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    Virginia Preschool Photography


    Virginia Preschool Photography

    virginia preschool photography

    Out of our many photography specialties, Virginia preschool photography is one of Hayne Photographers’ most skilled avenues. Each of our photographers have many years of experience in the preschool photography industry. This results in an extremely smooth photography day with no frustration for teachers and staff. Our photographers will keep the day orderly and the children comfortable enough to take perfect, natural


    For each season our studio will create a unique photography set that you will not find anywhere else. Expect sets involving warm colors, blooming flowers, and bright furniture in the spring. With cooler colors, and more antique furniture in the winter. Each year will present something different for parents and students, creating a large variety of appearance and looks for every new season.

    Virginia preschool photography is a regular part of Hayne Photographers’ work, serving many preschools and early education facilities in Virginia. Being highly rated and reviewed, we provide a different kind of photography to your school. Our staff provide a more personal experience with the ability to reach us any time of the day to resolve any needs you might have for your school. You will always speak with the same person, ensuring that you know exactly who you are speaking to each time you call. This means you will be getting both great customer service and great photographs, a unique company experience you won’t find elsewhere. Here are just a few of the many amazing pictures we take of preschoolers.



    Now is the time if you’ve been looking for something new for your Virginia preschool photography or simply want to see what we can personally offer for your school, don’t hesitate to contact us and see what we can do for your school.



  • Newborn Photography Session
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    Newborn Photography Portraits

    Newborn Photography Portraits

    Families are you looking to celebrate the birth of your infant? Then contact us for newborn photography portraits today!

    Newborn Photography Portraits
    Newborn Boy

    Click here to contact us today for your appointment.

    Newborn Comfort

    On today’s session we had one week old Sebastian. We love photographing infants as they are easy to position and have a good temperament.  Sebastian was a dream to work with. This provided us with many amazing images from his photo shoot. When working with calm infants as a photographer, it’s a great time to use photography props. They not only provide comfort for the child but also an eye catching appeal. We strive to make sure that every infant we work with are well taken care of. Creative ways to add comfort to your newborn sessions is by adding in comfy blankets or hats or by swaddling. This also helps to keep the child calm during pictures. Here are some examples:

    Newborn Swaddled Birds Nest
    Newborn Swaddled In Birds Nest


    Newborn Cradled Basket
    Newborn Cradled In A Basket


    Newborn Swaddled Birds Nest
    Newborn Swaddled In Birds Nest


    Newborn Swaddled Dish
    Newborn Swaddled In Dish


    Personal Touches

    For this session the family wanted to add personal elements to Sebastian’s photo’s. They had custom a dinosaur hat made that they thought would go perfectly with his pictures. Etsy is a great place to find unique photography props. The creator of this adorable hat has her own Etsy shop. View her store and products here.


    Newborn Dinosaur Hat
    Newborn With Dinosaur Hat


    Newborn With Hat
    Newborn With Hat

    They also wanted to add in elements from the church where Sebastian’s father is the campus pastor. We love it when families are able to incorporate their everyday life into their photos.


    New Born WEC Onsie
    New Born With WEC Onsie


    Newborn Father's Ring
    Newborn With Father’s Ring


    Including You In The Newborn Session

    We always want the infant’s family to be a part of their child’s photography session. When parents join in the session, we are able to try different lighting techniques to create even more beautiful photographic pictures. For these images we were able to cast shadows and add more depth, but also highlight the colors that were present.


    Father And Son
    Father And Son


    Father And Newborn
    Father And Newborn


    Father Holding Son
    Father Holding Son


    Father Cradling Son
    Father Cradling Son

    Are you looking for a photographer? View our photographic services here.

    Book your professional newborn photography portraits today here!

    Read more about our newborn photography here.

  • Baby photography
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    Newborn Photography Session | Nora

    Are you pregnant and looking to schedule a newborn photography session? If so contact us today!


    Hayne baby photography
    Hayne Baby Photography

    Nora Newborn Photography Session

    Nora and he family have been coming to our studio for many years to capture their family photos. Nora is the second child of Derrick and Michelle. With both of their children they decided that a baby plan was perfect for them. A baby plan is where our studio photographs several stages of your newborn’s life. We photograph our clients as a newborn then at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months. This was Nora’s first baby plan photography session. She was 5 days old which was the perfect age for her newborn photography session. You can read more about our newborn portraits sessions..
    We begin our newborn portrait sessions by photographing the newborn alone. By doing this we are ensure to get the creative photos before a newborn may become restless.
    Baby photography
    Baby Photography
    We love to incorporate unique props into every newborn session.
    (click to enlarge)

    Sibling Photography


    Noelle is Nora’s older sister. Whenever we photograph a newborn, if they have a sibling we focus on creating unique sibling portraits. Having the sibling snuggle with the newborn is easy for a 2 year old to understand and creates a beautiful pose.


