• Summer Senior Session
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    Summer Senior Photography Session

    Summer Senior Photography Session

    What’s a great way to celebrate school being out? By having a summer senior photography session!

    Summer Senior Photography Session
    Senior Girl On Beach

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    Beating The Heat

    For Olivia’s session we started out in the studio. During the summer months it’s best to do indoor pictures during the day and outdoor pictures in the evening. It ensures that our client looks their best and hasn’t had the humidity effect their appearance. When doing indoor pictures we can utilize different lighting and backgrounds. Olivia brought a few sets of clothing and necklaces as statement pieces that made each image unique. We always encourage our seniors to add their own flair when it comes to their sessions. Want some ideas on what to wear? Check out our guide here.

    Senior Girl Head Shot
    Senior Girl Head Shot


    Senior Girl Sofa
    Senior Girl On Sofa


    Senior Girl Lounging Sofa
    Senior Girl Lounging On Sofa


    Senior Girl Head Shot
    Senior Girl Head Shot

    While she was having her session she wanted to do her drape portrait for school. We are the leading school photography company in the area and love it when our seniors do their school pictures with us! If you’re interested in reading about our school photography go here.


    Senior Girl Drape Portrait
    Senior Girl Drape Portrait


    Outdoor Portraits

    Since our studio is right near the ocean we wanted to do beach portraits to wrap things up. Late afternoon or early evening is the best time do to outdoor pictures. The lighting from the setting sun in addition to professional photographic techniques make for amazing images. Time management is also another thing photographers need to keep in mind. In order to get the great sunset shots make sure to do any other outdoor pictures before in a timely manner. A big mistake in photography is missing amazing pictures because proper time management wasn’t used. We started the outdoor portion in an urban downtown area. Then we moved on to a fishing pier and finished up on the beach. Olivia also wanted to include her sister in some of the pictures which we were happy to do. We love when our seniors want to include a friend or family member in their session. It makes for more memorable pictures and adds a bit of fun to the session!


    Senior Girl Iron Fence
    Senior Girl On Iron Fence


    Senior Girl Against Brick Wall
    Senior Girl Against Brick Wall


    Senior Girl Fishing Pier
    Senior Girl At Fishing Pier


    Senior Girl Sister
    Senior Girl With Sister


    Senior Girl Beach
    Senior Girl On Beach


    Senior Girl Dune
    Senior Girl On Dune


    Senior Girl Rocks
    Senior Girl On Rocks


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    Rock Star Senior Portraits

    Rock Star Senior Portraits

    Look like a rock star, with senior portraits that capture who you are and what you’re about!

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    Meet David. His rock star inspired photo shoot really reflects his energy and creativity! The urban feel was accomplished in downtown Norfolk, near our studio.

    senior photography
    Senior photography.

    We met with David before the shoot and talked about what he wanted his photos to capture. He had no trouble finding props the “recording artist”, “performing artists” vibe. He brought his guitar, head phones, and lots and lots of really cool shoes and hats!

    We’re looking forward to the day we do David’s album cover!

    No doubt, props helped us tell David’s story in his senior portraits. But, great photos are about more than just authentic props. Photo composition plays a big role in helping express David’s personality.

    Whether he’s jumping in the air with his guitar, or standing in a “power pose” with his hands on the neck of his guitar; everything about the photo should reflect something about the client’s personality.

    senior photography
    Senior photography.

    You can see David’s personality in the photos. He has many facets. He’s cool, calm, playful, fun. We wanted to say it all in his images.

    Just for fun. That’s what this photo is about. Every rock star has to have shoes! We did David’s sister’s senior photos. She is dancer. Since we photographed her in her ballet shoes, we mirrored the photo for David

    unique senior portraits
    Unique senior portraits.

    We are Hayne Photographers. We provide senior photography to students in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake areas. Contact us to be part of The Senior Experience or to schedule your senior photo session today.

    Like David’s photos? See even more senior portraits, as well as our other photography by visiting our portfolio.

  • Norfolk senior photography.
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    Senior Portraits | Bri

    We are senior portraits photographers in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Virginia.

    Senior Photography

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    Senior photography should capture who the high school senior is. Finding out in advance what your senior photography should include for a senior portrait session is important. We strive to reflect the senior’s interest and personality in each of their photographs.

