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    Virginia Preschool Photography


    Virginia Preschool Photography

    virginia preschool photography

    Out of our many photography specialties, Virginia preschool photography is one of Hayne Photographers’ most skilled avenues. Each of our photographers have many years of experience in the preschool photography industry. This results in an extremely smooth photography day with no frustration for teachers and staff. Our photographers will keep the day orderly and the children comfortable enough to take perfect, natural


    For each season our studio will create a unique photography set that you will not find anywhere else. Expect sets involving warm colors, blooming flowers, and bright furniture in the spring. With cooler colors, and more antique furniture in the winter. Each year will present something different for parents and students, creating a large variety of appearance and looks for every new season.

    Virginia preschool photography is a regular part of Hayne Photographers’ work, serving many preschools and early education facilities in Virginia. Being highly rated and reviewed, we provide a different kind of photography to your school. Our staff provide a more personal experience with the ability to reach us any time of the day to resolve any needs you might have for your school. You will always speak with the same person, ensuring that you know exactly who you are speaking to each time you call. This means you will be getting both great customer service and great photographs, a unique company experience you won’t find elsewhere. Here are just a few of the many amazing pictures we take of preschoolers.



    Now is the time if you’ve been looking for something new for your Virginia preschool photography or simply want to see what we can personally offer for your school, don’t hesitate to contact us and see what we can do for your school.



  • Virginia School Photography
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    School Pictures Virginia

    School Pictures Virginia

    Are you tired of dealing with the same old poor school picture day experience for school pictures in Virginia? Poor customer service, poor quality and a poor experience? We can change your mind about what school picture day should be like! Did you know that you have a choice when it comes to your school photography? Did you know that we love serving schools throughout Virginia that are looking to make a change in their school picture day experience? Contact us today for more information about our school pictures services throughout Virginia.

    School Pictures Virginia

    Formal Yearbook Portrait

    Virginia School Photography

    Our company has been growing in school and sports league photography. Since we have grown so much in the last couple of years, we have dedicated a website for our school pictures, sports league photography and dance school photography. It is called Virginia School Photography.

    On that website site you will find more sample images and an outline of what you should expect on your school photo day. We serve all schools.

    The areas of school photography that we offer are as follows, but are not limited to:

    Preschool Photography
    Elementary School Photography
    Middle School Photography
    High School Photography
    High School Senior Portraits
    High School Yearbook Portraits
    High School Sports Photography
    School Event Photography


    Ready to Change to Virginia School Photography

    Are you ready for a better school picture day experience? Are you ready for your school staff and school families to have better customer service? Are you ready for your students to have quality school pictures? Are you ready to raise more money through school picture day? Contact us today and we can get your school in our awesome line up for the fall! It’s not too late. Our team will be ready to serve you and your families like you have never experienced before.

    Read more about our school pictures here.

    Prefer to call us? No problem!  Our staff can be reached Monday – Friday from 9AM – 5PM.  Our number is 757-201-7973.














  • Summer Senior Session
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    Summer Senior Photography Session

    Summer Senior Photography Session

    What’s a great way to celebrate school being out? By having a summer senior photography session!

    Summer Senior Photography Session
    Senior Girl On Beach

    Contact us today for your session.


    Beating The Heat

    For Olivia’s session we started out in the studio. During the summer months it’s best to do indoor pictures during the day and outdoor pictures in the evening. It ensures that our client looks their best and hasn’t had the humidity effect their appearance. When doing indoor pictures we can utilize different lighting and backgrounds. Olivia brought a few sets of clothing and necklaces as statement pieces that made each image unique. We always encourage our seniors to add their own flair when it comes to their sessions. Want some ideas on what to wear? Check out our guide here.

    Senior Girl Head Shot
    Senior Girl Head Shot


    Senior Girl Sofa
    Senior Girl On Sofa


    Senior Girl Lounging Sofa
    Senior Girl Lounging On Sofa


    Senior Girl Head Shot
    Senior Girl Head Shot

    While she was having her session she wanted to do her drape portrait for school. We are the leading school photography company in the area and love it when our seniors do their school pictures with us! If you’re interested in reading about our school photography go here.


