashion Photography Fashion photography is a genre of photography that the sole purpose is to capture clothing or fashion items. It is photography that highlights the detail and unique of these items. Fashion photography can be used for various things such as advertising, marketing or more. Fashion Photo Session This fashion photography session was for these unique fascinators. Fascinators is a headpiece. It is describe as a fine, lacy head covering according to Wikipedia. When we are hired as a photographer for a fashion shoot, we know that we are going to capture some unique images. For a fashion shoot details are well planned out because the end goal is to have these photos for marketing and advertising. Fashion Style The style of the fascinators were so unique that the make up artist matched the style of make up to the feel of the head piece. We always consult with out fashion clients prior to the photography session to ensure that capture the vision of their product. Using a variety of backgrounds and lighting that help highlight the product is critical. Fashion Shoot Lighting Natural light is always a gorgeous flattering light. We photographed this segment in our natural light area of our studio. We have a large studio that provides multiple sets and multiple lighting set ups. View our studio here. (link) We sometimes will partner our natural window light with a reflector to give the subject’s eye a beautiful sparkle.   Beauty Dish Fashion Lighting Using a 22″ beauty dish to bring out the contours of the face has always been a core part our photography. The unique abilities of the beauty dish when set in front and above the subject creates a one of a kinds type of light. The beauty dish is a focused light that directs the viewers eye to exactly what you want them to focus on. You’ll see this light used in fashion photography quite often, but using it for seniors and portraits always adds an extra edge to our photography. Here you can view more of our commercial portfolio. Are you looking for a fashion photographer? Contact us today.  

San Francisco Wedding | Hayne Photographers

Hayne Photographers Wedding

When we were called by Serena and Jason to shoot their wedding in San Francisco, we were thrilled. We are destination wedding photographers. It wasn’t a destination wedding for Serena and Jason who live in San Francisco. They simply loved our wedding photography and wanted us to shoot their wedding. San Francisco Wedding Photography San Fran was an amazing backdrop for their gorgeous wedding photos. Since the groom attended Stanford University, we made the short trip to the campus to photograph the bride and groom in a place that is special to them both. Serena and Jason rented the vintage car for the photographs. Props can make a huge impact in photography and we think this prop was well chosen! Serena really had some special touches at her wedding. She had handkerchiefs embroidered with beautiful sayings for her mother and grandmother. More details included the bride and groom’s “signature drink” during cocktail hour and a casino themed reception room. All of these details are forever memorialized in her beautiful wedding photography. Photographing Wedding Details (click on images to enlarge) Every detail counts! We try to photograph them all. We know that brides spend months of wedding planning to create the perfect ceremony and reception. Capturing all the details really tells the complete story of her wedding. The Ceremony Photos (click on photos to enlarge) Serena and Jason’s wedding ceremony site overlooked a reservoir; it was breathtaking and we took advantage of the scenery to get some impactful images. Even when we travel, we bring all of our wedding photography equipment. We have the latest camera technology, lenses, and editing equipment to get the dramatic images you see here. In addition to photographing the bride and groom’s wedding, they wanted an additional San Francisco wedding photography after shoot. An after shoot is a chance to get even more great wedding photography that wouldn’t be possible on the wedding day. (click on photos to enlarge) We traveled around San Fran incorporating landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Baker’s Beach, the stunning court house and theater into their wedding photography. This San Francisco wedding photography, is just one example of the many destination weddings we shoot. Our home is in Norfolk, Virginia. We are minutes away from Virginia Beach, a popular place for wedding photography. We hope you’ll visit our wedding photography portfolio for more great wedding photography ideas. Contact Us at 757-201-7973 to book your wedding (where ever it might be) today.

