Summer Senior Photography Session

Summer Senior Session

Summer Senior Photography Session What’s a great way to celebrate school being out? By having a summer senior photography session! Contact us today for your session.   Beating The Heat For Olivia’s session we started out in the studio. During the summer months it’s best to do indoor pictures during the day and outdoor pictures in the evening. It ensures that our client looks their best and hasn’t had the humidity effect their appearance. When doing indoor pictures we can utilize different lighting and backgrounds. Olivia brought a few sets of clothing and necklaces as statement pieces that made each image unique. We always encourage our seniors to add their own flair when it comes to their sessions. Want some ideas on what to wear? Check out our guide here.       While she was having her session she wanted to do her drape portrait for school. We are the leading school photography company in the area and love it when our seniors do their school pictures with us! If you’re interested in reading about our school photography go here.     Outdoor Portraits Since our studio is right near the ocean we wanted to do beach portraits to wrap things up. Late afternoon or early evening is the best time do to outdoor pictures. The lighting from the setting sun in addition to professional photographic techniques make for amazing images. Time management is also another thing photographers need to keep in mind. In order to get the great sunset shots make sure to do any other outdoor pictures before in a timely manner. A big mistake in photography is missing amazing pictures because proper time management wasn’t used. We started the outdoor portion in an urban downtown area. Then we moved on to a fishing pier and finished up on the beach. Olivia also wanted to include her sister in some of the pictures which we were happy to do. We love when our seniors want to include a friend or family member in their session. It makes for more memorable pictures and adds a bit of fun to the session!                 Go here to book your summer senior photography session with us today!   Click here to read more about our professional senior photography.

Virginia Beach Senior Portraits Trash the Dress


Virginia Beach Senior Portraits Trash the Dress! (click on image to enlarge) Are you looking for a someone for your senior portrait session? Contact us today! Senior Portraits We are senior portrait photographers and we love creating a variety of styles of senior pictures. We think that senior portraits should be fun, unique and have a balance of style. In our senior photo sessions we love to bring a little bit of all styles. We blend traditional portraits with more modern portraiture. We are able to change the style of our photography by changing our lenses, lighting and locations. In a normal senior portrait session we will photograph one to two hours. If our high school seniors opt for a one hour photo session we generally will stay close to our studio. With our photography studio being located in the historic area of downtown Norfolk we are able to incorporate texture, parks and an urban feel to our backgrounds. In a two hour senior portrait photo shoot, we generally incorporate an additional location. Most of the time seniors want to be photographed at the beach. Sometimes our high school seniors want to do a Trash the Dress Session.   (click on image to enlarge)   Trash the Dress Photo Sessions Trash the dress sessions started for brides that wanted to do fun portraits in their wedding gowns. This has been a huge movement because Trash the Dress sessions are so much fun. I believe that the fun comes from doing something in a beautiful gown that you are not suppose to. Some examples would be, getting in the ocean in your gown, or maybe running through the alleyways of downtown. When we photograph Trash the Dress sessions, we are able to create one of a kind portraits. We have had so much fun photographing Trash the Dress sessions with our brides that we decided that we would offer Trash the Dress sessions with our high school seniors! It has been a blast!   (click on image to enlarge) Are you ready to schedule your Trash the Dress session? Contact us today! We are Virginia Beach Senior Portrait Photographers serving all of Tidewater. If you are located out of our area, please inquire about our destination photography services. Check out all of our photography services including weddings, family portraits, newborn photography sessions, commercial photography and more!      

Chesapeake Senior Pictures – Karlie

Gorgeous Senior Photo

Chesapeake Senior Pictures Are you a rising senior and looking for Chesapeake senior pictures? Contact us today for more information! Senior Photo at Sunset   (click the YouTube link at the bottom right of the slideshow to view it in a better resolution)   Karlie’s Chesapeake Senior Pictures Meet Karlie. She is a Class of 2015 Grassfield High School student. We were so excited about Karlie’s senior photo session. We had a hunch that her photos would turn out gorgeous and I think that you will agree. She is varsity cheerleader at Grassfield High School. Gymnastics has also been a huge part of her life. She is a a member of Grassfield’s  Student Council Association and involved in class office. She loves to volunteer especially for organizations such as CHKD.  In her free time, she also loves to shop and just relax on the beach or just enjoy nature. I think that you would agree that Karlie should add to her list that she loves taking stunning senior pictures!   Senior Pictures in a Field We love finding a great spot for senior portraits. We are always on the search for a great field. Fields always add interests to your photos, especially if you use a variety of lenses. We love to shoot each location with both telephoto lenses and wide angles. When you do this as a photographer you can create a lot of unique portraits in a small area. Here are a few examples of using various lenses in one location to create a variety of photos. If you are a photographer and are stumped with posing, lighting and lens choice, we can help! Cheerleader Senior Photos Every cheerleader should incorporate cheerleader photos in their photo session. We have a blast taking pictures of our cheerleaders! You can’t help but smile when you look at these…Go Grizzlies! Cool Beach Senior Portraits We love creating cool beach senior pictures. We do this be making sure that we pick the right time to photograph at the beach. We always choose sunset. We also incorporate cool lighting to create some dramatic senior pictures. Here are a few from Karlie’s beach photo shoot. Are you looking for a photographer for your Chesapeake senior pictures? Contact us today for more information!

Virginia Beach Senior Photography Session | Haley

Awesome senior photography.

Are you a senior and looking for someone for your Virginia Beach senior photography session? Contact us today for more details! Beautiful senior photography. Virginia Beach Senior Photography Session Meet Haley. She is a Virginia Beach high school senior that came to us for your senior photos. We knew from the moment we met Haley, she would be so photogenic. She is a beautiful high school senior and loves being in front of the camera. We have built such a great relationship with Haley. So much so, we have called her to come a model for us on a number of occasions since her original senior portrait appointment. Model Photography Just recently Haley was able to come in a model for a video shoot. Once again she was perfect. Her photos were just stunning. When she arrived at the studio we noticed that she was wearing a jacket that had fur around the hood. Immediately we knew that we wanted to create some unique senior portraits with her wearing the jacket. Ring Light Photography We love using our ring light for our senior photography. The ring light creates some cool senior portraits The ring light is a steady light that creates a unique shadowless appearance. It casts the shadows directly behind the subject. Beauty Dish Lighting Techniques The beauty dish is a photographic lighting device used by most fashion photographers. It is a very flattering light. It reflects the light to create a focused lighting source on the subject. This draws the viewer’s eyes to the subject. Here are some of the photos that we took during Haley’s senior photography session using the beauty dish. Studio Senior Portraits During Haley’s senior session we photographed some photos in the studio. We start every senior photography session at our studio. Before the senior arrives we have our photography sets ready, complete with props and lighting. Here you can view our studio. Sometimes when photographers have trouble posing their high school senior clients. If you are having problems we have a tips that may help. Photographing Senior Hobbies and Sports We always encourage our seniors to bring in their clothing and props that highlight their hobbies and sports. We think this is important because we are documenting history. We are capturing what makes a high school senior unique. Outdoor Senior Photography Session Outdoor senior portraits are very popular. Most seniors want us to photograph a portion of their session outdoors. On this Virginia Beach senior photography session, we went on location. When we photograph on location we try to provide some props to make the scene more interesting. You will see here that we provided a vintage truck as well as a vintage couch. Incorporating the right props can add interest to a photograph. Beach Senior Photography Session We already mentioned how most seniors want some of their portraits on location. One location that is always on the top of everyone’s list is the beach. The beach is such a big part of our lives. We are in an area that is surrounded by beautiful beaches. Since Haley is a Virginia Beach high school senior, the beach was a must on her list. We photographed two different types of beach sessions with Haley. We did a regular beach session and also a trash the dress photography session. Here is the first part of Haley’s beach photo session. Trash the Dress Senior Photography Session You may be wondering what is a Trash the Dress photography session. Read more about this type of session. We begin our Trash the Dress sessions at sunset since they are usually shorter sessions. Why is that, you may be thinking? It is simply because once our clients are wet, the session ends quickly. Even though Haley’s water shots didn’t take long, I think we got some amazing photos. What do you think?   If you are considering senior portraits, you can learn more about your own senior photography session. We are running a senior portrait booking special today! Book your session now and your session is FREE! Yes, I said free! Are you ready to book your senior photography session? Contact us now!

Virginia Beach Senior Pictures

Virginia Beach senior portraits

Contact us today to schedule your senior portraits. Virginia Beach Senior Pictures Katie is a gorgeous fashion model. When it came time for her senior portraits she wanted something unique. Since she is use to being in front of a camera, Katie was wanting the best senior portraits. We knew with Katie’s background as a fashion model she would be easy to photograph. Honestly, it is our job as photographers to make every high school senior look like a model in front of the camera. Katie’s senior portrait session started one hour early at the studio. She had chosen to have her make up applied by a professional make up artist. She understands the importance of a flawless look. With a large studio it gives us ample space to have hair and make up artists available at the studio. Have a look at our studio. Studio Senior Portraits We began photographing Katie’s senior portrait session inside the studio. We have several unique sets that allow us various options to capture unique pictures. We also have a variety of lighting sources from soft boxes, natural light to the beauty dish. With all these options we can create multiple looks. (click to enlarge picture) Ring Light Pictures Next we moved on to ring light pictures. The ring light definitely helped create some unique senior pictures! The ring light is cool technology that gives a very distinctive pattern of light in the eyes. It also creates a halo shadow behind the subject that is unique to the ring light. It is also is a very flattering light source for our clients. If the ring light pictures are processed correctly, you will get images that wow. Here are some of our processing tool that give us a beautiful finished image. (click to enlarge picture) Want to see more of our Virginia Beach senior pictures, see our portfolio. Outdoor Senior Pictures We took Katie outside of our studio and created some great senior photos. We often use the high grassy areas to pose our high school seniors. We also pose them in our foliage in our outdoor area. By using this technique it creates depth in our images. (click to enlarge picture) Dramatic Senior Portraits To add drama to our senior pictures we use off camera lighting. With the latest in technology and the right knowledge, you can create dramatic senior portraits. If you are having problems lighting your subjects, check out our Basic Lighting DVD. (click to enlarge picture) Beach Senior Portraits We finally ended up at the beach. When you are a Virginia Beach senior, no portrait session would be complete without a stop at the ocean. We always photograph our beach portraits at sunset. Why you may ask? We only want the sweet light or golden light. To create beautiful portraits you want soft light. (click to enlarge picture)   We are photographers that  photographs Virginia Beach senior pictures not only serving Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and beyond. Learn more about our senior portrait sessions. Contact us today to schedule your senior photos. Want to see more of our Virginia Beach Senior Portraits, see our portfolio.

Virginia Beach Senior Portraits

Contact us for your Virginia Beach senior portraits sessions today. Virginia Beach Senior Portraits Outdoor senior portraits is one of our most favorite types of photography that we do. We are in an area that is beautiful. The surrounding texture and color gives you such great opportunity to create stunning backgrounds in each of your photographs. MacKenzie is from Pennsylvania. She could not find a senior photographer that met the desire for unique senior portraits. Knowing that she was set on Virginia Beach senior portraits, she started looking online for a senior photographer. Our seniors want to be different and individual. MacKenzie knew that we would be able to provide those unique portraits for her. MacKenzie is a regular model for Seventeen Magazine. As a model she generally has a studio photography session. She decided she didn’t want to do any studio shooting since that is a normal event. She requested all outdoor senior portraits.   When thinking about her session she had mentioned possibly photographing her on railroad tracks and she definitely wanted beach portraits. In thinking about her requests we knew that we would have no problem meeting them. MacKenzie understands how important professional make up is in photographs, so we schedule a make up artist to meet her at our studio prior to her session. Because of it’s importance in a finished picture, we always offer professional make up services. Having a large studio, and a dressing area, it provides the perfect space for professional hair and make up services. Having those services available at the studio allows a client to make our studio a one stop shop. View our studio here. We first headed out to a field where we started our outdoor senior portrait session. We brought our vintage couch on location. Bringing a piece of furniture to a photo shoot adds interest to a photograph. It also gives us the opportunity for more posing ideas. Outdoor Senior Portraits   Our next stop was the railroad tracks. One thing we learned early on was that if we were going to use railroad tracks in our outdoor senior portraits, they can not be live tracks. Discovering a good set of unused railroad tracks will help create Finally we photographed MacKenzie’s beach portraits. We always choose a portion of the beach that will have several background options. Being that she wanted Virginia Beach Senior Portraits taken, this location fit the bill! In these pictures we were able to incorporate a pier, jettys and the surf. Having all these background options allowed us to create some unique senior portraits. Click on an image to enlarge   Choosing when to do your outdoor senior portraits at the beach is critical. We always choose to photograph our beach portraits at sunset. Photographing at sunset is best to capture the golden light. Sunset Beach Portraits Click on an image to enlarge   Are you looking for outdoor senior portraits that are unique to you? Contact us to schedule your Virginia Beach Senior Portraits today! Learn more about our senior portrait sessions. You can view more of our high school senior portfolio here.    

Tutus and Ties at the Beach!

Imagine yourself, or your children, all dressed up right at the edge of the ocean for beautiful beach portraits.  We will be offering this very special 1 day event with very limited space.  Don’t miss out on your $5 beach session with special portrait pricing.  To find out more about the Tutus and Ties at the Beach Event click here.  Come join us for this special day. Here are just a few pictures from our beach portrait day.

Couples Beach Portraits | Destination Portrait Photographers

We love it when we get the opportunity to do an outdoor photography session, especially when it is a destination couples session.  We had the opportunity to photograph Dan and Jennifer on the beaches of Tampa St. Pete.  What a beautiful area of the country.  It was also an honor since they are fellow photographers.  We love the opportunity to photograph other photographers!  Well, give us a beautiful couple, on a beautiful beach, match that with a beautiful sunset and…. here ya go.  Meet the amazing Dan & Jennifer! We love it when we get the opportunity to do an outdoor photography session, especially when it is a destination couples session.  We had the opportunity to photograph Dan and Jennifer on the beaches of Tampa St. Pete.  What a beautiful area of the country.  It was also an honor since they are fellow photographers.  We love the opportunity to photograph other photographers!  Well, give us a beautiful couple, on a beautiful beach, match that with a beautiful sunset and…. here ya go.  Meet the amazing Dan & Jennifer!

Couples Beach Portraits | Virginia Engagement Session Photographer

One of the great things about having a portrait studio in a coastal area is being able to do outdoor portrait session at the ocean front.  It gets even better when you are in an area that has the beach and a beautiful downtown setting.  We had the privilege of capturing Caroline and Brandon’s engagement session.  What a great place for photographs and what a great couple!