    Senior Girl Drape Portrait
    Senior Girl Drape Portrait


    Outdoor Portraits

    Since our studio is right near the ocean we wanted to do beach portraits to wrap things up. Late afternoon or early evening is the best time do to outdoor pictures. The lighting from the setting sun in addition to professional photographic techniques make for amazing images. Time management is also another thing photographers need to keep in mind. In order to get the great sunset shots make sure to do any other outdoor pictures before in a timely manner. A big mistake in photography is missing amazing pictures because proper time management wasn’t used. We started the outdoor portion in an urban downtown area. Then we moved on to a fishing pier and finished up on the beach. Olivia also wanted to include her sister in some of the pictures which we were happy to do. We love when our seniors want to include a friend or family member in their session. It makes for more memorable pictures and adds a bit of fun to the session!


    Senior Girl Iron Fence
    Senior Girl On Iron Fence


    Senior Girl Against Brick Wall
    Senior Girl Against Brick Wall


    Senior Girl Fishing Pier
    Senior Girl At Fishing Pier


    Senior Girl Sister
    Senior Girl With Sister


    Senior Girl Beach
    Senior Girl On Beach


    Senior Girl Dune
    Senior Girl On Dune


    Senior Girl Rocks
    Senior Girl On Rocks


    Go here to book your summer senior photography session with us today!


    Click here to read more about our professional senior photography.

  • Newborn Photography Session
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    Newborn Photography Portraits

    Newborn Photography Portraits

    Families are you looking to celebrate the birth of your infant? Then contact us for newborn photography portraits today!

    Newborn Photography Portraits
    Newborn Boy

    Click here to contact us today for your appointment.

    Newborn Comfort

    On today’s session we had one week old Sebastian. We love photographing infants as they are easy to position and have a good temperament.  Sebastian was a dream to work with. This provided us with many amazing images from his photo shoot. When working with calm infants as a photographer, it’s a great time to use photography props. They not only provide comfort for the child but also an eye catching appeal. We strive to make sure that every infant we work with are well taken care of. Creative ways to add comfort to your newborn sessions is by adding in comfy blankets or hats or by swaddling. This also helps to keep the child calm during pictures. Here are some examples:

    Newborn Swaddled Birds Nest
    Newborn Swaddled In Birds Nest


    Newborn Cradled Basket
    Newborn Cradled In A Basket


    Newborn Swaddled Birds Nest
    Newborn Swaddled In Birds Nest


    Newborn Swaddled Dish
    Newborn Swaddled In Dish


    Personal Touches

    For this session the family wanted to add personal elements to Sebastian’s photo’s. They had custom a dinosaur hat made that they thought would go perfectly with his pictures. Etsy is a great place to find unique photography props. The creator of this adorable hat has her own Etsy shop. View her store and products here.


    Newborn Dinosaur Hat
    Newborn With Dinosaur Hat


    Newborn With Hat
    Newborn With Hat

    They also wanted to add in elements from the church where Sebastian’s father is the campus pastor. We love it when families are able to incorporate their everyday life into their photos.


    New Born WEC Onsie
    New Born With WEC Onsie


    Newborn Father's Ring
    Newborn With Father’s Ring


    Including You In The Newborn Session

    We always want the infant’s family to be a part of their child’s photography session. When parents join in the session, we are able to try different lighting techniques to create even more beautiful photographic pictures. For these images we were able to cast shadows and add more depth, but also highlight the colors that were present.


    Father And Son
    Father And Son


    Father And Newborn
    Father And Newborn


    Father Holding Son
    Father Holding Son


    Father Cradling Son
    Father Cradling Son

    Are you looking for a photographer? View our photographic services here.

    Book your professional newborn photography portraits today here!

    Read more about our newborn photography here.

  • Business Head Shot
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    Professional Head Shot Session

    Professional Head Shot Session

    Want a great way to boost your business portfolio? Then let us help you with a professional head shot session!

    Professional Head Shot Session
    Professional Head Shot


    Click here to read more about our head shot photography, and here to contact us for your business needs.


    Why Professional Head Shots?

