Senior Photography Tutorial Pack Bundle

Senior photography is a wonderful, growing photography field. Get the training you need to be the most effective, creative photographer you can be. Our senior look book and lighting 101 course can take your photography to the next level.

Senior Photography Tutorials

Senior Photography Tutorial Pack: Lighting 101 and Senior Look Book


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Benefits of Senior Tutorial Kit


You’ll learn the best lighting techniques for natural, indoor and off camera lighting in our lighting 101 course. Learn how to meter lighting, and how to combine different types of light.

The senior lookbook is your guide to posing your subjects so that they don’t look staged, just beautiful. You’ll get tips, guidelines and lots of images for inspiration! The lookbook saves you time during your photoshoot, and helps you develop your creativity while producing images that are highly desirable.

At only $115, these essential photography courses are a value you’ll want to grab because having the right skills can increase your potential to create a profitable senior photography business!

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