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Stylized Photo Shoot Art Deco Style Are you dreaming of a stylized portrait session? Contact us and we will photograph it! Photographing a stylized photo shoot is always a great creative avenue for a photographer. To have someone prepare a thematic photo shoot with all the details is a photographers dream. It is a great time as a photographer to just slow down and create amazing photos. How to Plan a Stylized Photo Shoot A stylized or thematic photo shoot plan includes lots of background work and research. In order to have an effective photo shoot you need to ensure that you do a lot of research. This includes collecting all the elements needed to accomplish the photo shoot goal. If you have connections to great vendors, this is a wonderful opportunity to partner with them to achieve the same final goal…great marketable images for all! This Art Deco Photo Shoot was directed by Tanya Frazier of Graceful Designs She then partnered with Ava Clara Bridal Boutique, Royal Coach, The Wells Theater, Beecroft and Bull, hair and make up artist Jaqueline and Jessica Horton. Floral and linens by Graceful Designs. What Type of Stylized Photo Shoot Will I Plan When thinking about a thematic photo shoot, first you should think about the end goal. What type of images are you trying to portray? Modern, traditional or vintage photos? Why are you producing these stylized photos? What age would you like your model or models to be? Is the setting going to be industrial, contemporary or historic? What elements do you need to make your vision come to life? For this photo shoot Tanya wanted a vintage, Art Deco style. These images will be used in an upcoming publication of her latest magazine. Conceptualizing Your Thematic Photo Shoot Once you have decided on the basic elements of your thematic photo shoot, it is now time to start envisioning your photos. Who do you want to use as models? What will the models wear? Where will the photo shoot take place? Tanya wanted a two female bride models in their 20s and 30s. She only wanted one groom model. She decided that she wanted glamorous, vintage and unique images. Choose the Right Clothing for Your Stylized Shoot Now it is time for the fun stuff! Finding the right couture for your concept. For this shoot we were able to use gowns, accessories, shoes, etc, from Ava Clara. A wonderful thing with working with knowledgeable vendors like Ava Clara, is giving them your vision and allowing them to run with it. This dress boutique knew the perfect Art Deco wedding gowns and accessories to choose. They put together two complete looks for each of our bride models. (click on each image to enlarge) Beecroft and Bull did the same. We gave them the vision and they choose the perfect Art Deco wedding couture to do with it. Where to Photograph a Stylized Shoot When planning a stylized photo shoot with an Art Deco theme, it is important that the back drop that you choose fits the stylized theme. For this shoot we choose the Wells Theater. With it’s history and design, it was the perfect setting for these vintage styled images. How to Add the “Wow” Factor to Your Stylized Photo Shoot What can you add to your photo shoot that will be the icing on the cake? the cherry on top? For this shoot we thought a vintage Rolls Royce would be the icing on the cake!   “Ask and Ye Shall Receive”…Think about the people you have access to just on Facebook alone, not to mention all of your social media. If there is a special prop that you are looking for, post it! We did that for our son’s wedding and people flooded my inbox willing to loan us the vintage props we were looking for! Check out this Vintage Styled Wedding. If you are looking for a photographer to photograph your stylized photo shoot, contact us today! Want to see more stylized shoots? Check out this vintage maternity session!  

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Bridal Portraits | Virginia Wedding Portrait Photographer Your bridal portraits should reflect your beauty. Anyone can take a photo. Capturing the essence of a bride is more takes an eye for detail. We know that when planning a wedding, you’re paying attention to every detail. We do the same for your bridal photography. That means using the best equipment available, skilled use of lighting and posing techniques, and perfectly editing your photos to enhance the mood we want to create. Contact us today to schedule your Bridal Portraits (click on image gallery to view images larger) You see it all the time in magazines – that sparkle in a model’s eyes that we all wish we could have in our photos. Your photos can have that sparkle! We shoot at just the right moment to get that perfect look. Sometimes people ask us if the brides on our site are models. No! We’ll admit, it’s even hard for us to tell that they aren’t when we see their bridal photos completed! (click on images in gallery to view larger) The bridal portraits in this blog post were taken at our Norfolk, Virginia studio. At our studio we have many beautiful backdrops and furniture props to enhance your photo shoot. We are Virginia wedding portraits photographers with a studio based in Norfolk. We not only photograph brides in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, but across the country and beyond. Take a look at our destination wedding photography page. Call us at 757-201-7973 to schedule your bridal portraits or wedding photography today.