    For anyone that wants their business to do well in today’s economy, having an amazing head shot can play a big role in how clients see you. With professional photography, you can stand out in the business crowd and make a niche for yourself. If you are trying to get hired by a company, having a great image can increase your chances of getting the job. Potential employers like to see that you as the candidate are professional and take your career very seriously. Whatever your business or job portfolio needs are, we can help create what you’re looking for. By having a professional head shot session, you’re one step closer to making your business or job search successful.


    Business Headshot
    Business Head Shot


    How To Make You Stand Out

    First impressions are crucial in the business world. That’s why at Hayne Photographers we use flattering lighting and poses that will draw the eye of any client or business professional. We make sure that we go over what market you want to target and what persona you want displayed so that your chances of making an impact with your company are higher. We make sure to cater to whatever your business needs are. Another way to make a great first impression is by dressing for the business. We strongly encourage that you wear an outfit that you want to portray what your business is to clients. If you want to go the extra mile to make your image stand out even more, we can provide professional hair and makeup.

    Business Head Shot
    Professional Head Shot

    Make sure to book your professional head shot session today!

  • Condo Hardwood Floor
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    Condo Real Estate

    Condo Real Estate

    Want to sell your home? Then take a look at our condo real estate photography!

    Condo Real Estate
    Condo Kitchen

    To schedule your professional real estate pictures, contact us today.


    How To Improve Your Real Estate Sales

    In today’s current market, being able to sell your home or real estate can either be boosted or hindered by good photos. Good lighting techniques and proper shooting angles of the professional photography trade can instantly improve any listing. With realty properties they typically  decrease in price in order to sell. With stellar pictures, you won’t have to settle for a lower asking price. The real estate market has seen a surge in homes selling for more than the asking price. Why?  Because of the use of professional photography, rather than an amateur photographer. Professional home staging also improves the chances of your property being on the market for a shorter time. If you want to include home staging in your real estate, check out this helpful source.

    Condo Bathroom
    Condo Bathroom


    Condo Living Room
    Condo Living Room


    Best Time For Realty Pictures

    One of the things to consider when it comes to professional realty photography is the lighting. The best time for amazing lighting is mid morning until the afternoon. This condo is a wonderful example of utilizing the natural day light that was coming in through the windows. It added the photographic appeal that home buyers are looking for. The open hard wood floor plan allowed the light from the windows to bounce off of it and added extra lighting to the pictures. Making sure to know how to work the lighting with certain angles is very important and can make or break any image. The pictures below were taken using the panoramic method. It provides potential home buyers with a better idea of the layout of the space and showcases the natural lighting coming in from both sides of the property.

    Condo Panoramic Kitchen Living Room
    Condo Panoramic Kitchen And Living Room


    Condo Panoramic
    Condo Panoramic


    Condo Bedroom Panoramic
    Condo Bedroom Panoramic


    A technique that we use is called High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography. This method requires the blending of 7 images of various exposures. The result is an image with a broad range of tones enabling the viewer to see details in the highlights and shadows. Combining this technique with panoramic images where 4 HDR images are stitched together into one amazing image. Elevate your asking price by using these advanced techniques! Here are a few more images from our condo real estate shoot.

    (click to enlarge)


    Book your professional photography real estate shoot here today!


    Interested in learning more? Read about our commercial photography.

  • Senior Girl Sitting Vintage Car
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    Rustic Farm Senior Session

    Rustic Farm Senior Session

    What is one of the best ways to get awesome pictures for your senior pictures? Go on a rustic farm senior session with incredible antiques!

    Rustic Farm Senior Session
    Senior Girl In Barn Loft

    To schedule your senior pictures, contact us today.

    Unique Photography Props

    When you’re taking pictures outside, it’s always best to think outside the box for prop ideas. On this shoot, we thought it would be wonderful to add vintage vehicles into the shoot. They added to the overall rustic chic look Haley had been wanting for her senior session. What are some different and unique props you would like to incorporate into your pictures? Outfits also help make any image stand out. When planning your session, think of what outfit will go with the props you have in mind. Here’s our senior photography What to Wear guide.

