Beautiful Newborn Portraits

Newborn Photo with Boots

Beautiful Newborn Portraits Are you looking for someone to capture beautiful newborn portraits of your new baby? Contact us today for more information. Newborn Portraits that Tell a Story For us, our photography needs to tell a story. Every image, every moment has a story. These beautiful newborn portraits were no different. Sometimes the story can not be openly shared, but know there is a story. This story started with a beautiful couple. Meet a gorgeous military mom and her precious newborn baby. Then there is another important part to this story. Meet this handsome hero…Maddie’s daddy. Now meet the one and only precious newborn, Maddie. Why Incorporate Personal Props in Your Newborn Photography Session When we are creating memorable, personal and beautiful newborn portraits, incorporating personal props is key. When you incorporate things that are personal it helps tell a story. For this newborn session there were many items that helped complete their story. First there were gifts. This wreath was handmade by a loved one and given as a newborn gift. This wreath hangs in the nursery and spreads love every time it is viewed. This newborn portrait is in her daddy’s helmet. This helmet holds many memories and is a reminder of all the blessings of life. Stories of where this helmet has been and where it will go in the future. When daddy puts on this helmet, it will always be a reminder of the blessing of his precious newborn that once was small enough to fit bundled up inside. These boots, daddy’s cover and flag have traveled many miles. They will always be a memory of all the places they have walked to protect America. The American flag is a great representation of the love of our country and this family’s commitment and sacrifice to defend her. Here are a few more priceless newborn portraits from Maddie’s session. Are you looking for a photographer to capture your beautiful newborn portraits? Contact us today for more information.  

Virginia Preschool Photography

virginia preschool photography

  Virginia Preschool Photography Out of our many photography specialties, Virginia preschool photography is one of Hayne Photographers’ most skilled avenues. Each of our photographers have many years of experience in the preschool photography industry. This results in an extremely smooth photography day with no frustration for teachers and staff. Our photographers will keep the day orderly and the children comfortable enough to take perfect, natural photographs. For each season our studio will create a unique photography set that you will not find anywhere else. Expect sets involving warm colors, blooming flowers, and bright furniture in the spring. With cooler colors, and more antique furniture in the winter. Each year will present something different for parents and students, creating a large variety of appearance and looks for every new season. Virginia preschool photography is a regular part of Hayne Photographers’ work, serving many preschools and early education facilities in Virginia. Being highly rated and reviewed, we provide a different kind of photography to your school. Our staff provide a more personal experience with the ability to reach us any time of the day to resolve any needs you might have for your school. You will always speak with the same person, ensuring that you know exactly who you are speaking to each time you call. This means you will be getting both great customer service and great photographs, a unique company experience you won’t find elsewhere. Here are just a few of the many amazing pictures we take of preschoolers.     Now is the time if you’ve been looking for something new for your Virginia preschool photography or simply want to see what we can personally offer for your school, don’t hesitate to contact us and see what we can do for your school.    

Newborn Photography Portraits

Newborn Photography Session

Newborn Photography Portraits Families are you looking to celebrate the birth of your infant? Then contact us for newborn photography portraits today! Click here to contact us today for your appointment. Newborn Comfort On today’s session we had one week old Sebastian. We love photographing infants as they are easy to position and have a good temperament.  Sebastian was a dream to work with. This provided us with many amazing images from his photo shoot. When working with calm infants as a photographer, it’s a great time to use photography props. They not only provide comfort for the child but also an eye catching appeal. We strive to make sure that every infant we work with are well taken care of. Creative ways to add comfort to your newborn sessions is by adding in comfy blankets or hats or by swaddling. This also helps to keep the child calm during pictures. Here are some examples:         Personal Touches For this session the family wanted to add personal elements to Sebastian’s photo’s. They had custom a dinosaur hat made that they thought would go perfectly with his pictures. Etsy is a great place to find unique photography props. The creator of this adorable hat has her own Etsy shop. View her store and products here.     They also wanted to add in elements from the church where Sebastian’s father is the campus pastor. We love it when families are able to incorporate their everyday life into their photos.       Including You In The Newborn Session We always want the infant’s family to be a part of their child’s photography session. When parents join in the session, we are able to try different lighting techniques to create even more beautiful photographic pictures. For these images we were able to cast shadows and add more depth, but also highlight the colors that were present.         Are you looking for a photographer? View our photographic services here. Book your professional newborn photography portraits today here! Read more about our newborn photography here.

