Summer Senior Photography Session

Summer Senior Session

Summer Senior Photography Session What’s a great way to celebrate school being out? By having a summer senior photography session! Contact us today for your session.   Beating The Heat For Olivia’s session we started out in the studio. During the summer months it’s best to do indoor pictures during the day and outdoor pictures in the evening. It ensures that our client looks their best and hasn’t had the humidity effect their appearance. When doing indoor pictures we can utilize different lighting and backgrounds. Olivia brought a few sets of clothing and necklaces as statement pieces that made each image unique. We always encourage our seniors to add their own flair when it comes to their sessions. Want some ideas on what to wear? Check out our guide here.       While she was having her session she wanted to do her drape portrait for school. We are the leading school photography company in the area and love it when our seniors do their school pictures with us! If you’re interested in reading about our school photography go here.     Outdoor Portraits Since our studio is right near the ocean we wanted to do beach portraits to wrap things up. Late afternoon or early evening is the best time do to outdoor pictures. The lighting from the setting sun in addition to professional photographic techniques make for amazing images. Time management is also another thing photographers need to keep in mind. In order to get the great sunset shots make sure to do any other outdoor pictures before in a timely manner. A big mistake in photography is missing amazing pictures because proper time management wasn’t used. We started the outdoor portion in an urban downtown area. Then we moved on to a fishing pier and finished up on the beach. Olivia also wanted to include her sister in some of the pictures which we were happy to do. We love when our seniors want to include a friend or family member in their session. It makes for more memorable pictures and adds a bit of fun to the session!                 Go here to book your summer senior photography session with us today!   Click here to read more about our professional senior photography.

Urban Ballerina Photography Session

Ballerina Front Cathedral

Urban Ballerina Photography Session We love doing unique photography. That’s why we decided to do an urban ballerina photography session.     Contact us today for more information on artistic photography. Urban Location We recently did a senior sessions with the girls in these images. Dance is a very important aspect of their life. We thought it would be fun to do an artistic shoot with them. We chose three different locations that each had their own unique look. A big part of getting great images is finding the perfect setting. Research the locations you want to use before each session. Our studio is very close to an urban downtown area. We are always finding new and creative spots there for our sessions.   Outfit Pairings Each girl brought an outfit that complimented the textures of each setting. We love it when we can pair beautiful outfits with the location. Their outfits also added in each girls’ unique personal flair. For one portrait our dancer wore a beautiful white ballet outfit. It stood out against the dark industrial background (image above). For this portrait our dancer wore a bright red gown that complimented the faded brick wall.   For this portrait we wanted to add in a stunning background. The church was a perfect paring for the dancers outfit. It was exactly what we wanted for our artistic shoot.   In this portrait our ballerina wore a tutu that gave a lighthearted feel to the overall image.   Some tips for getting great pictures like these is to use good lighting. We used off camera flash and a deflector to bounce lighting onto the dancers. It really helped to make the portraits pop. Since we were working with dancers it was important to capture their beautiful posture. A great way to do that is with proper posing. You can read our guide here to learn more.   Are you interested in doing artistic photography portraits? Book your session with us today!    

Professional Senior Portrait Session

Professional Senior Session

Professional Senior Portrait Session Are you a high school senior that’s graduating this year? Are you looking for a way to celebrate? Then schedule a professional senior portrait session today! Contact us today for your session. Outdoor Photography Fun For the first portion of Tori’s photo session we wanted to do pictures outside in late afternoon. It is the best time for the great lighting and we were able to get more photographic images. The area we chose for her outdoor photos had some amazing cobblestone roads. We really wanted to incorporate them into her images. Since the roads provided a nice background we decided to use her car and an antique chair we had on hand as props. When doing professional photography you have to think on your toes when it comes to outdoor settings. There was also some great brickwork on the outside of the buildings that we thought would go wonderfully with our pictures. When you use texture in the background it adds interest to your photo shoot. Tori decided that she wanted to add in her own personal touch by blowing confetti for one shot. We always love it when clients add their own flair to their photo session! Gorgeous Indoor Studio Portraits After the outdoor portion of the session we decided to do some indoor head shots. Since the outdoor segment was fun we decided to do a more professional indoor head shot session to contrast it. Tori wanted serious but not too serious for her studio shots. We were able to do that by adding in an age appropriate background along with soft lighting. Half the battle of doing professional photographic pictures is making sure the lighting and background compliment whoever you’re shooting. We are very big in the school photography scene and were able to take her year book portrait during her session. If you would like to read more about our work in the school photography industry click here. Be sure to book your next professional senior portrait session with us today! Click here to schedule. Are you a photographer and struggling with senior portrait posing? Our guide can help!