    Senior Girl Sitting Vintage Car
    Senior Girl Sitting In A Vintage Car


    Senior Girl Vintage Truck
    Senior Girl In A Vintage Truck


    Senior Girl Sitting Truck
    Senior Girl Sitting In A Truck

    Outdoor Locations

    For Haley’s session, we took her to the country. It was a beautiful day for outdoor pictures, and the scenery was perfect for the lighting on the shots we were wanting. For professional photographs, it is important to have good lighting. Late afternoon is the best time for any outdoor pictures. Afternoon light offers less shadows which creates better portraits. The foliage is the most photographically appealing and provide a natural back drop for our seniors.

    Senior Girl Outdoor Head Shot
    Senior Girl Outdoor Head Shot

    For something to contrast the rural setting from the first portion of the session, we took her to an urban downtown area. The textures in the iron gate and graffiti in the alleys really made both locations stand apart from each other. Both settings added in elements that showcased Haley’s diverse taste and interests. At Hayne Photographers, we love making sure our senior portraits show off each senior’s own unique personality.

    Senior Girl Skateboard
    Senior Girl With Skateboard


    Senior Girl Behind Iron Gate
    Senior Girl Behind Iron Gate


    Make sure to book your senior session today! We offer year round bookings for any season of the year.

    Read more about out senior portraits.

  • Spring-Senior-Portrait
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    Spring Senior Pictures

    Spring Senior Pictures

    Spring senior pictures are some of the most fun to shoot. This year we had an amazing time on our session with Schuyler!

    Spring Senior Pictures
    Senior Girl Walking In Field

    To schedule your senior pictures, contact us today.

    Unique Senior Pictures

    At Hayne Photographers we love to give our seniors a unique experience. For their session love going to awesome locations that provide wonderful images!

    First we went to an open field and incorporated some of the beautiful flowers. We used what was in bloom this time of year.  We love to utilize natural elements that add another dimension into our senior pictures. You can see this in some of the photos and they turned out gorgeous!

    Senior Girl Flower Wreath Head
    Senior Girl With Flower Wreath On Her Head
    Senior Girl Field Flower Crown
    Senior Girl In A Field With A Flower Crown

    How To Prepare For Your Senior Picture Session

    When you are preparing for your senior photo session, you may want to consider accessories that will compliment the scenery. Schuyler loves natural settings. She and her mother picked the perfect flowers to make the perfect head piece. What accessory could you add to make your spring senior pictures unique?

    If you would like a flower crown for your photo session you can find one here.

    Senior Portrait Locations

    Next we went to a rustic railway and an urban downtown area. This added to the look that we had envisioned for the shoot.

    Senior Girl Train Tracks
    Senior Girl On Train Tracks

    We added in different textures to give our images diversity.  This helps with the creative photography process. The downtown location we chose for Schuyler’s shoot had a lot of eclectic elements that she loved.

    (click on image to enlarge)


    Finally we finished at the beach. This always results in the most stunning photographs, no matter what time of year!

    Sunset is the best time to take pictures that capture the beauty of the coast. We strive to always incorporate the beach as the last part of our shoots. The natural rocks created a wonderful prop to focus our photographic lighting. The sky provided a lovely contrast.

    Senior Girl Beach Sunset Portraits
    Senior Girl On The Rocks At The Beach

    Here are a few more of our favorite photos from Schuyler’s spring senior picture session.

    Senior Girl Posing Antique Chair
    Senior Girl In Antique Chair


    Senior Girl Beach Walkway
    Senior Girl On Beach Walkway


    Senior Girl Head Shot
    Senior Girl Head Shot


    Senior Girl Studio Head Shot
    Senior Girl Studio Head Shot

    Why wait? Book your professional senior session today for any time of the year! We love going to different locations in order to give our clients a memorable experience.

    Read more about our senior portrait sessions.

  • Seminar TEDx
    Event Photographer,  Event Photography,  Events

    TEDx – Event Photography

    TEDx – Event Photography

    Are you looking for someone to cover your TEDx event? Maybe you are looking for a photographer for your corporate event. If so, we would love to provide you more information on our event photography. Contact us today for more details.

    Event Photography
    TEDx Event Photography

    Event Photography

    Event photography is always very interesting because we get to photograph cool and eclectic events. We recently photographed the TEDx Hampton Roads event. Not only was it an interesting event to photographically cover, it was educational as well. When we are photographing events we are documenting all that is happening. We also are trying to capture the excitement of the event as well. We also try to photograph the behind the scenes photos. The companies that we photograph for appreciate these types of photos. It really shines on the media and technical end of the event which is important to a successful event.