    Baby studio photography


    Next we laid both Noelle and Nora down today and photographed them from above. By posing the girls in opposite directions we can align their faces closely. We again ask the older sibling to interact with the newborn. With Noelle being only 2 years old, directing her into a pose could have been difficult. We chose to use the simple directions of “give sissy a kiss”. The is an easy instruction for any age child.


    Amazing baby photography
    Amazing baby photography

    Unique Newborn Photography

    We always strive to create unique portraits even with our newborns. Nora’s daddy is a flight medic. Just 2 years ago we photographed Noelle’s newborn portraits. in her photography session we used her daddy’s flight helmet to create a very unique portrait.
    Hayne photographers baby photograph
    Hayne Photographers baby photograph.
    The family knew that they wanted to incorporate daddy’s flight helment again with baby Nora.
    Creative baby photography
    Creative Baby Photography

    Mommy and Me Photography

    A must in our newborn photography sessions is a Mommy and Me portrait. I just love these beautiful pictures of Michelle and Nora. They are priceless.
    Baby photography
    Baby Photography
    Baby and mother photograph
    Baby and Mother Photograph
    The best time to schedule your newborn photography session is as soon as you find out your are pregnant. View our newborn portfolio.  You may be interested in also booking maternity portraits as well.
    Contact us today to find out more information on our maternity, newborn and family portrait sessions!
  • Newborn Photography
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    Newborn Photography | Baby Jamie

    Today we had the opportunity to photograph baby Jamie. We photographed her at our downtown Norfolk studio.

    Many parents schedule their newborn baby photography weeks or months before their due date. Scheduling early ensures that we’ll be available to photograph the newborn while the baby is between 5 days and 2 weeks old. Babies settle into poses easily at this time.

    (Click on images to view larger)

    Jamie was actually 3 weeks old. She had contracted a cold right before her original scheduled session. Luckily, we were able to photographer her soon after. She was a perfect, tiny model.

    Mom and Dad relaxed as they grabbed a snack in our waiting area. The studio is visible from the comfort of the waiting area. They could watch Scott and I hard at work. We placed Jamie in a variety of adorable poses.

    Photographing newborns is one of the most rewarding photo shoots that we do. When we capture the perfect image of someone’s precious child, the results are priceless.

    Newborn Photography
    Jamie on Vintage Scale: Newborn Photography

    Newborn Photography Highlights

    There are so many highlights for me when photographing newborns. My favorite part of photographing any baby is getting her in the perfect position. I strive to capture that once in a lifetime portrait. With newborns, sometimes it’s easy and sometimes that takes a bit of work.

    My favorite image from Jamie’s photo shoot is the photograph of her on the vintage scale and steamer trunk. We love to be able to incorporate authentic vintage props into our newborn portraits. At the studio, we have a variety of props that are prefect for newborns. We invite you to take a look at other newborn photography on our newborn photography gallery.

    (click on image to enlarge)

    Our Studio

    Our studio is centrally located and convenient to Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk. Contact us to schedule your newborn photography session. Or, visit our Newborn Photography Information page.


  • Newborn Photography
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    Charlotte | Newborn Photo Shoot

    Charlotte’s Newborn Photo Shoot

    One look at baby Charlotte and you can see why we love this newborn photo shoot! This photo shoot is special, because we’ve done newborn photography for each of Charlotte’s three siblings! We’ve seen the family grow through the years. Many families book a photo session with us, like a newborn photo shoot or a wedding and end up coming back year after year. Contact us to book your newborn photography today.

    Newborn Photo Shoot
    Newborn Photo Shoot: Charlotte

    The featured image on this page shows a vintage dresser that we love using as a prop in our newborn photography. The chandeliers provide such an elegant touch. At our studio we have lots of backgrounds to create all sorts of different feelings in a photograph. We’re also equipped with the latest technology for lighting, cameras and editing. This allows us to create dramatic images that are awe inspiring!

    One of my favorite images is in the gallery below. Charlotte is lying on a white chair. This photo feels slight “royal”, like a little princess perched on her throne.

    (click on images to enlarge)

    Contact Us today to schedule your very own newborn photo shoot.

    Our blog have many newborn photography shoots. Take a moment to look through it and see what your photo shoot could look like!



  • Vintage Themed Newborn Portraits
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    Newborn Portraits | Ashton

    Newborn Portraits in Our Norfolk Studio

    Meet sweet Ashton.  How can you not adore newborn portraits?  Oh, how I wish we had come into the photography industry when our children were babies. To be able to capture moments like these are priceless.  

Newborn portraits take patience and time.  The atmosphere needs to be just right for these little guys.  A little white noise, a little heater, lots of soft things like blankets, wraps and hats and lots of love make the photo session perfectly peaceful.

    Sweet baby Ashton was the model client.  With the right balance of the atmosphere and some rocking, it was time to photograph him.  

We have photographed his family for years and enjoyed seeing this new addition.