Trendy Senior Session

Senior Front Car

Trendy Senior Session At Hayne Photographers, being up to date with what is in style is a big part of who we are. That’s why we took Adrian on a trendy senior session. To book your senior session, contact us today. Cars Can Add To The “Cool” Factor We always encourage our senior’s to add their own special flair to their images. For this shoot, Adrian wanted to showcase his car. With different makes and models, it can make any session into a trend setter. Cars are a great way to incorporate professional lighting so that the photography stands out. The lighting technique we use is called off camera flash. The best time for capturing the lighting inside and outside the car is at sunset. At that time of the day you can be more creative with how you bounce the light off the vehicle and senior to create a unique photograph. Different locations can also add more character to the images. We chose the beach for Adrian’s car, as it offered different textures to the background that offset his vehicle. If you need help with your photographic lighting, we can help.         Make Your Style Stand Out In addition to his car, Adrian wanted to show off his unique style in clothing. Showing off his urban fashion in a historic area made his pictures more photographically appealing. You can even make an indoor head shot stand out by adding in accessories that can draw the eye. For his head shots, Adrian incorporated a colorful bow tie to add to his amazing style. What to know what to bring for your senior session? Check out our What To Wear guide!         Here are a few more photographs from our awesome trendy senior session! (click to enlarge)   Love what you see? Schedule your professional senior session today! Want to know more about our senior portrait shoots? Read about them here.

Rustic Farm Senior Session

Senior Girl Sitting Vintage Car

Rustic Farm Senior Session What is one of the best ways to get awesome pictures for your senior pictures? Go on a rustic farm senior session with incredible antiques! To schedule your senior pictures, contact us today. Unique Photography Props When you’re taking pictures outside, it’s always best to think outside the box for prop ideas. On this shoot, we thought it would be wonderful to add vintage vehicles into the shoot. They added to the overall rustic chic look Haley had been wanting for her senior session. What are some different and unique props you would like to incorporate into your pictures? Outfits also help make any image stand out. When planning your session, think of what outfit will go with the props you have in mind. Here’s our senior photography What to Wear guide.     Outdoor Locations For Haley’s session, we took her to the country. It was a beautiful day for outdoor pictures, and the scenery was perfect for the lighting on the shots we were wanting. For professional photographs, it is important to have good lighting. Late afternoon is the best time for any outdoor pictures. Afternoon light offers less shadows which creates better portraits. The foliage is the most photographically appealing and provide a natural back drop for our seniors. For something to contrast the rural setting from the first portion of the session, we took her to an urban downtown area. The textures in the iron gate and graffiti in the alleys really made both locations stand apart from each other. Both settings added in elements that showcased Haley’s diverse taste and interests. At Hayne Photographers, we love making sure our senior portraits show off each senior’s own unique personality.     Make sure to book your senior session today! We offer year round bookings for any season of the year. Read more about out senior portraits.

Spring Senior Pictures


Spring Senior Pictures Spring senior pictures are some of the most fun to shoot. This year we had an amazing time on our session with Schuyler! To schedule your senior pictures, contact us today. Unique Senior Pictures At Hayne Photographers we love to give our seniors a unique experience. For their session love going to awesome locations that provide wonderful images! First we went to an open field and incorporated some of the beautiful flowers. We used what was in bloom this time of year.  We love to utilize natural elements that add another dimension into our senior pictures. You can see this in some of the photos and they turned out gorgeous! How To Prepare For Your Senior Picture Session When you are preparing for your senior photo session, you may want to consider accessories that will compliment the scenery. Schuyler loves natural settings. She and her mother picked the perfect flowers to make the perfect head piece. What accessory could you add to make your spring senior pictures unique? If you would like a flower crown for your photo session you can find one here. Senior Portrait Locations Next we went to a rustic railway and an urban downtown area. This added to the look that we had envisioned for the shoot. We added in different textures to give our images diversity.  This helps with the creative photography process. The downtown location we chose for Schuyler’s shoot had a lot of eclectic elements that she loved. (click on image to enlarge)   Finally we finished at the beach. This always results in the most stunning photographs, no matter what time of year! Sunset is the best time to take pictures that capture the beauty of the coast. We strive to always incorporate the beach as the last part of our shoots. The natural rocks created a wonderful prop to focus our photographic lighting. The sky provided a lovely contrast. Here are a few more of our favorite photos from Schuyler’s spring senior picture session.       Why wait? Book your professional senior session today for any time of the year! We love going to different locations in order to give our clients a memorable experience. Read more about our senior portrait sessions.

