Couples Posing Guide

Every good photographer wants images that capture the essence of love, connection and interaction of his or her clients. Accomplishing this can one of the most challenging aspect of photography. This posing instruction guide is a photography business essential you can’t afford to miss.

Couples Posing Guide

Couples Digital Posing Guide


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Benefits of Couples Posing Guide

We’ve created the couples posing guide to help you tackle the challenge of excellent poses in your photography. With this important photographer’s tool, you will be quickly create the perfect romantic or perfectly stylish photo shot. This essential photography tool gives point by point instructions on what works for each of the 100 images included in the guide.

The posing guide includes more than just photography ideas, although there are plenty to inspire you. Each image come with highlighted areas to direct exactly how to pose your couple including things like hand placement, body positioning, eye contact, angles, tilting, and much more.

This posing guide is so handy that you will have it at your side at all times to reference, even during that special photo shoot.  Since our posing guides are available for all smart devices including iPads, iPhones and more, accessibility is easy. Download this guide for a burst of inspiration that we all need before your next shoot.

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