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Meet Matt. He choose us to photograph his senior portraits. He wasn’t really sure what he wanted for portraits, he just knew that he needed senior photos taken. This is true of a lot of our seniors. It is our job as a senior portrait photographer to come up with locations, poses and dressing tips to help all of our clients have a great senior experience.

Handsome High School Senior Photo

If you are a photographer and you need help with dressing tips, senior posing tips and more, check out our High School Senior Photography Kit.

As with most high school seniors, this is the first time they have had professional portraits taken since they were young. This is a very exciting time in every family’s life. We strive to create amazing images that will last a lifetime.

We began Matt’s senior photo session at our studio. Our studio is located in the historic district in downtown Norfolk. In a 2 block radius we have every background imaginable. Trees, cobblestone, history, texture, color, it is a photographer’s background dream!

Cool Senior Guy Photo
Senior Photography
Senior Guy in Grass

How to Find the Perfect Window Lighting for Portraits

There is a learning curve to every type of photography and every type of lighting, especially if you are shooting indoors. Our studio is located in a historic house built in 1850 and has oversized windows that allows in gorgeous light. The direction of light is very important in photography. North light is going to be your best source of window light.

When we are photographing someone in window light, we want to light to fall on their face. Then we use a reflector to bounce light back at the subject.

Natural window light portraits tend to give a softer look using this technique. This technique works great for clients of all ages. For older clients it gives a very “kind” and softer appearance using window light vs. studio lighting.

Here is a series of photos using our window lighting technique.

(click on image to enlarge)

Creating Unique Senior Portraits with Off Camera Lighting

We use a variety of photography lighting in every portrait session and every wedding that we photograph. Learning different lighting techniques is key to creating a well rounded portfolio. Off camera lighting is a technique where you basically get your flash off of your hot shoe and away from the camera. With the right technique and the right equipment you can create unique portraits.

Cool Senior Guy Photo

Learn more about different lighting techniques.


Flow Posing in Photography

We tend to use flow posing in most of our portrait sessions and weddings. Basically that is being able to capture a series of images quickly in a short amount of time. We do this by making very small adjustments in our clients posing as well as using multiple lens choices in the same location.

Here is a quick sample of this technique that we used on Matt’s senior photo session.

(click on image to enlarge)

If your senior photography posing is stuck in a rut, check our our Senior Look Book for inspiration in your posing.

I could have blogged all of Matt’s senior portraits because I loved his session. I will leave you with a few more of our favorite photos.

Senior Portrait

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