Lightroom Presets Volume 1

If you’re ready to take the pain out of editing and artistically punch up your images artistically, these Lightroom presets are for you. Lighting presets volume 1 includes many must-have presets for faster workflow. Make your images pop with the creative presets that we use everyday to in our studio.

Lightroom Presets and Brushes Digital Download Volume 1

Lightroom Presets and Brushes Volume 1


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Light Room Presets Volume 1

Remember, you can edit these presets and brushes to exactly your preferences! This incredible deal includes 40 presets and 10 brushes.

One of the biggest values of this lighting presets kit is that we take the worry out of learning to use our presents by providing a 30-minute instructional video. We’ll show you exactly how to install and use these editing tools.

Lighting presents are an extremely easy way to amp up your finished images. If you’re not using presets, you should be!

For just $64 for this set, you’ll see your productivity skyrocket! And, if you’re in the photography business, you’ll see a large return on investment when it comes to producing images that clients can’t live without!

The Lighting Presents and Brushes Digital Volume 1 includes:

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