Bridal Portraits | Virginia Wedding Photographer

Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portraits | Virginia Wedding Portrait Photographer Your bridal portraits should reflect your beauty. Anyone can take a photo. Capturing the essence of a bride is more takes an eye for detail. We know that when planning a wedding, you’re paying attention to every detail. We do the same for your bridal photography. That means using the best equipment available, skilled use of lighting and posing techniques, and perfectly editing your photos to enhance the mood we want to create. Contact us today to schedule your Bridal Portraits (click on image gallery to view images larger) You see it all the time in magazines – that sparkle in a model’s eyes that we all wish we could have in our photos. Your photos can have that sparkle! We shoot at just the right moment to get that perfect look. Sometimes people ask us if the brides on our site are models. No! We’ll admit, it’s even hard for us to tell that they aren’t when we see their bridal photos completed! (click on images in gallery to view larger) The bridal portraits in this blog post were taken at our Norfolk, Virginia studio. At our studio we have many beautiful backdrops and furniture props to enhance your photo shoot. We are Virginia wedding portraits photographers with a studio based in Norfolk. We not only photograph brides in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, but across the country and beyond. Take a look at our destination wedding photography page. Call us at 757-201-7973 to schedule your bridal portraits or wedding photography today.

Charlotte | Newborn Photo Shoot

Newborn Photography

Charlotte’s Newborn Photo Shoot One look at baby Charlotte and you can see why we love this newborn photo shoot! This photo shoot is special, because we’ve done newborn photography for each of Charlotte’s three siblings! We’ve seen the family grow through the years. Many families book a photo session with us, like a newborn photo shoot or a wedding and end up coming back year after year. Contact us to book your newborn photography today. The featured image on this page shows a vintage dresser that we love using as a prop in our newborn photography. The chandeliers provide such an elegant touch. At our studio we have lots of backgrounds to create all sorts of different feelings in a photograph. We’re also equipped with the latest technology for lighting, cameras and editing. This allows us to create dramatic images that are awe inspiring! One of my favorite images is in the gallery below. Charlotte is lying on a white chair. This photo feels slight “royal”, like a little princess perched on her throne. (click on images to enlarge) Contact Us today to schedule your very own newborn photo shoot. Our blog have many newborn photography shoots. Take a moment to look through it and see what your photo shoot could look like!    

Senior Photography

senior photographer

It could be a still shot from any blockbuster action packed movie…and the star: Drew. Svelte and collected, Drew is leaning against a brand new Camaro. The street scene looks like it might be located in New York or L.A. Where is he? Norfolk, Virginia. Who is he? A Deep Creek high school senior photographed by Scott Hayne. Contact us today to scheduled your senior photography.   Drew’s mother dreamed about having her only son’s senior portraits taken by Scott. She first saw Scott’s photography in 2008 when she view the photos from her friend’s wedding. What a privilege it was to photograph this impressive young man, especially knowing how proud his family was that day. Drew was smartly dressed. His suit blew us away. He picked out his attire and the bow tie especially for the photography session. No fumbling around with the bow tie the day of the shoot; he tied it himself without a second thought. It may seem like a minor detail. But not to us. His demeanor impressed us. When shooting a senior pictures, we want to know all about your interests and the things you like to do. Drew is a star baseball player and a car lover. Finding the appropriate props to express his interests was easy. He even cleaned and waxed the car before the shoot. This was a great idea because details count! We chose the city street location because we thought it reflected Drew’s personality and melded well with his prop. We think Drew looks like a film star. That’s what we think that about all the senior students that come to us for their senior pictures. Take a look at our senior photography portfolio and see for yourselves! Or, consider being part of The Senior Experience model team. When we plan your high school senior portraits session, it’s all about bringing out your inner star. We love photographing senior students. I think it’s amazing when, in a single image, Scott captures the personality, mood, and aspirations of his young models. In your senior photography session, your best features are illuminated in images that will be lasting reminders of your amazing high school experience. Your senior photo session will highlight your favorite activities and sports, your passions, and most of all your unique personality. Beauty and glamour isn’t just for those in Hollywood, contact us and to schedule your senior photography and be our next star.

Rock Star Senior Portraits

Awesome senior pictures.

