Band Photography


Band Photography We love having band photography sessions. When you get to photograph a cool band like Rellen, it makes our job easy. Our main goal for the band photography session was to capture a composite of the band. The description of a composite image is a photo that is a combination of multiple images. […]

Commercial Composite Photography | Green Screen Photography


Commercial Composite Photography Are you looking for green screen photography? Maybe you are looking for commercial composite photography. Contact us today for more information regarding our services. Composite photography is the art of taking multiple photos of individuals or elements and then layering them into one digital photo. This image above is an example of […]

Digital Composites | Hayne Photographers

Creating digital composites is a lot of fun for us.  It is a time where you can really take your photography to a new level.  Being able to create a feel or theme for an image without leaving your studio is simply amazing.  You basically can dream up and image, and make it happen.  Are […]