    TED Event

    You may be asking yourself, what is a TEDx event? Well, it is a local gathering event where TED like talks and videos that were previously recorded at TED conferences are shared. The content of each TEDx event is unique to their event. TED events use live speakers and videos that are idea focused. They generally cover a wide range of ideas and subjects. These subjects generally help us learn, inspire or provoke conversations that matter.

    TEDx events generally have a variety of diverse issues and voices. The main goal of these events is to just spark conversation and connect people through community.

    Now that you understand the TEDx events, you can imagine how enjoyable it is to photograph this type of event!

    Here are some images of just a few speakers that shared at this TEDx event.

    Tedx Virginia
    TEDx Virginia
    TEDx - Event Photography
    TEDx Virginia Seminar
    TEDx Tidewater
    TEDx Tidewater
    TEDx Seminar Norfolk
    TEDx Seminar Norfolk
    TEDx HR
    TEDx HR
    TED Tidewater
    TED Tidewater


    Seminar TEDx
    Seminar TEDx
    Seminar Event Photograph

    If you are in need of event photography, contact us today for more information.





  • Live Band Photo
    Event Photographer,  Event Photography,  Events,  musician head shots,  Musicians

    Event Photography

    Event Photography

    Are you looking for an event photographer to cover your special event? Contact us for more information on our photographic services.

    Live Band Photo

    Live Band Photo

    Event Photographer

    Event photography covers a wide range of types of events. It can be anything from a birthday celebration to a sporting event, from a military event to corporate parties. Event photography covers any event that you would like to documented in pictures.

    We recently photographed a live band that was performing for a student event. We were able to capture some pretty awesome live band photos. When photographing a performing band, we want to capture the excitement. We want to capture the excitement of the musicians as well as the crowd that is in attendance.

    For this live band photo shoot there were elements of the performance that helped enhance the images. The hazers and the lights create depth and texture to the photos where as without them, the image may seem flat.

    Check out all the excitement of this live band photography. I think that you will agree that everyone was having a great time!

    Band Photography
    Band Photography
    Photographers Band
    Photo of Live Band Performance
    Event Photography
    Photo of Event
    Band Performance Picture
    Live Band Picture

    (click on an image to enlarge)



    View more of our band and musician’s portfolio.

    Contact us today to schedule us for your event photography.


  • Beautiful-Childrens-Photography
    Events,  Family Photography,  Family Portraits

    Family Portrait Photographer | Samuelson Family

    Family Portrait Photographer

    Are you looking for a photographer to capture lasting family portraits? We would love to be your family portrait photographer!

    Contact us today for more information.

    Family Portrait Photographer

    Fun Family Portraits

    We love to photograph families. We always strive to capture beautiful family photos. When we are photographing a family portrait session, we capture a variety of photos.

    The Samuelson family took time to carefully coordinate their outfits. This is so important when it comes to family portraits. As a photographer you want everyone to blend, not necessarily match. When you use punches of color in your accessories, this creates interest in your photos. An example of that would be dad’s red tie. Another example would be the daughters’ red flower. In this family portrait session, there are a few colors woven throughout each of the family members. Red, black and white were colors that all family members has incorporated into each outfit. Texture in your outfits also bring interest to photographs. Dad’s jackets and the son’s vest all have an element of texture bringing dimension to their portraits.

    This family is a great example of “what to wear” on your family portrait session.

    Family Portrait
    Father Son Portrait

    Props for Family Portraits

    We often incorporate props in our portrait sessions. It may be a chair, couch or a settee. We use a variety of props in our photo shoots. We do this to add interest to a photo session. It often helps with creative posing as well. Here are a few family photos where we used an antique settee.

    Mom & Daughter Portrait
    Children’s Photography
    Sibling Portrait

    Candid Family Portraits

    When we add a candid feel to our portrait sessions it not only creates visual interest, but also creates purchasing options for our clients.

    What could be more fun on a beautiful fall day then tossing some leaves.

    I just love this picture. The kids expressions in this family photo are priceless!

    Candid Family Portrait


    If you are looking to create lasting family photos, we would love to be your family portrait photographer.

    Contact us today to schedule your photo session!

  • Kyle-Busch-Burn-Out-RIR

    NASCAR Nationwide Series Photography – Richmond International Raceway

    NASCAR Nationwide Series Photography – Richmond International Raceway

    Are you looking for a commercial photographer for your business photography? Contact us today for more information.

    Richmond International Raceway


     NASCAR Sprint Cup Practice and Qualifying Photos

    This weekend we had the privilege of hanging out and photographing our favorite sport. We took photos all day at the Richmond International Raceway. We started the day at 9:00 AM with NASCAR Sprint Cup practice.

    The morning was filled with excitement as cars took the field. They were in and out of the garage area. All morning the were tweaking to get the fastest car possible for the Federated Auto Parts 400.

    The garages were hectic with crews adjusting their cars during practice. With all of the hectic-ness of the day, it makes it easy to stay busy photographing.

    Kevin Harvick
    Landon Cassill
    Marcos Ambrose


    NASCAR Nationwide Wide Series Qualifying Photos

    The afternoon at Richmond International Raceway was filled with qualifying. The first qualifying segment of the day belonged to the Nationwide Series. With 43 cars in the field, all would make the starting line up. Their qualifying would simply determine their starting position, not if someone would not make the field.

    Kyle Busch, driving for JGR would end up on top taking the pole position for the Nationwide race. Landon Cassill of JD Motorsports would qualify 11th for the Nationwide Race. With top Sprint Cup drivers in the field, Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick, Kyle Larson and Matt Kenseth, they would give the Nationwide drivers a run for their money.

    Nationwide Flex Seal Team
    Landon Cassill
    Jeffrey Earnhardt with Pit Crew
    Trevor Bayne
    Kevin Harvick Nationwide Series

    NASCAR Sprint Cup Qualifying Photos

    As the qualifying segment began for the Sprint Cup drivers, we knew that there would be a frenzy on the racetrack. We also knew that with a frenzy their would be plenty of opportunity for great NASCAR photos. The reason we knew that all the drivers would head out immediately was because of cloud cover. In NASCAR, the cloud cover cools the track therefore the cars go faster. For qualifying you want the fastest time possible. The faster you are the better line up for the NASCAR race and the better pit selection you will have.

    Brad Keselowski laid down the fastest lap time making him the pole sitter for the NASCAR Federated Auto Parts 500. Jeff Gordon will be sitting outside on row 1 with the second fasted qualifying time.

    If you missed the Brickyard where Jeff Gordon took home the trophy, check out some of our NASCAR photos from the race.

    Dale Earnhardt, Jr

    NASCAR Nationwide Series VA529 College Savings Plan 250

    The sun was setting at the Richmond International Raceway as the skydivers plunged from an airplane thousands of feet above. With the sun setting and a gorgeous sky we knew the the photos of the skydivers would be spectacular.

    RIR Skydiver

    From green flag to checkered flag, we were in a night racing situation. We were photographing after sunset, late into the evening presents challenges. Fortunately if you have the right photography gear, fast lenses and fast cameras, you can capture some great NASCAR photos. With dim lighting and fast moving subjects the challenge can be intimidating. Knowing the sport certainly helps with getting key figures and key shots through the NASCAR race.

    Kyle Larson Pit Stop RIR
    Landon Cassill Pit Stop RIR

    NASCAR Nationwide Series Winner – Kyle Busch Photos

    The the checkered flag fell, Kyle Busch of JGR won the race in a dominating fashion. He lead every single lap of the VA529 College Savings Plan 250.

    Kyle Busch Victory
    Kyle Busch Victory Bow
    Kyle Busch Epic Burn Out at RIR

    Check back soon for lots more NASCAR photos coming soon.

    NASCAR Nationwide Series photography is something that we absolutely love. We hope to have many more opportunities to photograph NASCAR in the near future.

    If you are interested in us photographing for your NASCAR Nationwide for NASCAR Camping World or NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team, contact us today!

  • Ty-Dillon-RIR

    NASCAR Photography

    NASCAR Photography

    Would you like information about our photography services? Contact us today.