Rock Star Senior Portraits Look like a rock star, with senior portraits that capture who you are and what you’re about! Contact us today to have your rock star senior portraits taken! Meet David. His rock star inspired photo shoot really reflects his energy and creativity! The urban feel was accomplished in downtown Norfolk, near our studio. We met with David before the shoot and talked about what he wanted his photos to capture. He had no trouble finding props the “recording artist”, “performing artists” vibe. He brought his guitar, head phones, and lots and lots of really cool shoes and hats! We’re looking forward to the day we do David’s album cover! No doubt, props helped us tell David’s story in his senior portraits. But, great photos are about more than just authentic props. Photo composition plays a big role in helping express David’s personality. Whether he’s jumping in the air with his guitar, or standing in a “power pose” with his hands on the neck of his guitar; everything about the photo should reflect something about the client’s personality. You can see David’s personality in the photos. He has many facets. He’s cool, calm, playful, fun. We wanted to say it all in his images. Just for fun. That’s what this photo is about. Every rock star has to have shoes! We did David’s sister’s senior photos. She is dancer. Since we photographed her in her ballet shoes, we mirrored the photo for David We are Hayne Photographers. We provide senior photography to students in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake areas. Contact us to be part of The Senior Experience or to schedule your senior photo session today. Like David’s photos? See even more senior portraits, as well as our other photography by visiting our portfolio.

Military Family Photography

military portraits

Military Family Photography Contact us today to photograph your military family portraits! Military family photography is an important event in every military family’s life. Photographing military families is something that we are proud to be a part of. Being in the military at one time in my life I realize how important military family photography is. Some various times that a military family will have us photograph their family portraits is before deployment, after deployment and when making a new rank. Another great opportunity for military family photography is at military homecomings. At that time families are gathered together for this huge patriotic celebration. Meet the Critides family. They came to us to have their military family portraits taken on the cusp of Carl making rank and prepping for a long deployment. We love when the family prepares for their portrait session by wearing their dress uniform and also bring a secondary outfit. We began their photography session at our studio. We love using our giant American flag as a backdrop for our military family photography. If you would like to view our studio, you can view it here. Then we moved on to creating a unique family portrait by keeping the sailor front and center with the family holding him closely. Using the white background keeps the image simple and bold at the same time. After photographing in the studio, we traveled to the beach for a few beach portraits at sunset. Sunset is the best time to photograph at the beach because of the warm soft light.   When photographing families, we always include a few special pictures of the siblings alone and together. A few shots of mom and dad together will always be a photograph that is cherished.   We always keep our photo shoots fun by capturing candid moments of the family having fun enjoying their time together. If you would like to view more of our family portraits check out our portfolio. If you are ready to schedule your family portraits or military family portraits, please contact us today!

Performing Artist Senior Photography

Virginia Beach senior photography.

Performing Artist Senior Photography Contact us today to schedule your senior photography! Performing artist senior photography is something that we do quite often at Hayne Photographers. Having a great school like the Governor’s School provides us great opportunities to photograph performing artists. Bryan is performing artist specializing in Jazz. He wanted us to capture his senior portraits in a way that shows off his abilities as a dancer as well as his personality. We photographed him doing actual dance moves in our studio. We had him jumping and using his dance skills. Check out our studio. A great tip when shooting performing artist is having music playing in the background. Always choose music that the artist is familiar with. By doing this you will be able to capture real fluid motion in their dance positions. With dancers they prefer to check their images immediately. This allows them to ensure that they position was correct when captured. Having the dancer bring every element of a costume makes an photograph interesting. Reminding your high school senior clients that it is important to have full costumes, head to toe, will make your performing artist senior photography a success. One of the elements that Bryan brought was his hat which made a unique senior picture. After Bryan’s dance portraits we were able to use our same lighting set up to capture some great studio portraits as well.   After photographing in the studio, we headed outside in our outdoor photography area. There we were able to photograph him in a more relaxed setting. To make an interesting photograph, it is always good to have texture in the background. Finding areas of good texture is simple. You don’t have to have a large area if you shoot tight with a zoom lens. Using a zoom lens gives the background compresses the scene so that your subject will appear to be closer to the texture then it actually is. Are you a performing artists looking to have your portraits taken?  Or are you a high school senior looking for unique senior portraits? If so, contact us today!

Newborn Portraits | Ashton

Vintage Themed Newborn Portraits

Newborn Portraits in Our Norfolk Studio Meet sweet Ashton.  How can you not adore newborn portraits?  Oh, how I wish we had come into the photography industry when our children were babies. To be able to capture moments like these are priceless.  