Virginia Beach Senior Photos

Senior Picture Close Up Photo

Virginia Beach Senior Photos When is the best time of the year for Virginia Beach senior photos? The answer is simple. It is anytime! Meet Kasey. It’s winter, but we still did beach senior pictures! Are you looking to have Virginia Beach senior pictures? Contact us today for more information. Kasey wasn’t ready for her senior portrait session during the summer. Some seniors would think they would have to wait until it was warm again, but not Kasey. We photographed her during the winter months. We began her senior portrait session in a wooded area. We love finding the perfect location for our clients. In talking with Kasey before her photo shoot, she wanted to do something in a wooded area. She also mentioned that she would love to have railroad tracks in some of her senior pictures. She also wanted to incorporate her grandmother’s vintage chair. Senior Pictures by the Railroad Tracks When our clients have a desired location that they would like to be photographed, we try to make that happen. When the request comes for railroad tracks, photographing them can be a challenge. The challenge comes with the law. We are not allowed to photograph anyone on live tracks. The reason is safety. We always get out and scout to find new locations for our photo sessions. We were able to find these super cool dead tracks to use in Kasey’s photoshoot. No worries railroad police, no trains have been on these tracks for years! View more of our senior portraits. After photographing on the railroad tracks, we took advantage of the wooded area. (click on image to enlarge)   Senior Pictures at the Beach When you live in a beach community, beach pictures are a must. This doesn’t just happen during the summer months, it’s all year round.  For Kasey’s Virginia Beach senior pictures, we headed to the beach around sunset. Sometimes our winter skies are not very colorful at sunset. Though we didn’t have a gorgeous summer sunset, the beach still was the perfect setting. Sometimes our seniors was to do bff pictures. We always encourage it. What better way to take cool beach senior pictures with your bff chasing seagulls? This senior portrait is a replica of a portrait we did of Kasey’s older sister 6 years ago. Are you a photographer struggling with high school senior posing? Check this out. Fun Props for Senior Portraits We love when seniors bring props to their photo session. We always try to incorporate them in a fun and creative way. Kasey brought her Hickory High School letter and her class ring. There’s no time like the present to schedule your Virginia Beach senior photos. Winter, spring, summer or fall, there’s not a bad time for outdoor photo sessions. Contact us today for more information.

Virginia Senior Portrait Photographer – Matt


Virginia Senior Portrait Photographer Have you had your senior pictures taken? Are you looking for a senior portrait photographer? Contact us for more information on our senior portrait sessions! Meet Matt. He choose us to photograph his senior portraits. He wasn’t really sure what he wanted for portraits, he just knew that he needed senior photos taken. This is true of a lot of our seniors. It is our job as a senior portrait photographer to come up with locations, poses and dressing tips to help all of our clients have a great senior experience. If you are a photographer and you need help with dressing tips, senior posing tips and more, check out our High School Senior Photography Kit. As with most high school seniors, this is the first time they have had professional portraits taken since they were young. This is a very exciting time in every family’s life. We strive to create amazing images that will last a lifetime. We began Matt’s senior photo session at our studio. Our studio is located in the historic district in downtown Norfolk. In a 2 block radius we have every background imaginable. Trees, cobblestone, history, texture, color, it is a photographer’s background dream! How to Find the Perfect Window Lighting for Portraits There is a learning curve to every type of photography and every type of lighting, especially if you are shooting indoors. Our studio is located in a historic house built in 1850 and has oversized windows that allows in gorgeous light. The direction of light is very important in photography. North light is going to be your best source of window light. When we are photographing someone in window light, we want to light to fall on their face. Then we use a reflector to bounce light back at the subject. Natural window light portraits tend to give a softer look using this technique. This technique works great for clients of all ages. For older clients it gives a very “kind” and softer appearance using window light vs. studio lighting. Here is a series of photos using our window lighting technique. (click on image to enlarge) Creating Unique Senior Portraits with Off Camera Lighting We use a variety of photography lighting in every portrait session and every wedding that we photograph. Learning different lighting techniques is key to creating a well rounded portfolio. Off camera lighting is a technique where you basically get your flash off of your hot shoe and away from the camera. With the right technique and the right equipment you can create unique portraits. Learn more about different lighting techniques.   Flow Posing in Photography We tend to use flow posing in most of our portrait sessions and weddings. Basically that is being able to capture a series of images quickly in a short amount of time. We do this by making very small adjustments in our clients posing as well as using multiple lens choices in the same location. Here is a quick sample of this technique that we used on Matt’s senior photo session. (click on image to enlarge) If your senior photography posing is stuck in a rut, check our our Senior Look Book for inspiration in your posing. I could have blogged all of Matt’s senior portraits because I loved his session. I will leave you with a few more of our favorite photos. We are Virginia senior portrait photographers serving all of Virginia and beyond. Contact us today about creating your own unique senior portrait session! If you would like to read more about our senior photography sessions, click here.

