Virginia Beach Senior Portraits – Jaclyn

Senior Picture on Beach at Sunset

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Senior Portraits

This is the perfect time of the year to schedule your senior portrait session. Summer couldn’t be more perfect in the Virginia area. We are surrounded by such beauty. The flowering of all of our plants are at a peek this time of the year and our beaches are second to none. They are simply a gorgeous backdrop for your senior photos.

Jaclyn, a Virginia Beach senior, choose us to photograph her senior pictures. We loved the time we got to spend with Jaclyn. When she called to schedule her photo session, she knew that she definitely wanted beach portraits. Most of our clients love taking beach photos, since it is a big part of our lives in Virginia Beach.

We recommended to Jaclyn that we start in a different location and end up at the beach for sunset portraits.

We began her senior photo session at our studio. There we were able to incorporate the beautiful scenery. Our studio is surrounded by gorgeous gardens and different textures. In a very small area, about one block, we are able to photograph many different looks. When we are able to photograph multiple looks it gives our clients more options to choose from! Who doesn’t like a lot of gorgeous senior pictures to choose from? Here are a few of Jaclyn’s stunning senior portraits from around our studio.

Senior Girl in Garden

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Senior Pictures at the Beach

Ah…the beach. Almost every senior wants beach portraits. The best time of the day to photograph at the beach is sunset. We always try to arrive about 45 minutes prior to sunset. This gives us plenty of time to capture a variety of senior photos and it gives us to the best possible light. The last hour before sunset is called the golden hour. That is, for photographers, the sweet light of the day. That hour provides the softest, most flattering light for our clients.

Beach Sunset Senior Portraits

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It is also the time of the day that we love to use off camera lighting. Off camera lighting is a photographic lighting technique that allows us to expose properly for both the sky and the subject. This often results in gorgeous dramatic portraits. Here are a few examples of beautiful off camera lighting at sunset.

If you are interested in learning more about photography lighting, we can help.

Sunset Portrait
Sunset Photo at the Beach

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