    Meet Bri. She is a beautiful high school senior that it studying to be a pastry chef. Thinking about these attributes we spoke with Bri and her family to instruct her on the items she may want to include in her senior photography. We knew that photographing her in her pastry chef uniform would fun and create some unique senior portraits.

    Some key props that we included were flour, her uniform, cooking utensils and anything else that would help enhance her senior portraits.

    We began photographing Bri in the studio in a casual outfit. With the accessories of a leather jacket and cowboy boots we knew exactly what to use for lighting and a background. Using the natural light area of our studio was perfect. Incorporating the vintage dresser added some nice interest to the scene.

    Norfolk senior photography.
    Norfolk senior photography.

    Backlighting is a technique that we often use. This technique isolates your subject against a bright background that creates an etherial glow. Our senior high school clients love this high fashion, unique portrait.

    High school senior photography.
    High school senior photography.

    A walk to the outside areas at our studio provided some great light for Bri’s senior photography.

    Unique senior photography.
    Unique senior photography.

    By coordinator with Bri about her props we were able to create this unique senior portrait. Capturing bri’s passion of baking is what we strive for in our senior photography. In this photo we were able to do just that.

    The final touch to her unique senior portrait session was adding our adorable Boston Terrier Hugo. Hugo thinks that it is his job to be in everyone’s portraits. The great thing is our clients welcome it.

    Norfolk senior photography.
    Norfolk senior photography.

    When coming to our studio, you may choose to bring your own pet. It is always fun to incorporate the family pet in your portraits. You may want to see more of our pet photograph portfolio here.

    So are you ready to find out more about our unique senior photography sessions? Contact us today to schedule your own, personalize portrait session.

    View our blogs and see how your senior photos can look! Contact us to schedule your very own portrait session.





  • Senior Experience

    Senior Experience Photo Shoot – John David, Norfolk

    We spent some time in our new studio with John David for a quick Senior shoot and it was fun to work with him.  John David has a terrific look and pulled off a James Dean Look pretty well if you ask me!  The studio is becoming more and more a part of each and every shoot since we have 4 different shooting bays and dozens of backdrops.  Of course, we still go on location but the studio always adds a bit of variety.  We had the music rockin’ and the strobes poppin’ for his shoot – here’s a few of my favs:

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    SYNC 2011 – No Rules Workshop

    St. Petersburg, Florida….love that town. We carried our cold and weary bodies to the sunshine state to hang out with 400 of the craziest photographers on the planet. I mean, these guys & gals are serious about their photography and their business! It just felt weird to be shooting on the beach in February – I know I heard my camera say, “What the…?” until Alexis popped in front of it! Alexis was our model for the afternoon as we strolled around the Tradewinds resort for our shooting workshop. She did fabulous especially considering all the cameras pointing her way! We’re back in Norfolk now with snow & slush today but I think I will post some sunny pics of Alexis to warm our cold toes. Ahhh….

  • No Rules Workshop

    No Rules Workshop – Norfolk

    Our first workshop in our shiny new studio!   Our thanks go out to the Wells Theater in downtown Norfolk for allowing us to use their fabulous space for our shooting.  20 of us dodged the snowflakes and took cover in the historic theater where we kept warm and took some rather cool shots.  Christ & St. Lukes Church loaned us their stunning sanctuary for some shots inside the church.  Our model Rachel looked amazing in a gown from Pure English Bridal and a couple of gowns from All The Rage Virginia Beach.  Brian was sporting some vintage fashions from Echoes in Time that fit in perfectly with the theme of the shoots.

    We love doing these workshops, especially when they are on our home turf and we know everyone came away with great shots and new friends.  Our next local No Rules Workshop will be on April 13th where we will be focusing on shooting, editing, and image critique.  Only 20 seats available and they will be going quick!  Our teaching and workshop tour is kicking off in January so maybe we will be coming to a venue near you!

    January 28-31 : St. Pete, Florida (SYNC)
    February 6-8 : Minneapolis, MN (Twin Cities PPA)
    February 12-15 : Palm Springs, CA (SPA)
    February 19-25 : Las Vegas, NV (WPPI)
    March 6-8 : Murfreesboro, TN (Tennessee PPA)
    April 10-12 : Norfolk, VA (PSD Experience)
    April 13 : Norfolk, VA (No Rules Workshop)
    June 5-7 : Des Moines, IA (MAIPP School)
    June 20-23 : Ann Arbor, MI (GLIP School)

    On to the pics!