Virginia Beach Senior Photography Session | Haley

Awesome senior photography.

Are you a senior and looking for someone for your Virginia Beach senior photography session? Contact us today for more details! Beautiful senior photography. Virginia Beach Senior Photography Session Meet Haley. She is a Virginia Beach high school senior that came to us for your senior photos. We knew from the moment we met Haley, she would be so photogenic. She is a beautiful high school senior and loves being in front of the camera. We have built such a great relationship with Haley. So much so, we have called her to come a model for us on a number of occasions since her original senior portrait appointment. Model Photography Just recently Haley was able to come in a model for a video shoot. Once again she was perfect. Her photos were just stunning. When she arrived at the studio we noticed that she was wearing a jacket that had fur around the hood. Immediately we knew that we wanted to create some unique senior portraits with her wearing the jacket. Ring Light Photography We love using our ring light for our senior photography. The ring light creates some cool senior portraits The ring light is a steady light that creates a unique shadowless appearance. It casts the shadows directly behind the subject. Beauty Dish Lighting Techniques The beauty dish is a photographic lighting device used by most fashion photographers. It is a very flattering light. It reflects the light to create a focused lighting source on the subject. This draws the viewer’s eyes to the subject. Here are some of the photos that we took during Haley’s senior photography session using the beauty dish. Studio Senior Portraits During Haley’s senior session we photographed some photos in the studio. We start every senior photography session at our studio. Before the senior arrives we have our photography sets ready, complete with props and lighting. Here you can view our studio. Sometimes when photographers have trouble posing their high school senior clients. If you are having problems we have a tips that may help. Photographing Senior Hobbies and Sports We always encourage our seniors to bring in their clothing and props that highlight their hobbies and sports. We think this is important because we are documenting history. We are capturing what makes a high school senior unique. Outdoor Senior Photography Session Outdoor senior portraits are very popular. Most seniors want us to photograph a portion of their session outdoors. On this Virginia Beach senior photography session, we went on location. When we photograph on location we try to provide some props to make the scene more interesting. You will see here that we provided a vintage truck as well as a vintage couch. Incorporating the right props can add interest to a photograph. Beach Senior Photography Session We already mentioned how most seniors want some of their portraits on location. One location that is always on the top of everyone’s list is the beach. The beach is such a big part of our lives. We are in an area that is surrounded by beautiful beaches. Since Haley is a Virginia Beach high school senior, the beach was a must on her list. We photographed two different types of beach sessions with Haley. We did a regular beach session and also a trash the dress photography session. Here is the first part of Haley’s beach photo session. Trash the Dress Senior Photography Session You may be wondering what is a Trash the Dress photography session. Read more about this type of session. We begin our Trash the Dress sessions at sunset since they are usually shorter sessions. Why is that, you may be thinking? It is simply because once our clients are wet, the session ends quickly. Even though Haley’s water shots didn’t take long, I think we got some amazing photos. What do you think?   If you are considering senior portraits, you can learn more about your own senior photography session. We are running a senior portrait booking special today! Book your session now and your session is FREE! Yes, I said free! Are you ready to book your senior photography session? Contact us now!

Virginia Beach Senior Pictures

Virginia Beach senior portraits

Contact us today to schedule your senior portraits. Virginia Beach Senior Pictures Katie is a gorgeous fashion model. When it came time for her senior portraits she wanted something unique. Since she is use to being in front of a camera, Katie was wanting the best senior portraits. We knew with Katie’s background as a fashion model she would be easy to photograph. Honestly, it is our job as photographers to make every high school senior look like a model in front of the camera. Katie’s senior portrait session started one hour early at the studio. She had chosen to have her make up applied by a professional make up artist. She understands the importance of a flawless look. With a large studio it gives us ample space to have hair and make up artists available at the studio. Have a look at our studio. Studio Senior Portraits We began photographing Katie’s senior portrait session inside the studio. We have several unique sets that allow us various options to capture unique pictures. We also have a variety of lighting sources from soft boxes, natural light to the beauty dish. With all these options we can create multiple looks. (click to enlarge picture) Ring Light Pictures Next we moved on to ring light pictures. The ring light definitely helped create some unique senior pictures! The ring light is cool technology that gives a very distinctive pattern of light in the eyes. It also creates a halo shadow behind the subject that is unique to the ring light. It is also is a very flattering light source for our clients. If the ring light pictures are processed correctly, you will get images that wow. Here are some of our processing tool that give us a beautiful finished image. (click to enlarge picture) Want to see more of our Virginia Beach senior pictures, see our portfolio. Outdoor Senior Pictures We took Katie outside of our studio and created some great senior photos. We often use the high grassy areas to pose our high school seniors. We also pose them in our foliage in our outdoor area. By using this technique it creates depth in our images. (click to enlarge picture) Dramatic Senior Portraits To add drama to our senior pictures we use off camera lighting. With the latest in technology and the right knowledge, you can create dramatic senior portraits. If you are having problems lighting your subjects, check out our Basic Lighting DVD. (click to enlarge picture) Beach Senior Portraits We finally ended up at the beach. When you are a Virginia Beach senior, no portrait session would be complete without a stop at the ocean. We always photograph our beach portraits at sunset. Why you may ask? We only want the sweet light or golden light. To create beautiful portraits you want soft light. (click to enlarge picture)   We are photographers that  photographs Virginia Beach senior pictures not only serving Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and beyond. Learn more about our senior portrait sessions. Contact us today to schedule your senior photos. Want to see more of our Virginia Beach Senior Portraits, see our portfolio.

Senior Photography

senior photographer

It could be a still shot from any blockbuster action packed movie…and the star: Drew. Svelte and collected, Drew is leaning against a brand new Camaro. The street scene looks like it might be located in New York or L.A. Where is he? Norfolk, Virginia. Who is he? A Deep Creek high school senior photographed by Scott Hayne. Contact us today to scheduled your senior photography.   Drew’s mother dreamed about having her only son’s senior portraits taken by Scott. She first saw Scott’s photography in 2008 when she view the photos from her friend’s wedding. What a privilege it was to photograph this impressive young man, especially knowing how proud his family was that day. Drew was smartly dressed. His suit blew us away. He picked out his attire and the bow tie especially for the photography session. No fumbling around with the bow tie the day of the shoot; he tied it himself without a second thought. It may seem like a minor detail. But not to us. His demeanor impressed us. When shooting a senior pictures, we want to know all about your interests and the things you like to do. Drew is a star baseball player and a car lover. Finding the appropriate props to express his interests was easy. He even cleaned and waxed the car before the shoot. This was a great idea because details count! We chose the city street location because we thought it reflected Drew’s personality and melded well with his prop. We think Drew looks like a film star. That’s what we think that about all the senior students that come to us for their senior pictures. Take a look at our senior photography portfolio and see for yourselves! Or, consider being part of The Senior Experience model team. When we plan your high school senior portraits session, it’s all about bringing out your inner star. We love photographing senior students. I think it’s amazing when, in a single image, Scott captures the personality, mood, and aspirations of his young models. In your senior photography session, your best features are illuminated in images that will be lasting reminders of your amazing high school experience. Your senior photo session will highlight your favorite activities and sports, your passions, and most of all your unique personality. Beauty and glamour isn’t just for those in Hollywood, contact us and to schedule your senior photography and be our next star.

Rock Star Senior Portraits

Awesome senior pictures.

