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    Virginia Dance School Photography

    Virginia Dance School Photography

    virginia dance school photography


    At Hayne Photographers, we are your go to source for Virginia Dance School Photography. We pride ourselves on our ability to capture the dancers in poses that display their technique. If you or a dance center are looking for amazing pictures of your dancer(s), contact us today!

    Why Having Professional Pictures Matter

    Are you tired of pictures that don’t capture a dancer’s talent? Having a professional will ensure that the dancer and/or dance group are photographed in a flattering manner. With Hayne Photographers, you can expect a highly experienced and professional team to capture beautiful images of your dancer. Too many dance photographers shoot in a harsh light and distracting background. A big key to dance photography is having great quality lights and a beautiful backdrop that highlights any one being photographed on it. We have a wide range of backgrounds to choose from and provide top of the line professional lighting. If your dance studio has inspiration for a background theme, we are more than happy to work with you to get the perfect setting! We know that it is important for a dancer to have their technique and form shown, and strive to display their talent.

    Our Work

    Are you interested in seeing our work with Virginia dance school photography? Below is a gallery of various dance schools we service. With a diverse variety of ages, backgrounds, and talents, we are very proud to display our work!


    We also offer videography services for dance performances and recitals. Our professionally trained videographers will be there on performance day and will record in HD video, high quality sound, and multiple cameras set up to ensure that the performers are captured from different angles. Below is just a sample of the many performances we’ve taken.


    If you want to book your next dance portrait day, recital or performance with us, click here!

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    Virginia Preschool Photography


    Virginia Preschool Photography

    virginia preschool photography

    Out of our many photography specialties, Virginia preschool photography is one of Hayne Photographers’ most skilled avenues. Each of our photographers have many years of experience in the preschool photography industry. This results in an extremely smooth photography day with no frustration for teachers and staff. Our photographers will keep the day orderly and the children comfortable enough to take perfect, natural


    For each season our studio will create a unique photography set that you will not find anywhere else. Expect sets involving warm colors, blooming flowers, and bright furniture in the spring. With cooler colors, and more antique furniture in the winter. Each year will present something different for parents and students, creating a large variety of appearance and looks for every new season.

    Virginia preschool photography is a regular part of Hayne Photographers’ work, serving many preschools and early education facilities in Virginia. Being highly rated and reviewed, we provide a different kind of photography to your school. Our staff provide a more personal experience with the ability to reach us any time of the day to resolve any needs you might have for your school. You will always speak with the same person, ensuring that you know exactly who you are speaking to each time you call. This means you will be getting both great customer service and great photographs, a unique company experience you won’t find elsewhere. Here are just a few of the many amazing pictures we take of preschoolers.



    Now is the time if you’ve been looking for something new for your Virginia preschool photography or simply want to see what we can personally offer for your school, don’t hesitate to contact us and see what we can do for your school.



  • Virginia School Photography
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    School Pictures Virginia

    School Pictures Virginia

    Are you tired of dealing with the same old poor school picture day experience for school pictures in Virginia? Poor customer service, poor quality and a poor experience? We can change your mind about what school picture day should be like! Did you know that you have a choice when it comes to your school photography? Did you know that we love serving schools throughout Virginia that are looking to make a change in their school picture day experience? Contact us today for more information about our school pictures services throughout Virginia.

    School Pictures Virginia

    Formal Yearbook Portrait

    Virginia School Photography

    Our company has been growing in school and sports league photography. Since we have grown so much in the last couple of years, we have dedicated a website for our school pictures, sports league photography and dance school photography. It is called Virginia School Photography.

    On that website site you will find more sample images and an outline of what you should expect on your school photo day. We serve all schools.

    The areas of school photography that we offer are as follows, but are not limited to:

    Preschool Photography
    Elementary School Photography
    Middle School Photography
    High School Photography
    High School Senior Portraits
    High School Yearbook Portraits
    High School Sports Photography
    School Event Photography


    Ready to Change to Virginia School Photography

    Are you ready for a better school picture day experience? Are you ready for your school staff and school families to have better customer service? Are you ready for your students to have quality school pictures? Are you ready to raise more money through school picture day? Contact us today and we can get your school in our awesome line up for the fall! It’s not too late. Our team will be ready to serve you and your families like you have never experienced before.

    Read more about our school pictures here.

    Prefer to call us? No problem!  Our staff can be reached Monday – Friday from 9AM – 5PM.  Our number is 757-201-7973.














  • Professional Senior Session
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    Professional Senior Portrait Session

    Professional Senior Portrait Session

    Are you a high school senior that’s graduating this year? Are you looking for a way to celebrate? Then schedule a professional senior portrait session today!

    Professional Senior Portrait Session
    Senior Girl

    Contact us today for your session.