  • Models,  Senior Experience

    Meredith – Senior Photography for the Vintage at Heart…..

    A 2011 Senior model that is a photographers dream. Need I say more? She’s just that good! She had a vintage vibe to her so we worked that into our shoot with a 1920’s Amelia Earhart kinda look. It was a surprise to all of our models when we arrived at our various locations but when we ended up at the Military Aviation Museum she was thrilled. But wait there’s more – Out came the 1941 Stearman and it was a little bit of heaven for Meredith. We splurge a bit on our senior models but it’s so worth it since they are our ambassadors in all the local high schools. We are always on the look out for unique and exciting locations for our photo shoots and this was a homerun for both us and for Meredith!

    Check her out for yourselves!

  • Models,  Senior Experience

    Michelle – Senior Model 2010

    An adventure was in store when we met Michelle. We toured the countryside with her and took a few pictures along the way. Michelle is such a free spirit and we had a great time photographing her! Biplanes, beaches, fashion shoot in the studio – you name it and she was up for it! Michelle is another one of our 2011 Senior Models so keep an eye out for her in your school next year!

    Here’s Michelle:

  • Senior Experience

    Caroline – Senior Model 2010

    One of our 2011 Senior Models is now here for your viewing pleasure! The most amazing – Caroline! She brought some way cool dresses that just kept getting better as the day went on. Just when we thought she brought out her best one, she would top it with the next one! A harpist & a dancer all in one package! Be on the lookout for Caroline and our other models in a school near you! Here’s Caroline:

  • Senior Experience

    Alex Takes on the World! – Senior Model 2010

    Meet Alex. She pulled off so many great looks that we just couldn’t get enough of her. She is one of our 2011 senior models so keep an eye out for her as she cruises the hallways! She worked out the whole ace fighter pilot look for sure. It was a joy to work with her and the day we spent with her was a highlight of our year. Take a peek at a few of my favs!

  • Events,  Senior Experience

    The “Big Reveal”

    It was party time last week at the Senior Experience (our senior H.S. branch of the biz) and with the help of a few good friends we put on an event for our 2010 models. Our models are the advocates for us in their high schools as they show off their images, talk about their “Senior Experience”, and brag about some of the cool products that we offer! Daevid’s Bridal Flowers hosted us as we transformed a room into a swanky club for the evening complete with the services of Arch Entertainment “DJ-ing”, Blue Steel Lighting providing killer lighting, and a delicious feast from East Beach Catering, Pike Media Resource provided video services and RSVP Stationery designed the custom invitations. Antonia Christianson Events designed and coordinated the event from start to finish as well with furnishings from Daevid’s , and Distinctive Event rentals. That’s a whole lotta people coming together for one thing – make this a memorable night for our senior models! Here’s a few shots from the evening and be on the look out for our senior models in your school since they will have discount coupons for you! In upcoming posts we will be introducing you to our 2011 team so keep an eye out. For now, just a few shots of the evening – photobooth & video coming soon!

    The tasty treatsGoodies on display Revealing their images! Chatting with our models

    Blue Steel Lighting rockin’ our logo!

    The lounge…

    Photobooth & a bit ‘o excitement

    Lined up on the red carpet!

    Sweet stuff!

  • Senior Experience


    Courtney is ready to hit the world running! She just graduated from Hampton University and from the sounds of it she is ready for anything. High School seniors are a big part of what we do but I could get used to shooting a few college grads! It’s a great time of their lives and it’s amazing to capture their excitement as they launch into a brave new world! Here’s Courtney:

  • Senior Experience


    Caleb can rock the whole guitar thing so we headed to the guitar store and had the run of the place for a few hours for Caleb’s senior shoot! Caleb has a great look and he fit right in with guitars on the walls and ceilings. In our senior photography we try to capture what they are all about and beyond just being a great guy, Caleb has the rockstar vibe goin’ on. Thanks Caleb for the awesome shoot! Here’s Caleb:

  • Senior Experience


    Alena joined us for a beach senior photography shoot a few weeks ago. As a photographer herself she was a lot of fun in front of the camera! We had a great time together and we came up with a “few” cool shots along the way. Our unique style fit right in with her personality. We did a mix of studio shots along with some at the beach & park. Check out the coolness that is Alena: