Senior Portraits at the Beach

Are you looking for unique senior portraits? Do you love the beach? Are you wanting to do something fun for your senior pictures? How about a Trash the Prom Dress session? How about senior portraits at the beach?Senior-Portraits-at-the-Beach

Senior Portrait at Sunset

Fun Senior Pictures

High school seniors always want to be unique. They want to stand out in the crowd. They don’t want to look or be like anyone else.

When it come to senior pictures, their feeling is the same. They are looking for unique senior pictures that will make them stand out in a crowd. They are looking for that senior photo that makes everyone say “WOW”.

How about if you could have fun, real fun, on our senior portrait session? What if you could have a photography session that ended doing something truly unique? How about if you ended your photo  shoot with senior portraits at the beach? Not only senior portraits at the beach, but you partnered that with a Trash the Prom Dress session?

Senior Portrait at the Beach at Sunset

You would not only have gorgeous senior pictures, your senior photos would stand out in the crowd! Who else has the opportunity to do something fun and different? When you get into the ocean in a gorgeous prom dress, have a gorgeous sunset and the senior photographer uses state of the art photographic lighting, you may end up with senior pictures that look like this!

Senior Portrait – Trash the Prom Dress

With the right senior portrait photographer, the right setting, the right client and the right photographic equipment, we are able to create unique, one of a kind, senior pictures.

Trash the Prom Dress Photography

When we take senior portraits at the beach we always schedule close to sunset. That way we are ensured the best light of the day. We are looking for soft golden light in our photos. This is generally captured 30-45 minutes prior to sunset during the summer months.

As the sun is setting we love to incorporate off camera lighting. This creates a moodiness in your photos that can only be created by adding lighting. Here is an example of off camera lighting at sunset.

Sunset Senior Portrait

When we use off camera lighting it allows to to photograph directly into the sun. When we use off camera lighting it allows us to expose both the sky and our subject properly.

When you understand this photographic lighting technique you can create very unique photos.

Senior Portraits at Sunset
Senior Portrait

If you are interested in learning more about off camera lighting, you can read more here.

Beautiful Senior Portraits

We love the “golden hour” in photography. When we take senior portraits at the beach, the scheduling is critical. For our clients that want to end their senior portrait session at the beach we schedule the arrival 45 minutes before sunset. When you are photographing at the beach you have no protection from the glaring sun unless you have some cloud cover. If you photograph your clients in the direct sun, the sun will often create ugly shadows. Those ugly shadows are not attractive on your gorgeous clients.

We make sure that we are photographing in the right conditions, with the right photography equipment, at the right time. When you combine those elements you will produce beautiful senior portraits.

If you are a photographer and need help with posing tips for your senior portraits, we can help!

Sunset Senior Portraits
Senior Portraits on the Beach
Cute Senior Portrait
Sunset Trash the Prom Dress Portrait
Senior Portrait

If we have a senior photography client that wants to add a Trash the Prom Dress session, we recommend that they visit the thrift store to purchase a dress. You can often find and inexpensive dress that has already been used for this type of photo session. The dress doesn’t have to fit perfectly, in fact, we have been known to add clamps to a dress to make it work. We have honestly never had anyone that has completely trashed their prom dress to the point of ruin. Most of our clients just wash, dry and repeat wear the dress from their photo shoot!

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