    Outdoor Photography Fun

    For the first portion of Tori’s photo session we wanted to do pictures outside in late afternoon. It is the best time for the great lighting and we were able to get more photographic images. The area we chose for her outdoor photos had some amazing cobblestone roads. We really wanted to incorporate them into her images. Since the roads provided a nice background we decided to use her car and an antique chair we had on hand as props. When doing professional photography you have to think on your toes when it comes to outdoor settings.

    Senior Girl Car
    Senior Girl And Car
    Senior Front Car
    Senior In Front Of Car
    Senior Girl Car
    Senior Girl On Car
    Senior Girl Antique Chair
    Senior Girl On Antique Chair

    There was also some great brickwork on the outside of the buildings that we thought would go wonderfully with our pictures. When you use texture in the background it adds interest to your photo shoot. Tori decided that she wanted to add in her own personal touch by blowing confetti for one shot. We always love it when clients add their own flair to their photo session!

    Senior Brick Wall
    Senior On Brick Wall
    Senior Blowing Confetti
    Senior Blowing Confetti

    Gorgeous Indoor Studio Portraits

    After the outdoor portion of the session we decided to do some indoor head shots. Since the outdoor segment was fun we decided to do a more professional indoor head shot session to contrast it. Tori wanted serious but not too serious for her studio shots. We were able to do that by adding in an age appropriate background along with soft lighting. Half the battle of doing professional photographic pictures is making sure the lighting and background compliment whoever you’re shooting.

    Senior Head Shot
    Senior Head Shot
    Senior Smiling Head Shot
    Senior Smiling Head Shot
    Senior Head Shot
    Senior Head Shot
    Senior Girl On Chair
    Senior Girl On Chair

    We are very big in the school photography scene and were able to take her year book portrait during her session. If you would like to read more about our work in the school photography industry click here.

    Senior Year Book Portrait
    Senior Year Book Portrait

    Be sure to book your next professional senior portrait session with us today! Click here to schedule.

    Are you a photographer and struggling with senior portrait posing? Our guide can help!

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    Virginia School Pictures

    Virginia School Pictures

    We are happy to finally announce the opening of our new photography branch Virginia School Photography. Our studio now has a branch focusing on high quality, Virginia school pictures. With state of the art technology and employees with years of school experience, we are pushing a brand new school experience that brings revolutionary quality and stress-free photographing for schools.

    virginia school pictures banner

    Senior Year Book Portrait
    Senior Year Book Portrait

    Technology Advantage in School Photography

    With Virginia School Photography we have taken huge leaps from other companies with our technology. Our cameras, lenses, ordering technology, lighting, and online ordering system all combine to create a high quality but simple system for both schools and students. While offering all the latest in photography services, such as online ordering and green screens, we also offer traditional services as well, such as paper orders and real backgrounds. Using such a wide variety of services means that we can customize each individual schools experience to their needs. Virginia School Photography brings a personal but highly professional touch to the school photography market.

    virginia school pictures posed

    School Photography:

    • Relaxed school picture day.
    • We staff properly so that picture day requires less from your staff.
    • Picture Day is an enjoyable experience, so that equates to you faculty and staff being happy!
    • We employ full-time professional photographers.
    • Our local office is ready and available to help parents with any needs. This takes the burden off of our schools. Parents can reach out to us to assist them directly.
 We have a live person to assist our clients! We pride ourselves in having a live person speak to your parents when they call.
    • Our commission plans have options that give our schools and sports leagues the power to choose their prices and commission.
    • Our local studio always has open doors for students and faculty needing make up pictures.

    virginia school pictures graduation

    (click on image to enlarge)

    Cap and Gown Portrait

    Why Virginia School Photography?

    Virginia School Photography’s quality is second to none. We oversee everything in our Norfolk, Virginia office, including school portraits, school services, league services, and all of our yearbooks. What this means is that we can closely watch everything and quickly fulfill all needs for our schools and sports leagues. Visit our new website here!



  • Senior-Portraits-at-the-Beach
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    Senior Portraits at the Beach

    Senior Portraits at the Beach

    Are you looking for unique senior portraits? Do you love the beach? Are you wanting to do something fun for your senior pictures? How about a Trash the Prom Dress session? How about senior portraits at the beach?Senior-Portraits-at-the-Beach

    Senior Portrait at Sunset

    Fun Senior Pictures

    High school seniors always want to be unique. They want to stand out in the crowd. They don’t want to look or be like anyone else.

    When it come to senior pictures, their feeling is the same. They are looking for unique senior pictures that will make them stand out in a crowd. They are looking for that senior photo that makes everyone say “WOW”.

    How about if you could have fun, real fun, on our senior portrait session? What if you could have a photography session that ended doing something truly unique? How about if you ended your photo  shoot with senior portraits at the beach? Not only senior portraits at the beach, but you partnered that with a Trash the Prom Dress session?

    Senior Portrait at the Beach at Sunset

    You would not only have gorgeous senior pictures, your senior photos would stand out in the crowd! Who else has the opportunity to do something fun and different? When you get into the ocean in a gorgeous prom dress, have a gorgeous sunset and the senior photographer uses state of the art photographic lighting, you may end up with senior pictures that look like this!

    Senior Portrait – Trash the Prom Dress

    With the right senior portrait photographer, the right setting, the right client and the right photographic equipment, we are able to create unique, one of a kind, senior pictures.

    Trash the Prom Dress Photography

    When we take senior portraits at the beach we always schedule close to sunset. That way we are ensured the best light of the day. We are looking for soft golden light in our photos. This is generally captured 30-45 minutes prior to sunset during the summer months.

    As the sun is setting we love to incorporate off camera lighting. This creates a moodiness in your photos that can only be created by adding lighting. Here is an example of off camera lighting at sunset.

    Sunset Senior Portrait

    When we use off camera lighting it allows to to photograph directly into the sun. When we use off camera lighting it allows us to expose both the sky and our subject properly.

    When you understand this photographic lighting technique you can create very unique photos.

    Senior Portraits at Sunset
    Senior Portrait

    If you are interested in learning more about off camera lighting, you can read more here.

    Beautiful Senior Portraits

    We love the “golden hour” in photography. When we take senior portraits at the beach, the scheduling is critical. For our clients that want to end their senior portrait session at the beach we schedule the arrival 45 minutes before sunset. When you are photographing at the beach you have no protection from the glaring sun unless you have some cloud cover. If you photograph your clients in the direct sun, the sun will often create ugly shadows. Those ugly shadows are not attractive on your gorgeous clients.

    We make sure that we are photographing in the right conditions, with the right photography equipment, at the right time. When you combine those elements you will produce beautiful senior portraits.

    If you are a photographer and need help with posing tips for your senior portraits, we can help!

    Sunset Senior Portraits
    Senior Portraits on the Beach
    Cute Senior Portrait
    Sunset Trash the Prom Dress Portrait
    Senior Portrait

    If we have a senior photography client that wants to add a Trash the Prom Dress session, we recommend that they visit the thrift store to purchase a dress. You can often find and inexpensive dress that has already been used for this type of photo session. The dress doesn’t have to fit perfectly, in fact, we have been known to add clamps to a dress to make it work. We have honestly never had anyone that has completely trashed their prom dress to the point of ruin. Most of our clients just wash, dry and repeat wear the dress from their photo shoot!

    If you are looking for unique senior portraits at the beach, contact us today for more information!

    If you are ready to book now, reserve your appointment today!



  • senior-girl-formal-yearbook-portrait-picture
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    School Photography | School Sport and Event Photographer Photography | School Sport and Event Photographer

    School Photography | School Sport and Event Photographer

    Maury High School, class of 2016, it’s time to schedule your formal yearbook portraits!  Schedule here. Choose “Maury Senior Formal Yearbook Portrait“.

    Norfolk Collegiate, class of 2016, it’s time to schedule your formal yearbook portraits. Schedule here. Choose “Norfolk Collegiate Senior Week!”


    School Photography | School Sport and Event Photographer Photography | School Sport and Event Photographer
    Formal Yearbook Photo
    Formal Yearbook Picture
    Yearbook Formal Picture


    Formal Yearbook Photo Preparation

    At Hayne Photographers we have your drape and tuxedo for you.

    Girls, please bring a cami top to wear under your drape.

    Boys, please bring a white t-shirt to wear under our tuxedo shirt.

    Girls, please remember your jewelry. A beautiful pair of earrings and necklace really set the tone for a stunning formal yearbook photo.

    Please avoid tan lines! Tan lines will show up in your formal yearbook picture.


    Our Photography Studio

    Our photography studio is located in the historic district of downtown Norfolk. Our address is 300 W. Freemason Street, Norfolk, 23510. Our studio number is 757-201-7973.

    There is street parking available as well as parking in the back of the building. When parking in the rear of the building, please use the curb marked “Hayne Photo”.

    We are located on the 2nd floor.

    Hayne Photographers Studio
    Hayne Photographers Studio

    (click on image to enlarge)


    Casual Senior Portraits

    Are you looking for unique casual senior portraits? At Hayne Photographers we try to create one of a kind portraits that capture who your senior really is! Maybe you would like urban senior portraits. Maybe your would like beach senior portraits? Maybe you would like rural senior portraits? Whatever it is, we can do that for you.


    View Karlie’s senior portrait session to get an idea of our causal senior photos.


    For Maury High School, Norfolk Collegiate and Hampton Christian High School  uprising seniors we are offering a $25 Express Session. Our Express Session is a 30 minute session with indoor and outdoor session at our studio. Print packages for our Express Session start at just $49.

    To get more information regarding our senior portrait sessions, click here. To view our current pricing view the paragraph “Learn more about our senior portrait sessions”. Just click on the image Senior 411 and read the details.


    Booking your discount senior portrait session is easy! Book here. Please choose from the drop down menu Senior Express Session. You can also add your casual senior portrait session to your yearbook appointment. Just choose that option on our website.

    To view more of our senior portfolio, visit our gallery.