Models,  No Rules Workshop,  Senior Experience

SYNC 2011 – No Rules Workshop

St. Petersburg, Florida….love that town. We carried our cold and weary bodies to the sunshine state to hang out with 400 of the craziest photographers on the planet. I mean, these guys & gals are serious about their photography and their business! It just felt weird to be shooting on the beach in February – I know I heard my camera say, “What the…?” until Alexis popped in front of it! Alexis was our model for the afternoon as we strolled around the Tradewinds resort for our shooting workshop. She did fabulous especially considering all the cameras pointing her way! We’re back in Norfolk now with snow & slush today but I think I will post some sunny pics of Alexis to warm our cold toes. Ahhh….


  • Rhobbin Rosenthal

    I so enjoyed your class! What you see and do with what you got is a gift! These are very well done. I shot what you did and got some that look similar. But nothing like this!

  • Teri L. Shevy

    S & A;
    Thanks so much for sharing these images. Often it is difficult to get to see the camera back with such large groups…but i did most times and I can assure anyone wondering that besides the textures and special effects applied in post production; the images look pretty much as is out of the camera. Besides the technical things you shared I especially enjoyed the creative minds we were able to witness first hand. The one by the dumpsters was brilliant…had to be there! Hope to study with you again before too long…
    God’s blessings to you and your family!

  • Lisa

    Scott and Adina – these are fantastic. And I must admit I am so envious that you too are on the Beach in February! Believe me you are not missing much back here. I am looking forward to my shoot with you. You both have such an artistic eye and can capture the beauty so clearly. As always, excellent work.