    Ty Dillon

    Richmond International Raceway NASCAR Photos

    We are huge NASCAR fans and have been our entire life. That being said, being given full access at a NASCAR race is exciting for us. We love the opportunity to photograph anything, but NASCAR photography…amazing.

    Today was our first day at the Richmond International Raceway. Our day was cut short due to inclement weather. We were only able to photograph about 1 hour. Still we were able to capture some cool photos.

    Those of you that follow our photography know that we love to capture an angry sky. Today’s weather was just what the doctor order.

    Check out a few of the flooding weather pictures from today’s Nationwide NASCAR Series practice.

    Regan Smith

    (click to enlarge image)

    JD Motorsports

    We had the opportunity to hang out with Landon Cassill. He drives in the Nationwide Series for JD Motorsports. Unfortunately the second practice shortened with a real gully washer. He wasn’t able to get out of the garage. The team was doing final adjustments on the car for Friday’s qualifying. Check out a few photos of the weather we had to deal with.

    Landon Cassill – JD Motorsports

    (click on image to enlarge)

    We are looking forward to photographing for the next two days. Tomorrow we will be covering the Nationwide qualifying and also the Sprint Cup practice and qualifying.

    Chase Elliott

    (click on an image to enlarge)

    Tomorrow evening we looking forward to capturing some more NASCAR photography of the Virginia529 College Savings 250 Nationwide Race.

    Contact us today for more information for your photography needs.

    Connect with us on Facebook for up to date photos.

    Check out more of our commercial portfolio.


  • Jeff-Gordon-Gas-Man-Down

    Sports Photography | NASCAR The Brickyard

    Sports Photography

    NASCAR Checked Flag At The Brickyard
    Jeff Gordon’s Gas Man Down
    Victory Lane


    If you are looking for a sports photographer, contact us today!

     NASCAR The Brickyard Sports Photos

    In sports photography, there is no greater sports event to photograph then NASCAR. I am sure that everyone would have their own opinion, so this one is definitely mine. Scott and I have been avid fans of NASCAR for the 27 years that we have been married. My love for the sport began as a small child. My dad would pack us up in the Winnabego and off we would go to the races. We would always arrive days before the NASCAR race to get the full experience of the track. Practice, meet and greets with the NASCAR drivers, you name it, we did it.

    Now as adults and still loving the sport, being a sport photographer for a NASCAR race is thrilling for us. To be so close to the action is exhilarating.

    We traveled to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to view and capture all the sports events for the day.


    NASCAR Inspection Pictures

    Here are just a few photos from the Brickyard Inspection area.



    NASCAR Driver Introduction Photos from the Brickyard

    We loved using the equipment that we did for photographing this race. As you can see from these images, it brought us very close to each of these drivers.

    Brickyard Introduction Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

    NASCAR Flagmen Photos

    NASCAR flagmen are always hard at work from start to finish. Photographing them is always exciting capturing their constant duties.

    Green Flag At the Brickyard

    Pit Road at the Brickyard Photos

    Some of the most exciting shots during a race can be all the pit road action. All the action that happens during a single photo makes sports photography so much fun. Check out a few of our favorite pit stop photos from the Brickyard.

    Jeff Gordon’s Gas Man Struggling
    Tire Men in Dale Earnhardt, Jrs. Pit

    Jeff Gordon Wins At the Brickyard Photos

    Jeff Gordon Crossing the Finish Line and Winning The Brickyard
    Jeff Gordon’s Burn Out
    Jeff Gordon’s Team on the Wall in Celebration
    Brickyard Victory Lane
    Jeff Gordon in Victory Lane


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    Virginia Wedding Photographers | Jennifer & Landon Wedding Preview

    Virginia Wedding Photographers

    We are Virginia wedding photographers based in Norfolk, Virginia. Are you getting married in Virginia? Contact us today for more details!


    Jennifer and Landon’s Beautiful Wedding

    Jennifer and Landon had the perfect wedding day. There were threats of storms, but the weather held off for a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony. Their amazing wedding made it easy for us to capture beautiful wedding photos. They found this beautiful venue that was the perfect setting for a small crowd. I like to refer to it as the secret wedding garden. With us being Virginia wedding photographers, we have photographed weddings in many locations. We have been in Virginia all of our lives but had no idea this garden existed.