Rock Star Senior Portraits Look like a rock star, with senior portraits that capture who you are and what you’re about! Contact us today to have your rock star senior portraits taken! Meet David. His rock star inspired photo shoot really reflects his energy and creativity! The urban feel was accomplished in downtown Norfolk, near our studio. We met with David before the shoot and talked about what he wanted his photos to capture. He had no trouble finding props the “recording artist”, “performing artists” vibe. He brought his guitar, head phones, and lots and lots of really cool shoes and hats! We’re looking forward to the day we do David’s album cover! No doubt, props helped us tell David’s story in his senior portraits. But, great photos are about more than just authentic props. Photo composition plays a big role in helping express David’s personality. Whether he’s jumping in the air with his guitar, or standing in a “power pose” with his hands on the neck of his guitar; everything about the photo should reflect something about the client’s personality. You can see David’s personality in the photos. He has many facets. He’s cool, calm, playful, fun. We wanted to say it all in his images. Just for fun. That’s what this photo is about. Every rock star has to have shoes! We did David’s sister’s senior photos. She is dancer. Since we photographed her in her ballet shoes, we mirrored the photo for David We are Hayne Photographers. We provide senior photography to students in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake areas. Contact us to be part of The Senior Experience or to schedule your senior photo session today. Like David’s photos? See even more senior portraits, as well as our other photography by visiting our portfolio.

Performing Artist Senior Photography

Virginia Beach senior photography.

Performing Artist Senior Photography Contact us today to schedule your senior photography! Performing artist senior photography is something that we do quite often at Hayne Photographers. Having a great school like the Governor’s School provides us great opportunities to photograph performing artists. Bryan is performing artist specializing in Jazz. He wanted us to capture his senior portraits in a way that shows off his abilities as a dancer as well as his personality. We photographed him doing actual dance moves in our studio. We had him jumping and using his dance skills. Check out our studio. A great tip when shooting performing artist is having music playing in the background. Always choose music that the artist is familiar with. By doing this you will be able to capture real fluid motion in their dance positions. With dancers they prefer to check their images immediately. This allows them to ensure that they position was correct when captured. Having the dancer bring every element of a costume makes an photograph interesting. Reminding your high school senior clients that it is important to have full costumes, head to toe, will make your performing artist senior photography a success. One of the elements that Bryan brought was his hat which made a unique senior picture. After Bryan’s dance portraits we were able to use our same lighting set up to capture some great studio portraits as well.   After photographing in the studio, we headed outside in our outdoor photography area. There we were able to photograph him in a more relaxed setting. To make an interesting photograph, it is always good to have texture in the background. Finding areas of good texture is simple. You don’t have to have a large area if you shoot tight with a zoom lens. Using a zoom lens gives the background compresses the scene so that your subject will appear to be closer to the texture then it actually is. Are you a performing artists looking to have your portraits taken?  Or are you a high school senior looking for unique senior portraits? If so, contact us today!

High School Senior Portraits | Anna

Performing Artist Headshots

You might think by looking at these photos that Anna is a model. No, she a Virginia Beach high school senior. We had the privilege of photographing her senior portraits in our downtown Norfolk studio. We also did several shots in our outdoor area. Contact us today to schedule your senior portraits. Anna’s Senior Pictures Lighting can be a photographer’s best friend or worst nightmare. Knowing how to use natural light to your advantage is key to capturing amazing senior photos. The dramatic effect of the light behind Anna in this outdoor shot really evokes the mood we wanted to set. The use of the ring-light in our studio creates an ethereal effect in portraits that’s just stunning. Anna’s portrait glows; her eyes pierce in this photo. The Urban backdrop is another element we wanted to highlight in Anna’s senior portraits. Use of textural backgrounds, whether indoors or out, help us accomplish this. Like many seniors, Anna was a bit nervous about her photo session. But, we prepare our students with helpful hints on what to wear and bring to make the photo shoot a breeze. Anna coordinated her outfits perfectly and brought lots of accessories to pull it all off. Once she was prepared and we did the shoot, she loved the experience. Enjoyed seeing Anna’s senior pictures? See more of Scott Hayne’s award winning senior photography. Visit our senior portraits portfolio. Contact us to schedule your senior photos: 757-201-7973.

Senior Girl Portraits – Senior Portrait Photographer

Senior photographer

If you like our senior portraits and would like us to photograph your senior or family, please contact us! Senior Girl Portraits – Senior Portrait Photographer Meet beautiful Michaela. We recently photographed her senior pictures. If you are interested in senior portraits, we would love for you to contact us!