Luxe Digital Textures Combo Set

Your images will move from ordinary to extraordinary with our Luxe Digital Textures. Textures add mood: like a vintage or retro feel.

This set comes with both volumes 1 and 2 for a total of 50 textures captured from around the world. Add interest to your photography by overlapping textures onto your images. You can also use them as digital backgrounds. This set includes a 30-minute in-depth video on how Scott Hayne applies his textures.

Luxe Digital Textures

Luxe Digital Texture Set Volumes 1 and 2 Combined


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This complete Luxe Digital Textures set comes with:

These are the very textures we use on many of our photographs.  These textures are easily and creatively applied inside of Photoshop. The images are high resolution full-frame 11×14 300dpi images. 

You can also purchase Volumes 1 and 2 separately. Visit these links: