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Virginia Beach Senior Portraits

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Virginia Beach Senior Portraits
Senior Photographer

Virginia Beach Senior Portraits

Outdoor senior portraits is one of our most favorite types of photography that we do. We are in an area that is beautiful. The surrounding texture and color gives you such great opportunity to create stunning backgrounds in each of your photographs.

MacKenzie is from Pennsylvania. She could not find a senior photographer that met the desire for unique senior portraits. Knowing that she was set on Virginia Beach senior portraits, she started looking online for a senior photographer.

Our seniors want to be different and individual. MacKenzie knew that we would be able to provide those unique portraits for her.

MacKenzie is a regular model for Seventeen Magazine. As a model she generally has a studio photography session. She decided she didn’t want to do any studio shooting since that is a normal event. She requested all outdoor senior portraits.


When thinking about her session she had mentioned possibly photographing her on railroad tracks and she definitely wanted beach portraits. In thinking about her requests we knew that we would have no problem meeting them.

MacKenzie understands how important professional make up is in photographs, so we schedule a make up artist to meet her at our studio prior to her session. Because of it’s importance in a finished picture, we always offer professional make up services.

Having a large studio, and a dressing area, it provides the perfect space for professional hair and make up services. Having those services available at the studio allows a client to make our studio a one stop shop.

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We first headed out to a field where we started our outdoor senior portrait session. We brought our vintage couch on location. Bringing a piece of furniture to a photo shoot adds interest to a photograph. It also gives us the opportunity for more posing ideas.

Outdoor Senior Portraits

Norfolk senior photographer.
Norfolk senior photographer.


Our next stop was the railroad tracks. One thing we learned early on was that if we were going to use railroad tracks in our outdoor senior portraits, they can not be live tracks. Discovering a good set of unused railroad tracks will help create

Finally we photographed MacKenzie’s beach portraits. We always choose a portion of the beach that will have several background options. Being that she wanted Virginia Beach Senior Portraits taken, this location fit the bill!

In these pictures we were able to incorporate a pier, jettys and the surf. Having all these background options allowed us to create some unique senior portraits.

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Choosing when to do your outdoor senior portraits at the beach is critical. We always choose to photograph our beach portraits at sunset. Photographing at sunset is best to capture the golden light.

Sunset Beach Portraits

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