Newborn portraits take patience and time.  The atmosphere needs to be just right for these little guys.  A little white noise, a little heater, lots of soft things like blankets, wraps and hats and lots of love make the photo session perfectly peaceful. Sweet baby Ashton was the model client.  With the right balance of the atmosphere and some rocking, it was time to photograph him.  

We have photographed his family for years and enjoyed seeing this new addition. Do you see his sister?  We photographed her mommy and daddy their entire pregnancy and then photographed her at just 5 days old!  I feel like I’m an important part of my clients lives and that’s a wonderful compliment! We love photographing families! Whether it’s in our Norfolk studio, on the beautiful sands of Virginia Beach, or in your home, we’d love to serve you. Contact us to schedule your photo session today. (click on photos to enlarge) You may have noticed from our portfolio, that we photograph clients throughout their lives. From newborns, to graduations, weddings and anniversaries. We’re photographers for your life. Learn more about our services.

High School Senior Portraits | Anna

Performing Artist Headshots

You might think by looking at these photos that Anna is a model. No, she a Virginia Beach high school senior. We had the privilege of photographing her senior portraits in our downtown Norfolk studio. We also did several shots in our outdoor area. Contact us today to schedule your senior portraits. Anna’s Senior Pictures Lighting can be a photographer’s best friend or worst nightmare. Knowing how to use natural light to your advantage is key to capturing amazing senior photos. The dramatic effect of the light behind Anna in this outdoor shot really evokes the mood we wanted to set. The use of the ring-light in our studio creates an ethereal effect in portraits that’s just stunning. Anna’s portrait glows; her eyes pierce in this photo. The Urban backdrop is another element we wanted to highlight in Anna’s senior portraits. Use of textural backgrounds, whether indoors or out, help us accomplish this. Like many seniors, Anna was a bit nervous about her photo session. But, we prepare our students with helpful hints on what to wear and bring to make the photo shoot a breeze. Anna coordinated her outfits perfectly and brought lots of accessories to pull it all off. Once she was prepared and we did the shoot, she loved the experience. Enjoyed seeing Anna’s senior pictures? See more of Scott Hayne’s award winning senior photography. Visit our senior portraits portfolio. Contact us to schedule your senior photos: 757-201-7973.

Family Photography Session

Family Photography Session Contact us today for your family photography session! Family photography sessions are always fun and rewarding.  Being in such a beautiful area, as Norfolk, Virginia is such a picturesque setting for any outdoor portrait sessions. With a great mix of beaches, beautiful landscapes and history, it really is second to none. Heading out to the park with any couple and their dog is always an exciting adventure.  People enjoy bringing their pets along to their session because they are a part of their family!  Not only do with love that, we encourage it!  Photographing pets can be challenging, but in this case, it was a breeze. See more of our pet portfolio here. Locations like the Pagoda Gardens in Norfolk is just perfect. With the beautiful landscaping and being positioned on the River, you can’t go wrong. Having your portraits done in the fall is always stunning with the changing of the colors of the leaves. Our favorite part of portraits at the Pagoda Gardens is the river view. Photographing at sunset always brings great portraits. Lighting can be tricky at sunset, however, with the right lighting your sunset photography will be a success every time! Have you had family portraits done recently?  If not….it’s time.  Contact us today to schedule your family photography session.

Tonya & Tracey’s Wedding | Hayne Photographers

Vintage style wedding photography.

Newport News Wedding Photography Tonya and Tracey’s Newport News wedding photography is one for the record books. It’s just gorgeous! These dramatic images were taken at the Marriot in Newport News, Virginia. While Hayne Photographer’s studio is located in Norfolk, we do wedding photography throughout the area and even throughout the world. Contact us today to book your engagement photos or wedding photography. How do we get such dramatic wedding photos? This image is an easy favorite. The car is a wonderful wedding prop to set up the dramatic power of this photograph. We use a variety of lens when we shoot weddings. Our use of different camera lens, and the latest photo editing technology helps us create amazing effects in your photos. You can almost feel the car moving forward; it’s the perfect, romantic send-off wedding photo!     Interested is us being your wedding photographer? Contact us today!            