Virginia Beach Newborn Photographer – Adam


Virginia Beach Newborn Photographer Are you pregnant and looking for creative newborn pictures? Contact us today. Adam’s Newborn Photography Session As a newborn photographer, we are always excited to meet these precious babies. Newborn photos are so fun for us. All our babies that we photograph as so snuggly. We love the time we have during our newborn photography sessions because we really get to share the joy of a brand new baby with their parents and we get to document it! It doesn’t get much better then that. Newborn Portrait While we get so excited about every newborn session, we were especially excited about this one. The reason why this photo shoot was so special is that we photographed Adam’s mom and dad’s wedding just a few years ago. We always strive to be our clients photographer for life and this newborn session is an example of that. Meet Mary and Patrick. Take a minute and check out Mary and Patrick’s beautiful wedding at the Homestead Resort. Newborn Photography Sessions We love to photograph our newborns when they are 5-8 days old. That seems to be the perfect time for them. They are still very sleepy so we are able to capture those adorable newborn sleeping shots. We love the fact that newborns are still so mold able at this age. We are able to position them in precious newborn poses and they don’t mind at all! Here are a few more of our favorite photos from Adam’s newborn photography session.   Family and Newborn Portraits At every newborn photography session we always encourage family portraits. Sometimes parents of newborns are exhausted but they never regret doing a family portrait during the session. We are able to capture such beautiful newborn family photos at this time.   Find out more information to schedule your own newborn portrait session. Contact us today to schedule us to be your Virginia Beach newborn photographer.

Newborn Photos – Trent

Newborn Photos

Are you looking for creative newborn photos?  Contact us today! Trent’s Newborn Photography Session Trent and his mommy and daddy came to the studio when Trent was just a few days old. Trent’s mommy and daddy were gifted a newborn photography session with us. What a great gift for anyone! Who doesn’t love a beautiful portrait session, especially if it is gifted to them! Trent’s mommy’s best friend, knew that a newborn photos were important. We pride ourselves in trying to give every family an amazing experience as well as amazing photos. For brand new mom’s and dad’s a great experience at a newborn photography session is important. We try to have an atmosphere that is calm so that the family can relax while we go to work photographing. At our studio, we always have a variety of props, blankets, hats and bows to create a unique newborn photo session. If you are pregnant and preparing for a newborn photography session with us, get all the details here! Trent did a wonderful job! He was very patient as we wrapped, moved and adjusted him through out taking her newborn photos. He never even complained until it was time for him to refuel!   (click on image to enlarge) Newborn Photos with Daddy At the photo shoot, Trent’s mommy didn’t want to be in any photos, but daddy said yes! We get really excited when we can incorporate mom and or dad into our newborn portrait sessions! We even talked Trent’s daddy into taking off his shirt for the photos! We knew that they would turn out great! It’s hard to find anything more precious then daddy loving on his precious new baby boy. As you can see, Trent didn’t complain one bit! Sweet Newborn Photos…I love this Face! Getting close up  photos of precious newborn faces are the best. All newborns are beautiful, almost angelic. Sweet Trent is no different. I can’t get enough of this sweet baby face. Are you pregnant and looking for a premier newborn photographer? Contact us today! Maybe you are looking for a photography gift certificate for a friend or family. Check out our photography services here. If you can’t get enough of Trent’s sweet face, check out more of our newborn portfolio.