    Newborn Portrait Session
    Newborn Portrait Session: Baby Ashten

    Do you see his sister?  We photographed her mommy and daddy their entire pregnancy and then photographed her at just 5 days old!  I feel like I’m an important part of my clients lives and that’s a wonderful compliment!

    We love photographing families! Whether it’s in our Norfolk studio, on the beautiful sands of Virginia Beach, or in your home, we’d love to serve you. Contact us to schedule your photo session today.

    (click on photos to enlarge)

    You may have noticed from our portfolio, that we photograph clients throughout their lives. From newborns, to graduations, weddings and anniversaries. We’re photographers for your life. Learn more about our services.

    Baby Photo Session
    Baby Photo Session
    Family Photography
    Family Photography
    Family Photograph
    Family Photograph
    Newborn Photo Session
    Newborn Photo Session
    Vintage Newborn Portraits
    Vintage Themed Newborn Portraits
  • Newborn Baby Photo
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    Norfolk Newborn Portraits | Wyatt

    At Hayne Photographers we photograph Norfolk newborn portraits practically every week! It’s a joy to capture your newborn in beautiful, lasting images. Using a combination of natural and artificial lighting, we are able to create beautiful artwork of children both indoors and outdoors. Please enjoy this gallery of newborn portraits from our Norfolk studio.



    Newborn Portrait: Baby Wyatt
    Newborn Portrait: Baby Wyatt

    (click on images below to enlarge)

    Newborn Photos

    Using props is an important part of a baby photo. At our Norfolk newborn portraits studio we use a variety of objects such as unique blankets, vintage furniture, and custom made clothing specifically for children. Combining our unique collection of props with artful lighting results in a beautiful newborn portraits that you will cherish for years to come.

    Newborn Portrait: Wyatt
    Newborn Portrait: Wyatt
    Vintage Themed Newborn Photo
    Vintage Themed Newborn Photo
    Mother and Child Photograph
    Mother and Child Photograph
    Newborn Photography: Norfolk
    Newborn Photography: Norfolk

    Contact Us to schedule your newborn portraits today.

    Find out more about us, our studio, and our style of photography. We would love to discuss your potential newborn portraits at our Norfolk studio. We have information on newborn photography and family portraits here.

  • Babies,  Newborn,  Portraits

    Newborn Portraits | Virginia Newborn Portraits Photographer

    Newborn Portraits

    Newborn portraits are always so rewarding.  To be able to capture the beauty of a brand new baby girl or baby boy is such a delight for new parents.  We were able to do just that with baby Zane.  We enjoyed spending time with him, snuggling with him and taking some great images of him.  Meet baby Zane.

    Contact us to schedule your newborn portraits or family photo session today.

    Newborn Photography Photographers Vintage Tattoos hats Studio Infant Baby Family Hayne Photographers Norfolk Virginia 001 Newborn Photography Photographers Vintage Tattoos hats Studio Infant Baby Family Hayne Photographers Norfolk Virginia 002 Newborn Photography Photographers Vintage Tattoos hats Studio Infant Baby Family Hayne Photographers Norfolk Virginia 003 Newborn Photography Photographers Vintage Tattoos hats Studio Infant Baby Family Hayne Photographers Norfolk Virginia 004 Newborn Photography Photographers Vintage Tattoos hats Studio Infant Baby Family Hayne Photographers Norfolk Virginia 005 Newborn Photography Photographers Vintage Tattoos hats Studio Infant Baby Family Hayne Photographers Norfolk Virginia 006 Newborn Photography Photographers Vintage Tattoos hats Studio Infant Baby Family Hayne Photographers Norfolk Virginia 007 Newborn Photography Photographers Vintage Tattoos hats Studio Infant Baby Family Hayne Photographers Norfolk Virginia 008 Newborn Photography Photographers Vintage Tattoos hats Studio Infant Baby Family Hayne Photographers Norfolk Virginia 009 Newborn Photography Photographers Vintage Tattoos hats Studio Infant Baby Family Hayne Photographers Norfolk Virginia 010 Newborn Photography Photographers Vintage Tattoos hats Studio Infant Baby Family Hayne Photographers Norfolk Virginia 011 Newborn Photography Photographers Vintage Tattoos hats Studio Infant Baby Family Hayne Photographers Norfolk Virginia 012This Virginia Beach family brought their baby to our Norfolk Studio. We have lots of beautiful backdrops and props to round out your newborn photo session. Of course, we encourage families to bring props as well. A special toy, blanket or outfit really makes the photo personal.

    For Zane, the props were easy! Dad’s tattoos and headphones were the perfect touch, because they were unique to Zane’s family! Create personal, unique photos is what we do at Hayne Photographers.

    Of course, Zane was precious all on his own; with or without props. The photo of his face propped up on his hands captures a wonderful expression! Getting that perfect pose is so important in Newborn Photography!

    Visit our portfolio to see even more adorable babies. We also have several blog post of individual newborn photography sessions as well as family photography blog posts as well.