Outdoor Maternity Portraits

Outdoor Maternity Portraits

Outdoor Maternity Portraits Contact us today to schedule your portraits! Outdoor maternity portraits are always beautiful. Especially when we are photographing in a destination like San Francisco. This couple is currently living in San Francisco and hired us to be their destination portrait photographer. They have follow our work for some time and knew that they wanted us to be their maternity portrait photographer. We were excited to be photographing in San Francisco and though we looked up many landmarks, it was great that they could direct us to some wonderful photographic backdrops.   With outdoor maternity portraits, as well as any on location photography, it is good to know your surroundings and select unique backgrounds to make your pictures pop! Also, when photographing in a city like San Francisco, incorporating iconic areas will bring interests to your portraits. We started this photography portrait session on the stairs of city hall. We made sure that the location was identifiable so we framed the picture incorporating the wall lamps that are seen through out downtown San Francisco.   Using a variety of lens choices from a zoom lens to a wide angles lens, helps us create a different perspective without moving the couple to far. Keeping your movement to a minimum is especially important to remember with your outdoor maternity portrait sessions.   In this photograph we framed our subject in this large door. In order to capture the height of this oversized doorway, we choose to photograph this our a wide angle lens.  Golden Gate Bridge Portraits Our last stop for our outdoor maternity session was the beach. No portrait session in San Francisco would be complete without incorporating, or trying to incorporate the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a very foggy day, but if you look closely you will see it!   Are you expecting and would like unique maternity portraits or an outdoor maternity session? If so, contact us. See more of our portfolio here.

Virginia Beach Engagement Photography | Kathryn & Ryan

Virginia Beach Engagement Photography

Dramatic and beautiful, the photos in this Virginia Beach engagement photography session say it all! Contact us today for your engagement photo shoot, wedding photography, or couples portraits. Meet Kathryn & Ryan. They love the beach and wanted to incorporate it into their engagement portraits. Since we are surrounded by beautiful beaches it still can be a challenge to make a photograph interesting. In this image you will see the focus is still the couple, however, by incorporating the background with a wide angle lens, they will be able to remember exactly where they were and what they were feeling at the time the image was captured. Also by using the latest technology in lighting we are able to capture this beautiful sky. If you would like to learn more about our lighting, here are some basic lighting tips. (click on photos below to enlarge) Being able to capture a real moment in your engagement portraits is always what we strive for. Getting to know our clients and building a relationship helps them be more comfortable during their photo session. Couples photography isn’t just for engagements. We photograph couples celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, or just celebrating life. Virginia Beach and Norfolk provide wonderful beaches and urban settings that make for creative engagement photos. We look forward to help you celebrate your love with lasting images that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Please visit our wedding portfolio to see Virginia Beach weddings as well as weddings we’ve photographed across the US and Caribbean. Contact us today to schedule your Virginia Beach engagement photography today!  

Family Portraits | The Hermitage Museum

Family Portraits  Family portraits at the Hermitage Museum provides a multitude of options for posing and backgrounds.  The backgrounds that the Hermitage provides is varied. The brick facades of this historic museum give a classic feel to your family portrait session. The gardens surrounding the Hermitage are immaculate and you can always find something in bloom. Being located along the Elizabeth River the panoramic view is a one of a kind photograph that only Norfolk can provide. Capturing a few candid shots of your unique family portraits is easy at the Hermitage since there many areas to explore and discover. Using this beautiful archway we framed their family portrait perfectly. The wisteria vines add fresh natural background element to their portrait. Including natural elements in your background is essential to creating a beautiful family portraits.     We love incorporating just the children in fun and unique ways. In these family photos, having the boys lay together on the ground not only created a unique family picture, but also helps calm fidgety boys. Sunset portraits at the Hermitage Museum is something that should be a part of everyone’s family pictures. With the breathtaking views of the river and the gorgeous light from sunset with create an amazing portrait. Using dramatic off camera lighting allows us to show the sky with it’s beautiful clouds, color and rays of sun. If you would like to learn more about our dramatic lighting you may like this product. We recommend that family have their portraits taken at least annually. As your children grow and life changes it is important to capture those moments. This family comes to us every year. From their family session, we are able to create for them custom Christmas cards. Wouldn’t it be neat to have your beautiful family portraits on unique Christmas cards? If you would like to view more of our family portraits please view our portfolio. Contact us today to schedule your unique family portrait session.